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Caving in to Consensus Propaganda in UK's Halls of Academic Freedom
November 25, 2008

Caving in to Consensus Propaganda in UK's Halls of Academic Freedom (Nov. 25, 2008)

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From: Michael C (UK)
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Subject: Immune system boosting

Dear Editor,

I have just read the very interesting article posted on chemtrails. My suspicions about Govermental experiments on the world population has long been dispelled as mere suspicions. As an example I was villified at South Bank University in South London UK where I was studying law by a visiting Professor. He was doing a lecture called the "War On Terror", I posited Sir Winston Churchill's statement that in war "Truth had to be bodyguarded by a barrage of lies" and how certain could we be that 9-11 had not been choreographed? Given that I know what a controlled demolition looks like.

He went bright red, almost purple, exclaiming that it did happen which, of course we all knew that it did but he never did answer my question and other lecturers at the end approached me with snide remarks about conspiracy theories. Anyhow, less of that nonsense, what I am interested in is information about Colloidal Silver products and their availability.

Thank you, I await your response.



Hi Michael,

I paste in info about colloidal silver below.

Judging from your note, it seems that you've been successfully cowed from holding your ground. Your former suspicions of government experiments on world population has now been reduced to "dispelled suspicions" because you confronted opposition at South Bank University in South London. Is that a good reason for capitulating to the party line about 9-11 or chemtrails?

What did you expect to encounter from academic dweebs whose careers depend on playing the government's propaganda game? Do you really think that such people are going to talk about the truth of 9-11 in an open, public forum? How long would they hold their positions in academia if they did that? Does it not strike you odd that a man would react with such anger and hostility when asked a simple question if he TRULY believed what he was saying?

Imagine you were giving a lecture on let's say, the apparent motion of the sun in relation to the earth. You told the audience at one point that the sun rises in the East in the morning, and settles in the West in the evening. Then one fellow shoots up his hand in the back of the room and postulates an alternative theory that the sun rises in the West and settles in the East. Would your turn purple with rage in response to that question or would you address it calmly and review the empirical facts?.

It should be apparent to you that the man became enraged because you had hit a nerve with him. Your question directly confronted the lies he was spouting -and he KNEW it- and that's why he went purple. He couldn't debate the "facts" with you because all of the "facts" clearly point to 9-11 being an inside job. So he ends the possibility of further questions by intimidating you into sitting down and shutting up by becoming visibly enraged. That's what all tyrants, demagogues, petty authoritarians, and tin pot professors do when they can't answer the questions posed to them-they go ballistic on you and either attempt to intimidate you or embarrass you into sitting down.

Did you expect his cowardly cohorts to treat you any differently?

The facts are so voluminous and abundant that PROVE beyond all doubt that 9-11 was an inside job, that only an idiot (or a cowardly politician, government bureaucrat, or an academic) could pretend to believe otherwise. The physical evidence before and after the sabotage, the statements of people like William Rodriguez who was inside the building during the entire event and left just moments before it's sudden free-fall collapse tell the story unambiguously to all with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Are you interested in knowing the truth of things or is a 'consensus' reality more palatable and convenient to accept?


Regards, Ken


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From: Kevin Morgan
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, December 07, 2008
Subject: Michael C letter to Editor

Dear Ken, and the many readers of,

Hello from Australia once again, where the sylphs are having a field day....EVERYDAY, around Cairns, North Queensland.

I have just read Michael C's letter concerning his "Law studies", and the reaction by his lecturer concerning 9/11. I wonder if Michael actually understands that he is absolutely wasting his life studying the LAW. The TRUTH is, THERE IS NO LAW......ANYWHERE! There's only bad-ass people with clubs and guns, who choose to defend the Fiat currencies of the World, along with the FICTION LAWS that are written to protect the International Bankruptcies.

In Australia, there are a group of Aborigines (Native Originals), who are now studying fiercely, EVERYTHING that David-Wynn Miller teaches concerning the LAW, and LANGUAGE, and because of their lack of education by the system, they perfectly understand Prepositional-Phrase language....because ALL Sovereign Native peoples of this world ALWAYS spoke and wrote that way!!

There still exists today, three separate documents containing Acts of British Parliament, which basically say (and also which have NEVER been repealed), that NO member of the Sachs-Coburg lineage may ever sit upon the throne of England!!! Therefore Queen Elizabeth is a Fraud, and EVERY LAW that has passed what is termed "Letters Patent" and signed by the Queen, and is then passed through legislation in ALL Commonwealth countries and Provinces, is a complete Fiction and is Bogus!

I can promise you this much, one day soon, the European Parliament (who now possess every Law ever written by England, will announce that ALL legal people, ALL Royal people, and anyone associated with the Magna Carta, plus anyone who has a so-called "Constitution" which they have based their LAW upon, will be charged with FRAUD on a major scale.......Believe me! The BAR Association will be no more...thank God!!
Michael C, should not be writing letters at all.......he is a part of that very same establishment which keeps the Queen holding onto the position she has.

Now they're ALL going to pay for Crimes against Humanity, for using modified language to go upon the land and create Extortion to cause the loss of rights, monies, and property. Michael C, should look this one up in The International Law books.......the charge is Land Piracy and Racketeering (Rico), which is 30 years or the Death Penalty...PLUS $1,000,000 fine.

I thoroughly enjoy being one of the 240,000,000 students worldwide, of this Truthful-Language-Format, which sends ALL lawyers, solicitors and Judges into a frenzy, especially when you have the "defendant" say to the Judge or Magistrate, "I wish to change my plea to Guilty In The Truth". When the judge finally comes back to his/her original colour (instead of turning white), they will then ask "What do you mean?", or "What is the meaning of this?" The answer should be..."I wish to see the charges brought forward "In The Truth", where the Nouns are Nouns and the Facts are Facts and they are brought forward using Prepositional-Phrases"......something we are ALL taught NEVER to do, otherwise there will be trouble in the camp. Tell your friends to try that one on for truly dismisses your case, immediately.

By the way, if nobody has watched the David-Wynn Miller tape on 9/11, then they're ALL travelling on the wrong train.
The people who are responsible for this cowardly act, are still roaming free, and stole David-Wynn Miller's Program which he wrote in the 80's, concerning the co-efficient of Expansion of Polymers. It's an amazing read, and will also answer any conspiracy theory involving explosions of ALL kinds used in events such as 9/11.

I truly feel sorry for the American people who have been lied to so much by the Oil and Military/Medical cartels, and by believing those lies, have allowed these monsters to create something much larger and much more dangerous than the run of the mill Oligarchies.

Quit Law study now Michael C, or you will also be a casualty when the time arrives.

Kevin Morgan P.O.Box 419W, Westcourt, North Queensland, Australia

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