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The Poor Man's Zapper for 'Incurable' Diseases:

Could It Be as Close as Your Car?
April 27, 2005

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From: Don
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 12:05 PM
Subject: Letter to Don Croft, re: Terminator

April 27, 2005

Don Croft;

I found your website, with your Terminator, which you say was based on Dr. Clark's Zapper. In this, you say that you've discovered that her 20 khz frequency is too high (as such) and that your 15 hz is better, in that it's harmonics will work on far more parasites than the 20 khz. This is also coupled with a longer attached time, 1 hour vs. 7 minutes, and that Dr. Clark herself is now on board, with using longer periods of time. Then, I see that you are advocating 3.92 hz, instead of 15 hz. Is there any reason for this change down to a lower frequency again, possibly a still greater range of harmonics?

Thanking you in advance;


p.s. I learned of you, and Ken Adachi, from Roy Halls, Williams Lake, B.C., who has spoken with reverence of both of you.


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From: Editor
To: Don Faulkner
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Subject: Re: Letter to Don Croft, re: Terminator

Hi Don,

You're confusing different zappers from different people.

The 3.92 Hz is the frequency that Bob Beck chose for his electrifier design. His square wave is bi-phasic (negative and positive pulses).

Don Croft changed to 15 Hz based on the recommendation of a Florida friend who thought the lower harmonics would work better ( generally true and this was the reason Bob Beck used such a low frequency, based on the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz) ).

Hulda' zapper design is based on 30KHz.

An important distinction between Bob Beck's bi-phasic zapper and Hulda Clark's (and Don Croft's Terminator) is that the design of Hulda and Don Croft both employ POSITIVE voltage offset. All of the square wave pulses occur in the positive voltage region. This is VERY important. As long as the voltage is a minimum of 9 volts POSITIVE DC pulses, the frequency is not THAT critical. You will still get a similar kill off of pathogens at just about ANY frequency as long as it is a MINIMUM of 9 volt ALL DC positive pulses. That is why Don Croft occasionally mentions in some earlier Adventures articles that you can even tap a 12 volt car battery and get low frequency (depending on how fast you tapped) positive 12 volt DC pulse and get a zapper effect.

People who live in poor countries and have AIDS, for example, could just use a charged car battery for a zapper and kill off bacteria, parasites, and viruses, even the HIV virus by holding the negative terminal of the battery with one hand and tapping the positive battery post with a wet finger from the other hand; on-off, on-off, etc. for 30 minutes or an hour or two hours, etc. each day. They are applying a 12 volt positive DC pulse to their body which Hulda Clark discovered will kill off just about any pathogen. This pulsing voltage will reach MOST areas of the body, but not EVERY part of the body, so there are some limitations, but it reaches the blood stream and that's important. It can't get any simpler than that.

There are SLIGHT advantage to using a specific frequency for a specific job when dealing with positive offset DC voltage pulses.

Hulda found that a 7 minute kill off followed by a 20 minute rest for bacteria to emerge from killed parasites and then another 7 minute kill off(to kill those bacteria), and another 20 minute rest to allow the virus INSIDE of the bacteria to emerge, and then another 7 minute kill off produced less die off reaction symptoms. Hulda later found that continuous zapping for 8 hours or so was working even better for cancer patients, etc.

Roy Halls is tops in my book too.

Regards, Ken


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