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Prostate Cancer Survivor: "This comes from the heart"
September 20, 2009

Prostate Cancer Survivor: "This comes from the heart" (Sep. 20, 2009)

From: George Wheeler <>
To: Ken Adchi (& undosclosed list)
Subject: This comes from the heart
Date: Sep 20, 2009

I'm sending this on, because I was given 6 months to live in 2000, later upgraded to a 50/50 maybe 60/40 chance, IF I submitted to chemotherapy. The Veteran's Administration, (bless their hearts) was slow; while waiting, I contacted a Naturopath, Gene Pontius, asking if there was anything I could do for myself? Gene said, "sure there is, lots and lots of things."

By the time Jennifer and I went in for our "pre-chemo" interview, my symptoms (stage four, with stage five being terminal) were subsiding. The doctor, Patricia Cornett M.D. P.H.D. head of Oncology at Fort Miley, advised us to go home. We did so.

Gene Pontius has since been run out of the United States.

In 2004, I submitted to needle biopsies of my Prostate and was told, with Jennifer present, that unless I submitted to immediate surgery, "This will kill you." Reluctantly, I agreed to surgery but made a bargain with the devil: one more trip to Lake Powell and then I would submit to castration. Upon returning from Lake Powell, I reneged on the deal. I told the surgeon to put his knives away and I went home to die.

It's now almost 2010 and I'm still here, still a pain in many people's butts.

That's their curse, not mine.

Some of you will relate to the following:

Introduction and Philosophical Overview

By Ken Adachi, Editor <E-mail>
February 1998

The purpose of this web site is help people become self sufficient and self dependent in all matters of health care. The Western World's over-reliance and dependence on orthodox allopathic medicine (conventional physicians who prescribe drugs), pharmaceuticals, and the Standard Western Diet have brought us to a deplorable state of national health. There is no one more interested in maintaining your health, than you. In our opinion, you need to accept the primary responsibility and not delegate it to others. Millions and millions of Americans have suffered (and died) needlessly because of the foolish abandonment of personal health care responsibility into the hands of others.

Organized Medicine

For most of this century, Organized Medicine has engaged in a deception. The public has been led to believe that:

A) Allopathic medicine alone is legitimate, proven, and worthy of public trust (while all other forms of therapy are to be distrusted and branded as quackery, etc.) and that

B) Allopathic physicians are healers.

Neither is true. Allopathic physicians, while appearing to be healers, actually are involved in the business of ‘patient management'. The familiar routine goes like this: The patient visits the doctor and tells him what's wrong. The doctor writes a prescription to ameliorate the symptoms. The cause and prevention of the disease condition are never broached. For the overwhelming majority of chronic sufferers, the patient regularly returns again and again for ‘visits and checkups'. This system keeps the dutiful and obedient patient coming back for regular doctor appointments, while at the same time keeping your friendly pharmacist busy refilling those prescriptions. I'm afraid that's what the game is really all about. In fact, it was planned that way. All of this activity is fine with the insurance industry, since under this paradigm, medical insurance coverage becomes an absolute necessity in everyone's life.

Of course, the average young allopathic physician is typically unaware of the game. He's plugged into a mind-set and conditioned to believe from medical school that's he's engaging in honest patient care using the best tools (and drugs) available to modern science. By maintaining a closed mind, however, and only being receptive to "peer reviewed" wisdom, our young Dr Kildaire usually winds up perpetuating the bias and scientific dishonesty that passes for most "medical science" today.

The Role of Diet

What role has the Standard Western Diet played in determining our national health profile? .....Plenty. Today, millions of people suffer from chronic diseases that didn't even exist in previous centuries. Diabetes and heart disease, for example, are 20th Century conditions. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome wasn't even described in the literature until the mid 1980's. Yet, one study estimated that today, 70% of the adult American population suffers from Chronic Fatigue! Many modern afflictions largely arose as a result of a fundamental change in our national diet. The chronic use of drugs and vaccines has also played a major role.

An End to Medical Bills

At this web site, we'll explore both the questions and answers to modern ailments and how you can learn to take care of yourself. Everyone can learn to take control of their own health destiny and put an end to the worry and other desperate emotions engendered by reliance on the so-called ‘health care' system.

Questions & Answers

Here's a few Questions and Answers to think about:

What can I do ?

Take charge and stop relying on your doctor, hospital, clinic, or pharmacist to take care of you. Learn how the body works, learn how to avoid disease, and learn how to treat ALL disease conditions yourself if you become sick.

But we need doctors and hospitals!

Only in very limited circumstances. For acute emergency medical situations like auto accidents or sudden heart attacks, sure, you want to go to an emergency room or a trauma center, but for rountine illnesses, chronic disease, and even so-called 'terminal' diseases, you're better off educating yourself and learning how to treat the condition with a non-pharmaceutical approach. Your chances for long term survival are generally a lot greater if you go the alternative, natural route. Usually, taking drugs over a long period of time will serve to lower your immunity, toxify your body, cause organ degeneration, and lead to more serious, life-threatening disease.

Obviously, it would be much better if the American government allowed its citizens to choose the healing modality and healer of their choice, but in most states it's prohibited and enforced with Gestapo tactics. You can thank the drug cartels and their allies in allopathic medicine for that. Oh, and let's not forget the unthinking, uncaring, gutless, slimeball, corrupt politicians who sold out the American people to these vested interests by passing restrictive and limiting laws under the banner of "protecting the public".

So, do we really NEED doctors? No, you don't need them. Organized Medicine has been brain washing you since childhood with the notion that you need them. The fact is, they need you to keep the money rolling in.

How can I take care of myself?

Through education and the realization that The Creator of All, working through Nature, has already supplied you with all the ‘equipment' necessary to take care of yourself.

So, what do I have to do?

The only thing you have to do, is to learn how to work with Mother Nature and observe her laws. She'll take care of everything else for you! We'll get you started on the education part.

Ken Adachi


Hello George,

I might remind you that Dr Linus Pauling lived to the age of 93 and had prostate cancer for the last 35 years of his life. He attributing taking high doses of powdered Vitamin C daily with extending his life. He also found that taking Vitamin C intravenously allowed 70% more absorption by the body and could result in a dramatic turn around with cancer. He published a book in 1986 about that very topic. Naturally, his discoveries placed him at odds with the orthodox cancer industry and they went after him in the usual way, but his work remains for those who look into his findings. Here's an except from Wikipedia on Pauling's work with Vitamin C and cancer:

"Pauling's work on vitamin C in his later years generated much controversy. He was first introduced to the concept of high-dose vitamin C by biochemist Irwin Stone in 1966. After becoming convinced of its worth, Pauling took 3 grams of vitamin C every day to prevent colds (Dunitz 1996:333). Excited by the results, he researched the clinical literature and published Vitamin C and the Common Cold in 1970. He began a long clinical collaboration with the British cancer surgeon Ewan Cameron in 1971 on the use of intravenous and oral vitamin C as cancer therapy for terminal patients.[56] Cameron and Pauling wrote many technical papers and a popular book, "Cancer and Vitamin C", that discussed their observations.

Pauling made vitamin C popular with the public, but the medical establishment regarded his claims that vitamin C could prevent colds and cure cancer as quackery (Dunitz 1996:333), and considered the case closed after two randomized trials conducted by the Mayo Clinic and published in the New England Journal of Medicine failed to replicate[57] Pauling's study, which found that vitamin C supplementation lengthened survival times significantly.[58] Pauling denounced the conclusions of these studies and handling of the final study as "fraud and deliberate misrepresentation."[59][60] Pauling's original study, based on the observational studies of intravenous vitamin C by McCormick and Klenner, used intravenous vitamin C for the first ten days, but the randomized trials did not.[57] Pauling published critiques of the second Mayo-Moertel cancer trial's flaws over several years as he was able to slowly unearth some of the trial's undisclosed details.[61] However, the wave of adverse publicity generated by Moertel and the media effectively undercut Pauling's credibility and his vitamin C work for a generation,[62] and the oncological mainstream continued with other avenues of treatment.[63]

Always precariously perched since his molecular biologically inspired crusade to stop atmospheric nuclear testing in the 1950s,[64] the 1985 Mayo-Moertel confrontation left Pauling isolated from his institutional funding sources, academic support and a bemused public. However, Pauling did have allies in his cause to promote vitamin C. He worked with The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, an organization that treats brain-injured children, to advocate the use of the vitamin."[65] He later collaborated with the Canadian physician Abram Hoffer on a micronutrient regimen, including high-dose vitamin C, as adjunctive cancer therapy.[66] Of late the "connection between vitamin C and cancer has become a respectable topic", and it was the subject of a Washington DC NIH conference in 1990 (Dunitz 1996:334).

Linus Pauling's book How to Live Longer and Feel Better, advocated very high intake of vitamins.

As of 2007, new evidence of high-dose vitamin C efficacy was proposed by a Canadian group of researchers based on intravenous vitamin C. Intravenous vitamin C can achieve plasma concentrations up to 70-fold higher than oral vitamin C.[67] The selective toxicity of vitamin C for cancer cells has been demonstrated in-vitro (i.e., in a cell culture Petri dish), and was reported in 2005.[68] The combination of case-report data and preclinical information suggest biological plausibility and the possibility of clinical efficacy at the possible expense of critical toxicity at active doses; future clinical testing will ultimately determine the utility and safety of intravenous high-dose vitamin C treatments for patients with cancer. Researchers released a paper demonstrating in-vivo vitamin C killing of cancer cells in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2007.[69] These researchers observed longer-than expected survival times in three patients treated with high doses of intravenous vitamin C.[70] The researchers are reportedly planning a new Phase I clinical trial.[71] "

Regards, Ken

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