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Playing With the Wrong Crowd
April 4, 2005

From: Natanel Hovav <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 12:52 AM
Subject: God and Satan are Both Going Down

i apologize for my bad english i just startd learning it again after a long time

this is kinda long so stay with me please

Hello Ken my name is natanel and i want to share with you what i found

whould you belive me if "they" play warcraft3? of course not i didnt think that also but then when i stayd long enough in USWEST i started seeing many "wierd" people

now the reason i came was because i wanted to make people "wake up" but forget about that what realy shocked me is that i found a draco/reptillie in the chating channel he told me that hes going on a killing spree on some one i told him the truth and belived it but first he said he will eat a cookie

i told him you cant eat cookies you idiot(from what i know they dont eat normal food they just "drink" human energy) and he said wanna bet? and then he wirite "devoring cookies" i was like wtf he cant do that!!

After that he said something about science that is better/like god (i dont remeber that part but it was something with god and science) then he said we did bad when we left the bad guy so he can come back as a super kickass ninja samurai (this guy seen too many bad movies)

then he said the master plan is ready that god and satan are both going down he said something about god wiritng pen turning into a nuke and Hbomb in lucifer cereal of humans

anyways he then tryd to make me scared he said if i walk near the door i will trigger a trap i didnt moved and said i dont belive him then he said hes going to wave is hand in front of me and i said i dont see anything we all "blind" and your not realy here

then did it again and again but still said i dont belive him then he totaly changed he start saying: what have i done? and then noooooooooooooooooo (insert bad word here) and then he said some thing about replacing his memory and if i want to pay the bills ?

i was kinda shocked to hear they "earse" their own memory no wonder no one revolt they dont realy know anything else and if they do they get "erased" !!

i wonder if its automatic thing? if they do it themself or some one do it to them ? if you dont belive me go see this for your self you will find many clues about whos a NWO member sometimes its the name (like draco/dragon or satanic things like X 666 etc) sometimes

its in the profile (like : "RESISTNCE IS FUITLE") and somtimes they just say it loud in your face!! well have fun with this info its just prove that "they live" also i see them now even more and this not the only "type" i talked with and i think i have one of these " invisible enemy" who feed on my energy

any help on that?


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From: Editor
To: Natanel Hovav
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 1:54 AM
Subject: Re: God and Satan are Both Going Down

Hello Nathan,

Why are you going to a chat site like this and talking to someone as dark as this dude? It doesn't matter whether it's a human putting you on or it really is a drac. Why are you spending your time with that crowd?

You talk to a dark entity and you believe his crap? What's wrong with you?

People who play with Ouija boards or satanic crap or dark entities are going to pick up freeloading demons and other unpleasant things. Don't go there!

Get some orgone generators around you and stop opening yourself up to these dark spirits. You are opening the door for them to enter. Don't do that.

Regards, Ken

From: Natanel Hovav
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 12:28 PM
Subject: your right

hello ken its nathan again

i know about what you speak i didnt belive he could come out of nowhere and do what he want i was foolish to belive hes words im not going to leave the chating room just because they are there i like chating and sometimes you meet intelligent open minded people and if i see any of these dark guys again i can just ignore them so can you expalin a bit more about these orgone generators?


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