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Planet X & ZetaTalk Again
May 29, 2011

Planet X & ZetaTalk Again (May 29, 2011)

Subject: planet X & zeta talk
From: Alice
Date: Sun, May 29, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I just watched a video from Ann Eller, the former assistant to one-time Government UFO debunker, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, where she talks of planet x and the earth changes and she sends people to for info. She is spouting much fear telling people to start stocking up on food and water and talks of many people dying. Below
is the video if you wish to view it.

My question is this: Do you think she speaks the truth? I hope not, but value your opinion. I do love to listen to you on Don Nicoloff's radio program with ZS Livingstone and find it calming in this time of insanity. Please list more up to date shows as I'm not a paid subscriber and listen to them from your site.

Thank you so much !

Alice R - Garden City, MI


Hi Alice,

No, she doesn't speak the truth. although she may not know that. There are a certain number of people who buy into the Zeta Talk psyops because it can appear convincing if you don't know the background story as I've explained on my web site.

ZetaTalk is a CIA/NASA disinformation psyops and Nancy is a victim of mind control and manipulation by the Zetas and their treasonous pals the US military. There is no incoming killer planet or a killer Brown Dwarf, or Elinin comet that's going to cause ruin and devastation upon this planet. None of it is true.

There are only the liars and psyops creators working for the NWO government, or the NWO military, or the Illuminati who are trying to keep you in a state of apprehension and panic so they can continue to take away your constitutional liberties, while converting this nation into an enslaved police state.

Their goal is to stimulate fear and a sense of terrible foreboding and apprehension about an impending calamity that will soon engulf you and your family, and put you into a tizzy. Who can think straight under those conditions? That's why we call it a psyops.

I'll be posting more archives of Don's shows as time goes by.

Regards, Ken


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