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Mother Earth, Pearl Harbor, & Those Who Are Called
June 28, 2011

Mother Earth, Pearl Harbor, & Those Who Are Called (June 28, 2011)

Subject: Last radio interview with ZSL & Don ..and more!
From: Ann
Date: Tue, June 28, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Again Ken,

I loved your message in the last radio interview you did with ZSL and Don about the necessity of daily enjoyment and laughter to raise your vibrations. YES! All things of light, love, and laughter help to transmute the dark energies. The comment Don made about sports programming us was spot on for me. I have learned that participating in sports works on us at a subconscious level and it programs us to hate others and create division, which is no doubt why the mega millionaire illuminated ones are the ones who own the teams...all part of their plan. After listening to your last broadcast, I remembered typing out a lengthy response to the post made by Franz Erdl on May 6, but I never got around to sending it. I re-read it and thought it would still be appropriate, so here goes.

I am writing in response to your Franz Erdl posting and the response to that posting. Kudos to you for standing in your truth all the way through and bringing your refreshing honesty and openness to the forefront! This journey is one in which we are all attempting to use our best navigational skills and even the best of us can have our instrument panel shot out at times and have to rely on dead reckoning! It's all part of the human experience.

In my previous letter to you I explained that I had a friend who passed away, return to me as a Spirit Guide. He is indigenous Hawaiian and has changed my life so dramatically that I'm still in awe. Apparently it was his calling to rescue me from my suicidal thoughts and wake me up to my life's path. I began to study Hawaiian wisdom from various sources and that made a profound impact on my life. I eventually studied under a Hawaiian kahuna to expand my knowledge even further. This was some years back and I remember someone in the group asking the kahuna what he thought was going to happen in 2012. The kahuna very nonchalantly replied, "Oh, basically Star Wars". Everyone in the group was in shock and I myself was a bit freaked out. I mean, I had just begun to wrap my head around the fact that he had said the Hawaiians came from the Pleiades. That was cool, I thought. They're a great indigenous culture and more than likely, many other indigenous peoples also have their origins "somewhere out there". It was easy enough for me to think of friendly aliens, but when you say star WARS, that's gotta mean there are malevolent ones "out there" too! You can't have a war without opposing sides. Crap! That was scary. Then someone asked if there were aliens here already to which the kahuna calmly replied, "Yah, yah, sure there are....there always have been." The person asking the question then said, "Then why can't we see them?" His answer was,"Because your consciousness has not expanded enough yet to see them."

As my consciousness began to expand and my former belief system kept eroding away, I started to do more research. Then a few years ago, I stumbled upon your website purely by accident and...WHOA, BABY!!! Talk about putting the pedal to the metal, pulling a hole shot, burning rubber, and shifting into overdrive!!! HELLO!!! My former state of awakening that had, up to that point, consisted of gradual slow stretches and copious yawns as I took my time awakening from my slumber, abruptly became a weird nightmare as though some rude innkeeper burst into my bedroom, pulled me up by the hair, slapped me in the face several times, threw ice cold water all over me, and then screamed at the top of his lungs one inch away from my face, "WAKE THE *#@* UP!!!

That was back in 2008, I believe, and I haven't been the same since. Thank you. I have to admit, though, that I went through a process of assimilating all the dire news on your site. At first it was absolute disbelief, then shock and horror as I started putting the puzzle pieces together and realized it was true, then panic set least that's how it went for me. I found myself hyperventilating with fear (but I am an extremely sensitive soul). I retreated into my sanctuary and went into meditation to consult with my Hawaiian Spirit Guide. I always visualized the same
scenario when I wanted to contact him during my meditations. He would walk through the jungle and come into a clearing where we would talk before I would climb to a higher plateau where I would then commune with my High Self Spirit. I was so freaked out with fear this time because of all the things I had read on your website, that as soon as I saw my friend, I fell to the ground and screamed, "PLEASE TAKE MY FEARS!!!" To which, with his perfect Hawaiian wisdom, he replied, "SHEESH! I DON"T WANT "EM!!", as he made flicking motions with his hands. And in that instant, he took my fears and had me laughing. So simple, so pure, so Hawaiian! He made me realize that laughter can transmute the deepest, darkest fears. And hey, isn't that what friends are for? To help you through the rough spots.

Even though the information on your website is what put me in that panic mode, it also helped awaken me to the truth and facing the truth is what sets you free. Once you get past the fear stage, then the anger stage sets in and after that, action takes over and you realize you do have the power within you to help change least that's how it progressed for me. Your thorough covering of myriad topics has helped guide me through the quagmire of deception and control and you personally have helped me hone my discernment where I have learned to follow only what feels right for ME. That's why I trust and respect you. Do I believe everything you post? No. Some things resonate with me and some do not and that's how it should be when you honor yourself and stand in your truth as your consciousness continues its expansion journey. But the fact that it's there for consideration gives everyone a choice and choice is a good thing.

Which brings me to the Erdl post. I felt there was a lot of very good information in that post but that it was overshadowed for the most part by his fear inducing, negative take on our situation referring to is as "extremely dangerous...serious". I think he failed to tap into the incredible work being done behind the scenes by many etheric workers, elementals, and successful benevolent ET's. He made it sound like it was almost hopeless for them to try to get grounded long enough to help us, but I know differently. I did agree with him on many points, one being that I also do not trust any channeled information because I had first hand experience with how easy it is for dark entities to intercept communications. Secondly, I think he's right on target with saying that Mother Earth is a sensitive, compassionate, living, breathing being who loves us immensely and that it is imperative for us to stay grounded to her.

Indigenous cultures know you must stay connected to the Earth at all times and honor her daily. The ancient Hawaiians took the umbilical cords from their infants and put them into holes they dug in the lava rock to be sure to keep the child connected to Earth. One of their songs talks about the power of the people being their connection to the Earth. Without her, we are lost. She IS our partner against the dark side. She is our Mother. If we do not stand up and honor her, love her, care for her, stay connected to her, why would she want to keep living? I sometimes feel like we are but fleas on her skin, destroying her with our apathy, drilling, mining, pollution and garbage...sucking the life blood away from her. The indigenous cultures have always taught us not to be parasites on Her but to live with balance and respect. Being grateful for Her beauty, living in harmony with Her, and being thankful for the bounty she provides for us is what keeps her alive! The circle of gratitude must continue. And what's not to love? She's absolutely gorgeous!!!

Erdl mentions the places on Earth Mother where dark things have taken place and how they need to be cleansed. YES! Let's get to work doing that!! Last year I returned to Hawaii and found myself being persuaded against my wishes to accompany my husband to Pearl Harbor so he could see the Missouri Battleship. I protested loudly saying that I wanted no part of honoring war machines, but since it was his birthday and that's what he wanted to do, I gave in. I was angry about having to be there but tried to keep my mouth shut, so as not to spoil his version of "fun". While on board the ship and trying to "not hear" the gruesome details being narrated by the guide, I felt myself becoming very the point of thinking where I could go to vomit without embarrassing myself and my husband. I thought about leaning over the railing but reconsidered, thinking that would be gross. I knew I had to get off the ship and make it to the restroom by the entrance. As I walked across the deck, my legs became like lead and each step grew more difficult until after only 5 steps, I could no longer even move at all. I found myself standing frozen over the memorial plaque to the kamikaze pilot who crashed his plane right there on the deck. It was though hundreds of hands were reaching up and grabbing my legs from the depth of the sea below...attempting to pull me down with them. All at once I became so disoriented and thought I was going to pass out as everything began to spin around me and there was a pain in my head that felt like I had been gored. I knew for sure I was going to pass out very soon if I couldn't get a handle on the situation.

Then High Self Spirit said one word to me...ho'oponopono. That is the Hawaiian practice of "making things right". ZSL did an essay on it a few years back. Ho'oponopono requires to you to take responsibility for whatever is in your reality and cleanse it to move it through and transmute it. I knew then and there that that was WHY I agreed to go there in the first place...I was being called to do a cleansing. I immediately spoke to God and to all the souls trapped beneath me and begged their forgiveness for that horror that took place, not only on the Missouri, but all over Pearl Harbor. Please forgive me...I take responsibility for this horror...all this death...I am so sorry that it happened. Forgive me, please. Thank you, I love you, you are free.

In an instant I felt an energy vortex form around me and felt a tremendous surge of dark energy being pulled up and out and sucked away....and I was fine. I walked away from the crowd and just broke down and cried, so grateful that I was asked to do that and so grateful to release all those trapped souls and clear Earth Mother of that heavy burden. After leaving the Missouri, we went to Punchbowl Military Cemetery...same story, but not as intense. So, the point here is that we CAN make a difference in clearing out this dark negative stuff our poor Mother is holding and
indigenous people can help share their wisdom with us to show us how if we don't instinctively know. If we don't help her cleanse this stuff, she will be forced to do it herself, and that may not be pretty. So I urge whoever reads this to visit those sites of battles...and they are everywhere, and take responsibility for it and ask forgiveness. You'll be amazed what you can do!

Another point Franz made was that the dark ones are intercepting incarnations of light beings by poisoning their families with darkness and addictions. He made it sound like it was hopeless for those light beings to get grounded and return to the light, but I have seen first hand many of those light beings find each other and gain support and guidance from each other to enable them to do their light work regardless of their dark families. He also mentions that the benevolent ET's can't get grounded enough to help us and their efforts are quickly thwarted by the dark side. I know there are many incarnated ET's (I believe I may be one), who have awakened and are doing their work to assist with the situation. As for the Galactic Federation, I do enjoy the work of one incarnated Pleiadean (not channeled), who is from the Galactic Federation but not tied at all to the Ashtar or Kumurosan channeled messages. His youtube channel is 777Alaje and his message is one of seeking your own truth and transmuting the dark with the strongest force there is...Love. I highly recommend his entire series of videos and close to 90% of what he says resonates very well with me. And although I enjoy his message of remaining positive and focusing on the solution instead of the problem, I do not look to him or any other ET as a savior and I won't be looking to hop aboard any of his ships. Hawaiian wisdom has taught me that we are responsible for our own salvation.

Another point I agree with Franz on...have no Guru's!!! Why are we always so quick to give our power away to someone else??? Hold no one above you, but walk beside them as a brother. Hold our Elders in high esteem and respect for those of higher wisdom, but do not worship them. They are just farther along on the journey. Our own High Self is the only one to be worshiped. As the Hawaiians currently struggle for their sovereignty, it reminds me that we all must remain sovereign unto ourselves. Even Jesus told us that everything he did, we could also

Thank you, Ken, for pointing out the wonderful things that are indeed taking place here. The amazing, unexplainable things that tell us the Divine is hard at work to bring positive change. There are far too many miracles and magic that have happened in my own life for me to consider these times as being dire. They say it's always darkest before the dawn. My kahuna told me that it takes the dark side at least ten times more power to do their dirty work than it does for a light worker to do light work. I believe that if we all start to honor the Earth, she will call in even more
assistance to help us through but it is clear that we must work on this together.

Concerning the whole General Jerimiah and the GF of's all quite interesting and I love staying open to that possibility, but since it has not been a part of my personal experience, I don't believe nor disbelieve...I'm just staying open to the possibility!

As for ascension being a dark side ploy to get us to become ungrounded...well, it might be. However, I refuse to negate the possibility of ascension away from the dimension of duality. I feel many of us have earned it and although we may find life in 3D interesting, we are more than ready to say good-bye to greed, politics, violence, war, aggression, hatred, hunger, poverty, and disease, to name a few. So, as far as I'm concerned, I hope to either return to the higher realms when I transition, or else go along for the ride with Mother Earth if she decides it's time
to move on up! I just feel it's vitally important to stay with our birth Mother until it is our soul's time to transition. Either way, I intend to enjoy the rest of this wild ride as much as possible and I hope that you do the same! Aloha always,



Subject: Ann’s messages about the last radio interview with ZSL & Don ..and more!
From: June
Date: Tue, June 28, 2011
To:Ken Adachi


Dear Ken,

I love Ann’s letter! Thank-you so much for bringing it to me and everybody else! You do keep your site more positive than a lot of the alternative news sites out there. Ann's letter was extrordinary! Her message was a power punch of bright light! She also tells us about the actions she has been taking, and we can too.

Ann articulated so many of the thoughts that have been weaving through my head. That helps a lot. One of those thought is that I council myself to laugh every day. Laughter is really the best way to raise the energy we carry. Especially if we can find a way to laugh about some of the most frightening things. George Carlin put out a lot of material for us to think about when it looks really bad. Ann’s message is spiked with really good humor like that! It made me laugh out loud in places! How refreshing.

She is right about us cleaning up places of negative energies. Really, it is in our own best interest. It goes along with the instructions I received from Mother Earth about balancing energies in our own bodies, too.

And she reminds us about discernment about gurus and all of the other information that comes in. She sets an example for us to check within to see how information resonates within.

Go Ann!

Ann's detailed message sure made my day! I will re-read it often. Blessings!



Subject: Mother Earth, Pearl Harbor, & Those Who Are Called
From: Franz Erdl <>
Date: Wed, June 29, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken

I really enjoyed Ann's letter. I love what she wrote and the way she wrote it. I even love that she disagrees with some points. That's liberty. (By the way, I might disagree myself with my words in a few months, when I learned something new)

I want to discuss the final point she made about the “dimension of duality”. I would say there is no such thing. Dimensions are not defined by “duality” or “non-duality”. Duality has no clear definition and especially not the definition of “Good versus Evil”. The earth can exist without evil. Our dimension, our reality does not cease when evil goes. I think there is a big hypnotic confusion in spiritual communities.

Duality means variety. There is red, green, blue, yellow. I think a computer offers 4 million colors. And non of these color is evil. All matter exists through it's atoms based on protons and electrons. They are charged but non of the charges is good or evil even we call them positive and negative. So we have billions of atoms of duality in every piece of fingernail we cut off regularly. I want to say that we have enough duality left over for our reality to exist when evil goes.

The base of a reality is variety. If there is no variety there is only boring oneness. So please don't get confused with this reptilian infused duality-concept, that a reality can only exist as long as good and bad exists. If you believe that you can never ground yourself 100% into this reality. And that is the purpose of this concept.

I have no idea about ascension. I guess I would have to read a lot about it, to understand what they mean with it. We can transform our earth and our reality into a paradise. If this is an ascension so be it.


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