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Perpetual Motion Device
June 19, 2006

Subject: Perpetual motion device.
From: "Mike" <>
Date: Mon, June 19, 2006 10:17 am
To: "Mike" <>

I tried to make an mpeg video of this, but my digital camera doesn't provide enough time, so I'm going to include here what I said on the video. I have found this works all over this area of Pennsylvania.

You need a magnet, 2 or 3 feet of thread and, unless your magnet has a hole that can be used to tie the thread, a paper clip. Tie the thread to the magnet or the paper clip. When you know there are no twists in the thread, stick the magnet to the clip and let it settle. Then give it a nudge just strong enough to rotate it counter-clockwise from its resting position. It will not stop, but will pick up speed and continue to rotate until the tension from the wound up thread stops it after some time. The principal is demonstrated, and if the thread could rotate with the magnet on some kind of bearing, I guess the magnet would not stop spinning at all. If you nudge the magnet clockwise, it will soon stop spinning that direction and will then reverse to spin constantly counter-clockwise indefinitely except for the eventual constraint of the thread some time later. I found that a fishing line swivel doesn't work -- too much friction.

A strong oscillating electro-magnetic field is acting on the magnet. If you dip the spinning magnet into a metal garbage can, the spin will stop because the garbage can insulates the magnet from the field, like a Faraday cage. A good guess as to the source of the oscillating magnetic field is power lines and other electrico-magnetic field generators. In sum, they evidently have quite a powerful effect and one that should surprise you as it did me. Where I live, in Pittsburgh, a magnet will spin inside or outside my house, a long way from the nearest power line and well away from any electrical devices or any other influences in my house. In fact, it will spin in any location as far from power lines as I have found so far in this region. Here in Western PA, we are evidently immersed 24/7 in a powerful oscillating em field.

The other thing to mention is that if a lot of people across the country and globe did this test and demonstration using identical magnets, paper clips and lengths of identical threads, and if the revolutions of the magnet could be counted, then a standard measure of global electromagnetic immersion could be established and mapped. In Pennsylvania, for example, it might be measured as 750 turns of 3-foot thread, whereas in Wyoming, it might be 300 turns of 3-foot thread, and in Mongolia, 10 turns, etc. The entire global e-m bath could be studied and scientifically measured for pocket change.

Isn't that a kick?

Let me know if this works for you. Thanks.

Reader Comments

{I took a look at the web site listed below and it seems to have many fascinating articles on the sort of device described in this letter. Looks very interesting. ..Ken]

Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 11:59:49 -0500
From: Robert Calloway <>
Subject: perpetual motion

Perhaps you may be interested in the website listed below.

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Robert H. Calloway

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