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Big Brother Social Conditioning at NJ-NY PATH Train Station Continues

[Editor's Note: On July 2, Lois Layne sent me an e-mail concerning what appeared to be audible mind control programming being broadcast over the New Jersey to New York PATH train station sound system.

In this note, she reports on an intimidation experment being conducted with tough looking skinhead policmen to see if train passengers will voluntarily open their bags for inspection before boarding a train.

We have a United States Constituion that specifically bars the state from engaging in unreasonable searches, so by using the 911 Inside Job as a pretext, the manipulators are testing to see if you will voluntarily give up your Fourth Amendment rights. That liberty was severly compromised last week when President Dumbo signed the latest FISA Sellout Act which allows warrant-less searches by the FBI and other government gestapo minions of the communication records (or anything else they want to inspect) of anyone you happen to contact outside of the United States (including YOU) by telephone, e-mail, fax, or internet telephone.

The response to these probing intrusions upon your liberty is for locals to start complaining loudly to politicians, to the police, to newspapers, and to radio talk show hosts. The next step is for the ACLU to bring a lawsuit against the PATH train adminsitrators, the city, and the police department for even trying to run these experiments upon unwitting citizens. If you don't FIGHT the New World Order, you're going to GET the New World Order; and it's coming--full blown--sooner than you think..Ken Adachi]
July 13, 2008

Big Brother Social Conditioning at NJ-NY PATH Train Station Continues (July 13, 2008)

----- Original Message -----
From: Lois Layne
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2008
Subject: Re: Mind Control?

Hello Ken,

Sorry for the missed call. We've been having a heatwave and my huband is not reacting well to it.

More news on the PATH train.....

Friday, July 11, I had to go to the city, and again, more evidence of, shall we say, social experimentation.

Down at the bottom of the stairs, where one stands in line to purchase a ticket to get on the trains...were two policemen. They were standing in front of a rolling cart kind of thingy, and on the cart was written something about having to show them your bag before you could board the trains.

I just couldn't let this one go by, so I went up to them, and, very politely, asked when this had been started. The taller one-- who was extremely humorless, grim-faced and had a shaved head---the cops in Jersey City look like skinheads (seriously) said that it had always been in place.

I said, "Well, I went into the city last week, and this--meaning the cart--wasn't there then, so what's this all about?"

"Nine eleven." (Everything, from diaper rash to traffic jams, is now because of 9/11).

I said "Really? What do you really think that's going to do to stop terrorists?"

No reply. Ok, whatever...and I just got in line to buy my ticket.

The ticket machines are programmed to be very very slow, so you can stand there in front of the cameras for a while. I was pulling a big rolling bag, but interestingly enough, they didn't tell me to open it. So I'm standing there in line, and watched the crowd when they saw the sign. Most people ignored it, and just kept going. (New Jersey is not 'Bush County'--it always votes overwhelmingly Democratic).

In addition, there have been tons of cases about racial profiling and police strong-arm tactics. In New Jersey, the police are not your friends). About three people walked up to the guys and opened their bags.

Now, this is what's interesting: the second cop, who looked much friendlier, didn't even look in the bags. He just told them, "That's ok, we don't need to see anything".

They weren't doing a bag check---they were doing a social experiment to see how many people they could intimidate. I mean, they didn't actually stop anybody--they just stood there looking mean.

They didn't ask me to open my bag; they didn't ask anybody that I could see while I was waiting, which was about seven minutes. I told you, these ticket machines are slow. They just stood there, staring at people. Didn't say a word--they were just waiting to see who would voluntarily surrender their freedom.

I'm proud to say, very few people did.


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