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Letters to The Editor

The Succor Punch & Psychotronics Defense
June 12, 2006

Date: Mon, 12 June 2006
From: Linda
To: Editor <E-mail>
Subject: Succor Punch

Dear Ken,

Firstly, thank you for being an activist against remote brain torture. I am a victim and know I'm not psychotic. There are several reasons. The voice in my head vocalizes my thoughts using his voice. I know this is automated. Whereas, when he wants to actually say something, I can tell because of his nasal decongestion, due to hay fever, which he had last year also.

Also, I can hear him much better in some areas, with the backyard being the most clear. I have great pressure on my head and can hear hissing sometimes.

Anyway, I've been crying a lot and am desparate for relief, but I'm not rich. Will succor punches stop the electronics from reaching me? I bought some crystals and tried to make an HHG. They only laughed at me as I used steel wool along with a copper wire wound around a crystal in my attempt. It didn't work.

I am skeptical about the Succor Punch. Can you verify that if I were to buy one, it would work? If so, how little do you think I could spend?

Thank you so much!


Hi Linda,

I can't guarantee anything. Some people see results and some don't-- no way to predict.

You should study Don Croft's essays on the Powerwand and read the technique. You CAN punch back if you learn how to do it.

Start with Adventures Episode #52 and read all four Powerwand essays. You should also go to the Women's Warriors and read their material, You will learn a lot.

The laughing will quickly stop when you learn that you can punch back in the astral. Don calls it "blasting" and these perps are definitely fearful of being blasted. They know what it can do.

See the links on my Current News page.

Don't give up, but LEARN HOW TO FIGHT.

You need to read about getting rid of your implants.. See the Women Warriors (

Kind Regards, Ken

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