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Of Solutions, Optimism, & Positive Thinking
May 28, 2009

Of Solutions, Optimism, & Positive Thinking (May 28, 2009)

From: Jim Stearns
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Re: "digitizing life"
Date: May 28, 2009

Hi, Ken:

As I aforementioned, I'm interested in the truth about the world. The alternative, uncensored media of the internet has been tremendous in educating me, and I've gotten to the point where I feel I have a pretty good idea of what's really going on, who's controlling the shots, and their motives. However, a lot of the alternative sites also promote a healthy dose of disinformation.

When I speak of disinformation, I see two primary types: disinformants who flagrantly lie to cover up events (mainstream media poodles), and disinformants that indulge in fearmongering ( and which acknowledge the problem, but offer nothing practical in the way of a solution. "Spreading the word" only goes so far in a nation of unthinking government supporters. Aside, pissed me off during the World Cup 2006 by circulating a ridiculous anti-soccer opinion (as I truly enjoy the sport).

In contrast, your site (which is about the only alternative media I still look at) presented a wonderful solution to the chemtrail spray operation in orgone, rather than just simply "discuss" it. Even Clifford Carnicom, in all his apparent time and research, does not mention orgone to the best of my knowledge. Further, I think orgone is extremely important in thwarting the agenda of the "dark side", and not just in neutralizing chemtrails. No wonder we never heard of it in the dumbed-down educational program forced upon us.

I may be wrong, but based on the information I've compiled, I favor David Icke's opinion and research regarding the world's geopolitical structure and the alleged metaphysical transformations pending late 2012, although I honestly have no idea precisely what will happen, and over what period of time. Judging by the insane, frenetic, and criminal behavior of our puppet government, it would appear they're trying to get certain hands of cards ready to play in preparation for something, but I sense they're losing it completely (unfortunately ruining innocent lives in the process). I think however the years leading up to this potentially fateful period are far more critical than the time itself. It's my desire to put myself (and others willing) into the best possible position to manage the upcoming challenges, as we can accomplish so much more thinking and working together.

J. Stearns


Hi Jim,

I appreciate your comments on this and I concur with your above perceptions as well. Just telling you how bad things are doesn't create solutions and it generally tends to demoralize people. However, I'm opposed to criticizing Jeff Rense or Alex Jones for the way they present their info. To them, the way they present info is more like a news service. They see themselves as news editors posting the latest and hottest stories. So it's rat-a-tat-tat, with a continuous barrage of daily exploding stories. You get used to that pace after a while and it becomes a habitual way of presenting news.

Jeff Rense and Alex Jones have both done far more good to help alert humanity to the dangers of the NWO than their critics have, and it's unfair to lambaste them over relatively minor criticisms. You need to look at the overall picture. They both have been in the forefront of exposing the NWO, its agendas, and players. Alex was a late starter, but Jeff has been there for a long time. He deserves respect.

Jeff Rense has posted many articles for me over the years and I would not have reached a large number of international readers had he not given me that exposure. I'm thoroughly opposed to publicly stabbing people in the back who have helped you in any way. It's a mistake that too many others have made in the past. There was a time when Jeff posted the writings of Joe Vialls (since deceased) and John Kaminski. They both were highly featured writers and guests on Jeff's radio show. But each of them must have said something publicly that was critical of Jeff and he dropped them. So what did that accomplish for all parties involved? Nothing.

Joe Vialls and Kaminski both lost a huge audience that they could have otherwise continued to enjoy had they not felt the urge to foolishly say something untoward about Jeff Rense. It's easy to be a critic, but it's wiser to be a diplomat (you do remember the tortoise and the hare?)

I don't think that Alex Jones is even aware of the orgone movement, but Jeff Rense and Cliff Carnicom both reject it. Don Croft tried to bring the info to Cliff's attention early on, but I suppose that Jeff's negative impression of Don Croft and chembusters had something to do with Cliff's rejection of the orgone info. I have also voiced criticism over Clifford's constant litany of depressing facts (his DVD for example) while refusing to look at the obvious evidence of the chembuster's ability to mitigate chemtrails. But that doesn't negate the fact the Cliff was there from the beginning of the chemtrail onslaught and has done an excellent job of describing what's been falling to the ground (considering his limited finances and resources to analyze that fallout). Don Croft, unfortunately, had been unnecessarily harsh towards both Jeff Rense and Carnicom and said a lot of things in print that only hardened negative feelings. Jeff Rense, too, was unfairly critical of Don Croft when the chembuster info first came out in early 2002. Jeff's negative views towards Don and the chembuster were further reinforced in his interviews with Trevor James Constable (with whom I remain good friends), who also doesn't understand what the chembuster is doing and has steadily referred to it as a "cloudbuster," which it is not.

Despite my criticism of Don's rash and reckless comments about people like Jeff Rense, Don has always been at the front of the parade when it comes to optimistic thinking and positive action. Anyone reading this needs to realize that human beings can do something that the NWO's reptilian overlords and their human-reptilian hybrids cannot do: they can't create reality with their thoughts, but human can. That means that they NEED humans to think the negative and fearful thoughts they try to impress on us IN ORDER TO KEEP THAT NEGATIVE REALITY GOING.

If enough people THINK positive outcomes and THINK that the NWO takeover agenda will fall apart, then IT WILL. Furthermore, people who think in an optimistic light, will DRAW information and energy to them that will allow them to achieve their mission. Ultimately, all human beings are CREATORS, but they just don't know it.

And that's what the Illuminati doesn't want you to know.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Of Solutions, Optimism, & Positive Thinking
From: Ashley (Australia)
Date: Thu, May 28, 2009
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

Out of interest, I remember a smear campaign of articles against Joe Vialls and at least one of those articles being posted at I also recall part of Joe's response was to take a swipe at

Anyway it just left me feeling very suspicious about Rense as being ligit. I'm guessing what you're suggesting is it was really just down to an earlier personal clash, and that readers such as myself may not have been aware of?



Hi Ashley,

I don't know the details of the riff between Jeff and Joe Vialls. My guess is that negative aspirsions were made and from there, things go downhill. Jeff Rense is human, as am I. If I front someone at my web site and give him a big buildup and then that person turns around and says something negative about me, I'm not going to be too happy with that individual and I'm going to stop fronting him.

My guess is, that's what happened with Joe Vialls. I blame Joe Vialls more than I blame Jeff Rense. Joe Vialls' ego and lack of respect for Jeff Rense's help in exposing his material is the heart of the matter. You don't reward back stabbers. Kaminski made the same mistake in my opinion.

Regards, Ken


From: Jason P
To: Editor
Subject: thank you, Ken!
Date: May 28, 2009

I've been reading your site since 2004, & your current news page is the first bookmark I open when I get on the computer.

I was just reading your recent letter - Of Solutions, Optimism, & Positive Thinking - and felt compelled to send you a message just to deliver a quick, sincere 'thank you' from the bottom of my heart. You have done more than you can probably ever imagine.



From: Franz Erdl <>
To: Ken Adachi
Date: May 28, 2009

Hi Ken

I just read the new article “Of Solutions, Optimism & Positive Thinking” and I mainly agree with your opinion about those alternative news channels (Jones and Rense and others). They are ok, the way they are. And we need these news quickly and cannot wait till Rense or Jones find a solution for all those problems they publish. But my alert-lamp went on when you mentioned humans create reality by their thoughts. Yes, humans create reality but my opinion is, that their thoughts are not enough (even there might be some exceptions).

According to my experience a thought, in order to create reality, has to find resonance in the subjects feelings. It depends a lot of the subconscious chaos if or if not these feelings will become powerful. And in the end the second chakra is the machine that pumps those feelings into the correct astral dimensions that create reality.

Reptilians actually use many, many human second chakras. Accordingly there are many people with no or almost no access to their second chakra. They can think what they want, they’ll never create a thing consciously. But the more standard problem for the effectiveness of creation is the traumatized subconscious. For centuries reptilians have been manipulating our subconscious with their dirty claws with the intention to use us in later lives, especially now. And this has to be repaired asap. (Most of my articles talk about this and offer solutions)

I know people who avoid reading too many bad news in order to not feel bad. That shows me that they have a lot to fix in their subconscious. They are full of fear and they won’t trigger it with bad news. None of these people will ever create positive reality with their thoughts and a lot of other people neither. If you post this in this thread my alert-lamp will go off.


P.S.: A related article on my website:
How to Defeat the NWO

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