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PhotoShop Alien Spacecraft?
May 8, 2007

Subject: What the hell is this?
From: Paul
Date: Tue, May 8, 2007
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

I know you don't tend to post my articles, but this one is surely going to be different. :)

Best Wishes,


Hi Paul,

I'm not keeping notes on anything you've sent. In most cases, I just can't read all the mail, let alone respond or post stuff sent to me. It just boils down to how much time I had that day and whatever I got to see and had the time to post. I keep notes on many articles I would like to post, but I only post a small fraction of those due to time constraints.

In this case, I see photos that may well be created in Photoshop. The ships do NOT have the shape that REAL spacecraft, manned by genuine extraterrestrials, usually employ. Real spaceships are disc shaped-without exception.

Beyond that, Coast to Coast is USED as a CIA disinfo outlet, whether manned by Art Bell or George Noory, it doesn't matter. There are many perfectly OK guests who are interviewed and have nothing to do with disinformation, but whenever you are talking about aliens, etc. watch out. You're getting the party line. Project Blue Beam is nearing its maturity date and will soon be upon us. The "aliens" are about to come out of the closet-Big Time. Don't fall for it. It's scripted, planned, and staged theater-all designed to lead you down the Primrose path to totalitarianism and Big Brother control.

Regards, Ken


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