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Picking Off Kids
The Criminal Dosing of Children with Antipsychotic Drugs
April 21, 2006

Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006
Subject: atypical antipsychotics

To the Editor:

I noted your article about Robert Kennedy and Thimerosol in which it was stated that many children are now being given atypical antipsychotics even though they have not been approved for children. Did you know that Dr. Cooper from Vanderbilt just issued a study that said that over 2 million children were being given these drugs, over half for ADHD. They are causing, and will cause, the same reaction that they are causing and have caused with adults who have schizophrenia and bipolar disorder - namely diabetes, hyperglycemia, and death.

It makes me sick to my stomach to think of the vulnerable populations that have been picked off by these drugs - first, adults with mental illness (8000 plaintiff class against Eli Lilly for Zyprexa), black box warning placed after three years banning them for off-label use with old people with dementia and Alzheimer's following many deaths and after the FDA knew about it for three years. And now children.

I hope that this topic is of interest to you and you can seek out further information for your website.


Ellen Liversidge
Silver Spring, MD

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