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Driver's license taken at doctor's office

From Ken Adachi, Editor
February 28, 2011

Driver's license taken at doctor's office (Feb. 28, 2011)

Subject: Driver's license taken at doctor's office
From: Luana
Date: Mon, February 28, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Mr. Adachi,

Recently at my son's pediatrician's office, the staff took my driver's licence along with my insurance card to scan into their system and refused to give it back to me until they put me in a room. They wouldn't say what they were scanning it for or where the information went. If I should take my son back there, can't I refuse to
give up my licence? I can understand security reasons for checking to see if the adult with the child is the right one, but they should know who I am since I have been taking him there for over three years. I felt very uncomfortable with it and still do.

Have you heard of others going through this same scenario? What would you do?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your whole website, I have learned so much from it.




Hello Luana,

You feel uncomfortable because your privacy and your parental rights are being abridged by the automatons working for that pediatrician. These incidents may seem small, but they represent the heart of the growing tyranny of Big Brother in America. This sort of treatment is typical of what you might experience in a communist society. Like Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man in Atlanta in 1955, which eventually led to the advent of the civil rights movement, you have to be willing to fight if you want to see things change for the better.

In your case, you are being abused on more than one level. Since you've been going there for 3 years, there's no need for you to show your driver's license in order to identify yourself. They already know that you're a customer. Scanning and copying a driver's license into a computer is an entirely different matter than merely SHOWING your driver's license to someone who wants to verify your identity. Recording your photo, your license number, birth date, etc. is not what you're going to the doctor's office for.

I would never agree to let someone take a photo ID out of my hand. If I were to show a driver's license, I would cover the number with my finger and not allow it to be recorded. I would tell them that I'm only showing the ID to verify that the PHOTO on the card and my face are the same, but not to divulge information about myself that they are not entitled to.

The creation of the Gestapo-like Department of Homeland Security (DHS) via the Patriot Act of October 2001, has led to many unconstitutional impositions upon the rights of Americans to be free of government supervision, snooping, and suspicion. Since the Patriot Act, all office computers of doctors and dentists in American are now linked into DHS and any patient's medical info and other ID information can be perused by government bureaucrats whenever desired.

It's possible that the state Child Protective Services and similar agencies have also gotten into the snooping game and your pediatrician may be cooperating with them as well.

I have to suspect that you may have been video taped when you went into the room that the office staff told you you had to wait in before they were willing to return your license. The fact that they refused to tell you what they were doing with your license should tell you everything. They are probably acting as good, little obedient "investigators" for the government. They were told to check, cross check, scan, record, and re-check every single mother who brings in her baby into that office because today, doctors and dentists are no longer merely medical professionals who are being paid for their services. Oh no, they are now extensions of the state "security" machinery and will apparently knuckle under to whatever state or federal 'security' goons tell them to do.

I would do many things to punch back. I would send a certified letter addressed to the doctor and tell him why you are infuriated with the mistreatment at his office and the refusal of his staff to tell you what they were doing with your license and their requirement to have you sit in that particular room before returning the license, etc. I would ask him point blank if you were being video taped at any time you were in his office. I would also ask him which state, city and federal agencies have access to information about you and your baby which he has stored in his computer and has his office sent any information about you to any of these agencies? If so, why?

If you made an appointment for your next visit, I would cancel the appointment and tell them you'll let them know when you want to re-schedule.

He may not reply by letter, and only have his staff call you. You should be prepared at all times to record any conversation with anyone from his office. Tell them you are recording the conversation for your 'records'. Listen to what they have to say or send me a copy of the reply letter. At this stage, I wouldn't tell them that you are going to change to another baby doctor. Let them wonder about that and also the possibility that they might suffer some publicity fallout from this incident. Don't threaten them with anything at this point, but let them know that you're mad and you expect answers.

Tell me the city and state where you live and send me the doctor's name, address, etc. I won't publish the info without your say so, but I need to know where you are.

It's up to you whether you want to live in a free America or in a police-state America. You have to fight tyranny if you want to stop it. Someone else is NOT going to do it for you.

Kind Regards, Ken

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