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Befuddled Psychotronics Victim
March 13, 2005

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From: Melody MacGregor
Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2005 7:06 AM
Subject: Harmonic protector

Please give me a more scientific explanation of this device. I have been tormented by hypersensitivity to vibration since moving into this NYCHA building five years ago.It has been adversely affecting my life and health. . .and I know it has to do with ELF, worse when lying down, trying to sleep. I am always waked by what I term "creepy crawly vibrations" which seem to start in my legs. I have examined all possibilities that it could be waterpipe friction, elevator connected, ventilation system connected. . . .and yet, when making a trip to Beaufort, S.C. to visit an aunt last summer, in the middle of nowhere, the vibrations seemed to "follow" me there.

And I was again awakened at about 3:15 every morning, even with dosing myself with CNS depressants. What is going on?

A similar "shaking" seemed to happen on a visit to my home town of Herkimer, NY a few years ago. . .a town practically a ghost town, with no industry, and no airplanes, and almost total silence. . . .I don't want to get trapped on the lunatic fringe. . .but something definitely has been going on.and it is getting worse.

BTW, I live not far from LAGUARDIA airport, in NYC. I do not use a cell phone. A certain internal "bleep" which used to occur in my previous residence, has also seemed to "follow me" to this one, sometimes waking me. . .. but that is a solitary tone. . .however, it's occurrence is not every day the way it was previously. Any ideas?


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From: Editor
To: Melody MacGregor
Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2005 1:25 PM
Subject: Re: Harmonic protetor

Hi Melody,

You are a victim of psychotronics. Microwave and scalar wave energies are being focused on you. You very likely have implants in your body which allow the signals to follow you wherever you go, but implants are not absolutely necessary to harass you with these signals. Just possessing your DNA signature or even your VOICE PRINT, allows these criminals to focus the signals on you.

The signals are coming from "cell phone" towers and from satellites. HAARP and underground bases like Montauk on the end of Long Island are also involved, as are Chemtrails.

The building is New York City Housing Authority? That's very revealing. You need to talk to other people in your building and see if anyone else is feeling the same symptoms as you are. You may have stumbled upon something very important.

As to WHY you have been targeted, I don't know, but there are MILLIONS of people in your situation. Your family background or bloodline, your job, your relatives, your connections (if any) to freemasonry, military, us government, intelligence agencies, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Holy Rollers, Rosicrucian, certain corporations like Bectel, etc. might give you a clue about your case.

Read the Letters from Moses which I recently posted to get an idea just how widespread this assault is.

Your harassment is relatively mild compared to the unending nightmare that other targeted victims are subjected to where the pain and intensity are much greater

The fact that you come from Herkimer, famous for its crystals also makes me wonder.

The La Guardia airport is loaded with electronics that is saturating your entire area with damaging electronic smog.

The action of the Harmonic Protector is described at this link:

Harmonic Pendant:

1. Wearing the HP,

2. surrounding yourself with orgone generators,
Orgone generators:


3. keeping an SP crystal pulsing in your immediate vicinity seems to offer improvement for most people, but there's no way of guaranteeing anything in advance. You need to get these things or make them yourself and see what you get. Most people report relief and improvement.
Succor Punch Index

Keep me posted.

Regards, Ken

Reader Comments

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From: Andrea Psoras <>
Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2005 6:59 AM
Subject: Dear Sir- please give Melody my contact information. I live in NYC and also am a targeted victim. her agency may be DOD

Andrea Psoras

E-mail <>

I am a 911WTC victim and a wall street whistleblower. In the 60s, my Dad, while a public school teacher, discerned and protested the erosion in the quality of the reading programs in PA public schools with those programs coming out of the University of Pennsylvania and Tavistock Institute in London. He and Jack Kelly were friends. However, we were on the CIA/NSA radar screen even more and my Dad's former editor was formerly a courier for OSS - office of strategic services, so I had been targeted for 'scorched earth' while being a wall street whistle blower and 911WTC victim who heard the demolition of 6WTC before either tower was demolished - 911 is completely an inside job.

I can suggest Melody know the Lord as the Glory of God is what pushes back the satanism that is the root of the pyschotronic harassment and the people engaging in it.

Top people of the CIA, NSA and the British and Mossad 'intelligence' communities . The NSA however has a Christianism OP. I call it Christianism as it is their mind control with a religious spin that counterfeits Christianty, however, the renewing of the mind part Romans12:1,2 - evidently is eroded/ although nothing can mock God and survive.

People too should understand the 3rd Reich was VERY religious. Hitler was a Catholic and Germany had a large Catholic population. So we are seeing very AntiChrist sometimes slick, sometimes absurd counterfiets of the Holy Spirit.

However, that is what the OP is to pretend "God". (see attachment). I have iincluded the Babacek article, excellent and well documented on cia/nsa mind control experiments. I also included an article discussing "Phoenix" however I don't subscribe to the 'time travel' and the fusing of the people with ship bulkhead results in Rainbow..

I question that sort of thing, like now we need to question the 'outerspace aliens' outerspace UFO foolishness that we've been fed over the years... abduction, etc... these were people who encountered abduction but from goons working for taxpayer subsidized US and foreign intelligence agencies and experimented on... I'd had experiences with interference with my mind and had had 3 MRIs of my mind. In 1986 I was a subject for a mental bio feedback experiment at Columbia U where they probably had preliminary scans of my brain waves.

For any of your readers who KNOW, Know the LORD and can distinguish between the CIA/NSA psychotronics and the Holy Spirit, by all means please have them contact me. A friend who also is a targeted victim and I are looking to start a group where we go through scripture that lifts up in the Lord and rebukes the CIA, NSA, DOD, Mossad et al, satanic abuse/harassment


Andrea Psoras

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