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The Power of Words
Feb. 26, 2006

The Power of Words (Feb. 26, 2006)

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I saw some things I wanted to point out in this article.  Comments inserted in article sections.
"THEY" are trying desperately to declare martial law, to get FEMA in power.
IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!" Repeat that every day you remember this, praying, boosting, visualizing.
I say it perhaps would work better to say that freedom will stay and/or conrine. Then it is a positive statement absent of fear.
We are stronger than we think we are! Please keep that in mind. The predators try to make us opt their fake thinking based on fear. No! no! no! Refuse that!
Perhaps if we choose our words carefully, making sure they are positive in nature, then we will create different vibrations and feelings in the world around us.
I'm not saying to not feel our fear or anger or any of our emotions. For I have learned that is far more dangerous to pretend that the world is positive. In fact that "fakeness" creates a lot of damage because it is a lie. Instead I say that when we speak and affirm and focus our energy that we be careful of our words. Choose them with care and consideration, making sure that they are creating a good, calm feeling in us.
For example the above: It is not going to happen brings to mind thoughts of what it would be like if it happened. Whereas the words "Freedom will stay". brings to mind how wonderful it feels to have our freedom.
Someone once told me it's the pink elephant story. If I tell you not to think about a pink elephant, then what are you thinking about? Or if I tell you not to think about tart lemonade, what are you thinking about? Don't your salivary gland start your mouth watering? Yes, it does mine!

So choose words that bring to mind the outcome you wish to see.
I just felt that it was important to bring this forward. Thank you for you time!


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