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Post Election Voting Comments

[Editor's Note: I received this e-mail before the eleciton, but responded after the election on November 9.]
November 9, 2006


Subject: voting
Date: Mon, November 6, 2006 6:15 pm
To:   Editor


Just writing to thank you for supporting the idea of voting in this election. I'm a long time reader and involved with the orgonite movement since 2003.

One of the reasons I left the (orgonite) boards was because I was attacked mercilessly for my pro-voting stance. I am also of the opinion that participating in the election and voting strategically can be of benefit.

Lisa Solaris


Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your note. I absolutely agree with you. It may sound hip to reject voting as a waste of time, but we no longer have the luxury of doing that now.

You saw how the election changed congress. We both know that the Dems are going to also support the NWO takeover agenda, but they will move much SLOWER and less overtly than the Republicans. So what we have gained is more TIME.

What we have also gained is a congress that will not so quickly go along with bills that eviscerate the constitution. Maybe, we might even have a congress that will re-install habeas corpus. Today we had the #1 planner and implementer of torture by US military personnel -Herr Rumsfeld- forced to resign. Germany is likely to bring war crime charges against him. The voters did that.

Nancy Pelosi may say that "impeachment is off the table", that doesn't mean that the American people or the newly elected congressional reps are gong to say that.

Some states would ONLY allow paper ballots and absolutely rejected electronic machines. That's good sign. Other states will follow suit for 2008. Who do you think pressured those states to insist on paper ballots?

That CIA Iran-Contra liar/spinner Robert Gates got nominated, but let's see if he gets approved by the lame ducks or whether he has to go to the new congress-who will reject him I feel.

All these RELATIVE improvements came about because enough people VOTED on Nov 7. The proof is in the pudding.

Stick to your convictions and never yield to popular "wisdom". Your inner intuition is your Higher Self trying to communicate with you. There is no greater source of wisdom and guidance.

Sincerely, Ken

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