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I Have a Problem With an Article on Your Website
Dec. 25, 2003

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From: Mantik <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 24, 2003 6:05 PM
Subject: I have a problem with an article on your website


I read your article about “the little picture”. It talks about spiritual guides and guardians to help individuals in their journey though life.

It all sounds compelling and wondrous. I have a different story told to me by Christian religion. I’d like your feedback on it. I’ll leave out all the chapter and verse details and will paraphrase to keep the story flowing …

The creator of all there is in the universe viewed It’s creation from a throne in heaven. This creator had so many angels created as assistants that no one could count them all. They were beyond numbering. Two of these angels were extremely special. They were the most powerful angels in heaven. They had the exalted privilege of standing on the left and right side of GOD’s throne like guards. One angel was named Gabriel. The other was named Lucifer. These two angels were of equal power. They could ,if they had chosen to, battle each other for the rest of eternity and neither one would ever win. The best they could hope to achieve was a draw.

Lucifer, after a time began to feel that he had grown tired of taking orders from GOD. He fell love with his own image. He (the creation) felt that he deserved better than the Creator. He even made a vow that one day he would make his throne higher than even GOD’s. Lucifer came up with a new invention to carry out his plans. He invented the concept of a “lie”. The distorted portrayal of reality in order to manipulate another for one’s own benefit and their destruction. In other words since he fell in love with his own image, he became the ultimate image creator. An image is nothing more than a cheap copy of the real thing. Lucifer doesn’t actually have the power to create anything but he is a master forgerer. He was so good at this new technique that he was able to deceive 1/3 of all those other angels that were beyond the ability of anyone to count

Well GOD wasn’t going to have it. He had to do some serious damage control, so he cast Luficer and his motley crew out of heaven. Where exactly were these beings cast out to? They where cast down to the planet EARTH. Yes, and have remained down here with us mere mortals ever since then. They are very angry. They are desperately looking for a way to get off this rock. Their greatest hope to is to hitch a ride to stars with us humans in our space program.

The Christian version of this story also speaks of a place once called THE GARDEN OF EDEN where two of the first humans ADAM and EVE lived on earth. Oh, but do you remember that the story also said that all those bad angels were previously cast down to earth? They were then living with humanity’s first couple. Lucifer was able to possess a snake which had wings to fly at that time and would cast a very hypnotic rainbow like trail of light after itself as it flew. Lucifer made this flying snake speak. He engaged EVE in a conversation in which he questioned her to see just how sharp she was about GOD’s instructions about eating the fruit from a TREE OF KNOWDGE as opposed to a TREE OF ETERNAL LIFE directly across from it in this garden. GOD had previously given very clear and specific instructions about eating from the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE to ADAM. He told ADAM that “in the day that you chose to eat from this tree you SHALL SURELY DIE!” Let’s be clear on this. He didn’t say you shall sorta die or kinda die or maybe die. He said SURELY ,like you can take this to the bank, type of sure. This means that when a human dies, that’s it, it’s all over. END OF STORY! Humans were immortal but not anymore.

But what was Lucifer’s reply when he heard EVE repeat this that was told her by ADAM? HE said “NO! That is wrong. You SHALL SURELY NOT DIE! For GOD knows that in the day that you eat of the fruit of THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE your eyes shall be opened and you will see everything like the GODS”. This is the first lie Lucifer (The Father Of Lies) (The Master Forgerer) told humanity and various versions of it have been perpetuated throughout human history like the idea of reincarnation. If your kind is no longer immortal, it can’t reincarnate. That is what you are promoting on your website, reincarnation.

One of the things that these so called “angels of light” can do is appear in the form of a dead human from our past. They can mimic that long gone person perfectly. These “angels” can imitate their body language, speech patterns, voice and recall most of the dead person’s past experiences. Why shouldn’t they be able to do this? There are immortal. They have been there watching the birth, entire life and death of every human that has ever existed since the beginning of time on Earth. They have had plenty of time to study and practice their deception. Their goal is the utter destruction of mankind. They want this outcome because something happened that these angel find extremely painful to accept. You see these “immortals” had a clock set to them that started ticking when they were kicked out of heaven. When the time on this clock runs out, these “immortal angels” shall be immortal no more. They and all who follow them will be destroyed forever. And the real kicker of it all is that the humans that were no longer immortal before shall ironically become immortal in the future when the very same clock winds down. This is a fact that these fallen angels simply can’t live with. They are livid with rage. The have to redouble their efforts to drag down humanity to the level of their fate.

There are people known as psychics that swear that they are giving help and enlightenment to humanity brought to them by these so called enlightened beings from a “higher reality”. They unfortunately are being fooled by experts formerly from a higher reality who extremely well practiced in the art of spiritual deception. I hope you aren’t someone who knows what is really going on with these “enlightened angels” and yet continues to persuade humans to talk with them.

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From: Editor
To: Mantik <>
Sent: Thursday, December 25, 2003 3:51 PM
Subject: Re: I have a problem with an article on your website

Hey Whoever You Are,

I have an even BIGGER problem with cowards who send me e-mail and neither address me by my name or sign their letters. That's why I created this note at the top of my home web page and Current news page:

Want to Contact the Editor? ( First read this )

Whenever you decide to step out from behind the curtain and stand up and identify yourself, I'll consider responding to your letter. Until then, I'll keep my counsel for people who deserve my time.

Merry Christmas, Ken

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Sent: Friday, December 26, 2003 9:36 AM
Subject: Re: I have a problem with an article on your website


My name is Richard Cruz

I apologize for forgeting to include my name. I got so focussed on the main body of text that I forgot to include it. Also, to the best of my knowledge I am not a coward.

Although, I presented the following story in an agressive manner, it is in essence what I have learned from Christian religion. I want your honest appraisal of this picture of reality and some tangible proof for reincarnation.I like your version of reality which in essence paints the universe as a gigantic university. However I find a conflict with the idea that we are immortal because of the text I quoted earlier in which GOD says "you shall surely die if you eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge"

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From: Editor []
Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2003 9:15 PM
Subject: Re: I have a problem with an article on your website

Hi Richard,

OK, now we can talk, but I'm not interested in arguing with you or in trying to convince you of anything. You decide what you want to believe and leave me out of the process.

In your first e-mail, you shout your beliefs at me and now you want me to comment on them. You should recognize right off the bat that you don't firmly believe in these things you claim are truths because you wouldn't be writing me if you did. People who are truly convinced of something have no need or desire to challenge others about their beliefs. You led with your fists because under that conscious veneer of brainwashing that you've been subjected to, you have a feeling that some of what you read at my web site may be true, and since it directly challenges the validity of what you've been conditioned to believe, you get aggressive. People who react emotionally to these topics have repressed feelings or thoughts that are trying to surface into the conscious mind, but they are hitting the barricade of their belief system. The more you try to keep these buoys submerged, the more they want to pop up.

OK, reincarnation. That really bothers you because you think it conficts with something that you've been TOLD God said. Well, here's a flash that's going to really annoy you: God didn't say it, at least not the God we consider to be the Creator of the universe.

Other "gods" from a distant planet wanted to keep their human slaves in line by scaring the beejezzus out of them with dire threats of damnation and ruin
if they didn't OBEY "God", except the word "God" was originally spelled "Gods" (plural), but was changed to the singular 'God' because the plural form of the word didn't fit with the official story line of creation and the Garden of Eden as told in the Old Testament.

Read "Genesis Revisted" by Zecharia Sitchin if you want to get the full text version of the Garden of Eden story, instead of the highly edited Reader's Digest version found in the King James bible.

The bible is a collection of stories that were written by MEN, not by God. Many of the stories that wound up in the old testament of the bible were actually written by ancient historians such as the Sumarians which include such stories as the Epic of Gilgamesh. I know that many fundamental preachers will tell you that the bible is the absolute word of God, but they still can't deny that the words were actually penned by human beings. You ask me to give you proof of reincarnation, yet what "proof" can you offer that God said what you claimed He said? The Old Testament of the Bible? Is that really irrefutable proof or is it the written words of men? Are men not capable of corruption?

You just have the preacher's word for it and the preachers can spin any tales they wish to spin and if repeated often enough and loud enough, a large percentage of people will buy into it. But does that make it true?

The notion that all departed spirits are really demons (fallen angels) in disguise is ludicrous. What a convenient tool to assign to the devil ANYTHING that doesn't fit your belief structure. So now, you (or your brainwashing I should say) believe that every spirit who comes through a medium like TV's John Edwards is really a demon MIMICING that departed person, having absorbed all of its memories and emotional attachments! How very convenient! Exactly what is the SOUL for you? Or maybe you don't believe that people have souls? If you don't believe in the soul, then you are certianly NOT a Christian; you would be closer to a humanist. But let's assume that you do believe in a soul (and I'm quite sure that Rev. Fireinbrimstone mentioned the soul at many a preaching session) . What is a soul for you? An empty box? Or is it a consciousness?

Does a consciousness have memories and attachments, and feelings? Does a consciousness have the capacity to feel and give love? Can a consciousness
feel pain and regret and remorse? What are you hearing on the John Edwards program?

If you truly believe in the idea that the communication from departed people (departed spirits) is really demons in disguise, then you sure give a lot of credit to those fallen angels and damn little credit to the good angels or to God for that matter. Do you really think that God would ALLOW the fallen angels to do that? Who's really in charge of creation: God or the fallen angels? How gullible can you be?

You are associated with a group of people who are determined to keep a rigid belief structure (dogma) intact at all costs and they use scare tactics to maintain that hegemony. Any area of inquiry that might challenge that dogma is assigned to be "the work of the devil" and that area is declared off limits and taboo. Does this sound something akin to what people experience when they join a cult?

You've put yourself in your own box Richard. If you want to stay there and wallow around in it, go right ahead, but you don't have to drag me-or anyone
else- in with you. I'm not interested in your box. If you want to open your mind to examine other perspectives, then take off the preacher robes and ask
questions, don't preach.

Regards, Ken

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From: "Mantik" <>
To: "'Editor'" <>
Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 5:37 PM
Subject: RE: I have a problem with an article on your website

Hi, Ken Adachi

I agree with your psychological analysis. 1. I'm not 100% convinced of what I was stating as my belief system. 2. The emotional outburst is a dead give

Here's some more of what I was taught...

The soul is created when the animating life force ( or breath ) of GOD comes into contact with flesh. When those two are separated, a soul ceases to exist. The animating force returns to GOD.

The version of Christianity that I was taught isn't the " fire and brimstone" kind. It does talk about earth time coming to an end and people being held accountable for their actions as to whether they are acceptable to GOD. It says that those found guilty will be destroyed in an instant and that those who remain will have their memories of those who were destroyed wiped away so they don't grieve for them and can move on with there lives. GOD will not create the often taught HELL of eternal torture. He is not a sadist. It will be as, those destroyed never existed to begin with.

Also according to this view, GOD will allow himself to be judged by the entire universe. Records are supposedly being kept on everybody who ever existed and will be made available the "sons of GOD" to review. GOD has allowed "free will" in order for the whole drama to play itself out. This is supposedly why such terrible events as the 9/11/2001 tragedy in NYC and Washington, DC are allowed to happen. This is also supposedly why GOD allows those "fallen angels" to still afflict humanity. GOD can't interfere with "free will" or else it will become obvious to the rest of the universe that he is insecure and means to rule with fear. He really wants to rule with love and with the earned trust of the whole universe. Upon examination of those records, the rest of universe will ultimate conclude that GOD's way is the right way, the only healthy way, to operate. Lucifer and his merry band of rebels will then be extinguished with the whole hearted endorsement of the rest of GOD's creation.

I also will not argue with you. It would be a waste of energy for both of us.

I will explore as you suggested this view of other GODS.

In the mean time, I have two questions:

1. Basis: I'm heterosexual and I just don't understand why. Their union doesn't result in a new lifeform being brought into this reality or a new variety being added to the human gene pool. They seem just to be here to take up space. Question: What have your "Friends from higher realities" told you is the purpose for homosexuals to exist in this physical reality?

2. Basis: I'm very practical in my thinking. My overall agenda in life could best be stated by the slogan " survival by any means necessary ". I value anything that helps me do the following more efficiently and effectively:

a. earn more money
b. Increase my appeal to females so that I can allow my DNA code to survive in the form of children.
c. Increase my physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health
d. Increase my awareness of what is really going on around me.
e. Increase my creativity, energy and wisdom.
f. Increase my ability to repel any malicious attack to my person whether it's on an emotional, ideological, spiritual or physical level.

Question: How does any new awareness ,on my part, of extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings and their various technologies allow me to service
the previously stated areas of interest to me?


To Be continued as time allows...1/27/04


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