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Upset British Ecologist Questions Exposure of 'Peak Oil' Scam
June 23, 2006

Subject: peak oil
From: "Basil Francis Moss" <>
Date: Fri, June 23, 2006
To: Editor <E-mail>


I find your articles debunking "peak oil" very interesting, however, none of these articles seems to adress the issues of climate change asociated with the massive use of combustion fuels (and other negative aspects of petrochemical usage such as the inclusion of byproducts in food, toxic decomposition of plastics left in landfill, toxic products of incineration of plasics, damage to gaias chemical processes (eg nitrogen cycle, not to mention carbon emmissions) caused by petrochemical combustion, petrochemical pesticides etc.

So I am left questioning the point of these articles- apart from that as free thinkers we would all like to see less restriction of global resources by governments, banks, and multinational companies. On the whole, the presentation of "peak oil" warnings by the mainstream media (Peddlers of half cooked conspiracy theory and blatant disinformation that they are) has had a number of positive effects. These include a greater public interest in recycling, permaculture, reducing individual energy consumption (surely one of our greatest tools in altering the course of climte change and helping Gaia to keep planet earth inhabitable for us, her onciousness) by such simple means as lift sharing and turning off lights when not in a room. Greater research into alternative energy sources has been generated - wind farming, geothermal heating, solar showers etc- all fairly pleasant means of making our lives easier which produce none of the harsh orgone that spills out of nuke plants. Recycling, and the interest in reducing packaging, means less plastic dirt to pack into those wounds in mother earth we call landfill sites (or by the PC thought police, "waste management parks"-see how they changed how the same reality felt?), which produce easily as much negative energy as nuke plants (I know, having had encounters with several- direct perception hurts near these). Furthermore, most people now realise that the gulf wars were something to do with oil profits, people are questioning the riddles their governments spin them- does it much matter whether they think the wars were fought to get the oil, or control its distribution? Its a subtle difference, shouldnt we be pleased that more people are questioning authority?

Considering that your website criticises current pharmaceutical medicine (with justification- my medical dictionary says that WHO have no power, and that it is the World Bank that sets the health policies of nations, the facts are out there), I'm surprised you dont mention that most of the pharmaceuticals are synthesised from oil (at enourmous cost and ecological impact) and that hospitals are one of the greatest producors of petrochemical waste- all the disposible plastics items used (apparently cheaper than sterilising tool and re-using them).

I'd appreciate if you could explain some of these omissions- they seem rather obvious, but perhaps I'm missing the point?


Hello Basil,

Well yes, you are missing thepoint. I  would have thought that the point of the Peak Oil articles was fairly obvious, but I'll clarify further: 'Peak Oil' is a disinformation operation designed to convince the world that we are rapidly running out of oil which therefore will result in higher prices for oil derived products, gasoline shortages, and OTHER limitations and restrictions that, we will be told, are necessary and justified because of the 'dwindling oil' supply. That's the 'point' of exposing the scam.

If you take the time to investigate, you will find that there is ample evidence of vast quantities of KNOWN oil reservoirs that make the Peal Oil fantasy look ludicrous by anyone's standard. Chaplin Lindsey Williams reported a little known item that he learned directly from American oil exectutives in the early 1970's. Namely, a small Island in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, called Gull Island has enough oil beneath its surface to meet ALL of the energy requirements of the e United States for the next 200 years. That's a direct quote  from a top oil company exectutive. And Gull Island is just one of many such unannounced and unreported oil deposits that are KNOWN and measured by oil companies.

Reporting the Peak OIl scam doesn't mean that I favor the continued dependence on oil, since there have been plenty of free energy technologies discovered in the past 118 years that could easily replace oil as an energy source. But of course free energy technologies are viciousl suppressed by oil interests. Even something as innocuous as an electric car, introduced in the early 90's by GM, was sabotaged and taken off line by GM after the Oil Boys got the Califonia legislature to water down their vehicles emmsions mandate. The one thousand or so people who got to lease GM's electric car (they wouldn't let you buy it) said that they loved it, noiseless, pollution free, good speed, etc.

Your 'omission' charge is inaccurate, since I've mentioned the fact that pharmaceuticals are manufactured from coal tars in numerous articles, often in my introductory remarks, as well as in the main body of my Forbidden Cures article: This sentence is taken from the third paragraph of that 1998 article:

"Abraham Flexner was engaged by John D. Rockefeller to run around the country and 'evaluate' the effectiveness of therapies taught in medical schools and other institutions of the healing arts. Rockefeller wanted to dominate control over petrolem, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals (which are derived from 'coal tars' or crude oil).".

The Peak Oil disinformation campaign is a stand alone issue. "Global Warming" or the other ecological issues you raise are separate  topics which should be discussed on their own, but they should not be proffered to muddy the waters or deflate the importance of exposing the Peak Oil sham.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


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