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Taking Drops of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide & Water
September 19, 2008

Taking Drops of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide & Water (Sep 20, 2008)

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From: Cherîe H
To: Editior
Sent: Friday, September 19, 2008
Subject: Question as to proper percentage to use of Hydrogen Peroxide

Good Day Mr. Adachi,

My name is Cherie H writing from Brockville, Ontario, Canada. I have a question with regards to the proper percentage I should be using of the Hydrogen Peroxide for the plan you have on your web site. I thought I was doing it right but after reading some feedback on another site that uses the peroxide Im not so sure. First I will explain my understanding and you can tell me if I am correct or not.

I bought the 35% Food Grade hydrogen Peroxide and have been using the plan you suggest on your site as follows.

Day 1 1 drop of 35% to at least 8 or more ounces of distilled water, 3 times per day. I chose to start off with only 1 drop due to having Candida and the reason Im using the HP.
Day 2 2 drops of 35% 3 times per day
Day 3 3 drops of 35% 3 times per day and so on and I am up to 15 drops and have upped the amount of water as well to keep it really diluted.

My question is, should I be diluting the 35% down to 3% before counting 1 drop, 2 drops etc?? I could really use some clarification on this. Im wondering if Im taking way too much. And how do I dilute the 35% down to 3% properly. Is it just the 1 ounce of 35% in 11 ounces of water? Then take the drops from that mixture?

Sorry, I'm sure you have answered this somewhere but I haven't been able to find it and just want to make sure I'm not poisoning myself or my boyfriend.

Best regards and I would also like to thank you in advance for any light you could shed on this subject for me.

Take care!



Hello Cherie,

This is not medical advice and I'm only telling you what I would do if I were making this decision.

I would use a 3.5% Peroixde solution for the drops. If that does the trick, it's far safer than using 35% solution. If I had a big life threatening situation with cancer for example,. I would probably use 35% soution for the drops, but for Candida, I would play it safe with 3.5% for the drops.

To make 3.5%, you take one part of 35% and add 9 parts of distilled water.

Eg. 1 oz of 35 % + 9 ozs of water = 3.5 % peroxide.

Regards, Ken

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