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Project Blue Sky & The Pennsylvania Angel Sylph
June 224, 2007

Project Blue Sky & The Pennsylvania Angel Sylph (June 24, 2007)

Subject: Project Blue Sky Update
Date: Sat, June 23, 2007 12:30 pm
To:   Editor

Hi Ken-

I had written to you back in April that I was going to do a month long photo essay called Project Blue Sky ...well it was amazing what transpired from this little project...toward the end of the month I felt inspired or rather energetically propelled to create an Elemental Garden Retreat as a place for the nature spirits but esp the sylphs to come to re-energize from all the hard work they do...this project, I thought would be rather small but it kept expanding and pushing me to do more...from the 3rd week in April until about last week, everyday was pretty much spent in the garden(s), some days up to 10 hours a day...the drive to do this work was unbelieveable.

We had cleared our property of geopathic stress, we work with Slim Spurling's techniques, then in the garden center I placed a circle, with the four points (N,S, E, W) marked off....I buried a double termintated crystal in each spot, placed a 3 ft copper pipe over each, then hung what we call an energy envelpor unit on top with a 1/2 cubit ring (Spurling Technology)...then proceeded to put the garden in...once I decided to do this and stated my intention to dedicate the garden, I looked up at the sky and saw the most awesome display...since the garden has been in, there appears to be a reduction in number of days chemtrails appear and the when they do there are frequently what I call the Battle of the Skies going on, with sylphs coming in to help break up the each week passes, there are more days of deep, crystal clear blue sky...

I am just so excited about the results I have been noticing and how easy it seems to be able to work in a co-creative manner with the elementals...below are the links..

Project Blue Sky:

Elemental Garden Retreat:

Keep up the great work!

Susan Anderson
Sellersville, PA


Subject: Angel in the Sky Photo
Date: Sun, June 24, 2007
To: Editor

Hi Ken-

Just sent you an email yesterday, should have waited one more day, here is an awesome photo of what I call the Angel in the Sky taken this morning while out working in my gardens...although you can see the image from the photo it doesn't come near to capturing the magnificence of what I personally saw and felt.

Pennsylvania Angel Sylph June 24 2007

Susan Anderson
Sellersville, PA




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