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13 Year Old Uses Positive Thoughtforms to Bust Chemtrails
February 19, 2007

Subject: PLZ READpositivethought: (breaking up chemtrailswith thought)(last e-mail)PLZ READ
From: <>
Date: Mon, February 19, 2007 6:34 pm
To:   Editor

Dear Ken

I live in Eastover SC (Right next to FT.Jackson.)

Sometimes when I see a chemtrail I think positive thoughts like "God or sylphs (if any are around) please break up these evil things" or something like that. I'll sit there and watch it and it'll break up. Also, I have made a pyramid shaped CB and it works! I notice these things in the sky that look like gaint dragons or animals. One day I was out side in the morning like around 7:00 and I was this HUGE plane it wasn't that high either and guess what was coming from behind it. HUGE chemtrails they were wider than my house! I've noticed that at night there are formations of 2 planes and during the day there are chemtrail planes in formations of 2.

Last what's up with the article "Closer...Closer....Closer..." it's a Eurofighter Typhoon.


PS: IM 13!


Hi Preston,

Very good letter. You're really on the ball for a 13 year old, Wow.

I'll post your note. Why don't you borrow a camera (digital if possible) and take photos of what you're describing and send them to me.

The Closer photos were apparently set up to be an illusion rather than a real event, but I thought it was interesting all the same. See the Reader comment at the bottom of the photos

Keep me posted.

Best Regards, Ken


Subject: TB's
Date: Fri, March 2, 2007
To:   Editor

Dear Ken,

While going to school today I saw 3 sylphs. All in the shapes of dragons and 1 a bird.


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