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Pyramid Power

By Ken Adachi, Editor
Jan. 89, 2011

Pyramid Power (Jan. 9, 2011)

Easy Plans for Building Any Size Pyramid That Will Work Like the Great Pyramid of Giza  Sep. 5, 2011

Subject: Pyramids
From: Stephen P
To: Ken  Adachi

I have been reading from your sight and many many links for years and I got burned out. I am feeling the itch again. I think I understand Tesla and many of the ideas that culminated from free thinking prior to the supression of original thought that started around 1920. I am looking for a particular piece of knowledge from a guy that lived in Canada that built a Pyramid I’m thinking 47’ square at the base and the sides like 51% like the big pyramids and he grew food on three levels. His food was much larger, packed full of vitamins and nutrients and minerals and he could grow all year around due to the pyramid enclosure. He got 5 crops a year. Please help me find the information if possible.

Thanks! An avid fan

Stephen P


Hi Stephen,

Yes, his name was Les Brown and he wrote a little booklet called  The Pyramid: How to Build It, How to Use It

I've referred to him in an article or two. You can read the book free on line at this link:

The Physics of Crystals ~ Before, Through, and Beyond with Les Brown

Regards, Ken
Subject: Hi Ken
From: Stephen
Date: Sun, January 9, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

You seem very knowledgable. I have another question. Several years ago theyr was an offer on TV touted as The Pyramids they don't want you to know about. I am interested to know if the information in those DVD's is about what they found under the plateau of Giza. I understand there is a huge river and a lake so large they had to take a motor boat down to cross it. The were reported to have found many many cley earns or pots with documents on aincent knowledge on magnetism and levitation and the like. I know that electricity, light, magnetics, and sound are all parts of the same coin. I also understand that we live in a see of this endless pool of non solid matter that comprises energy at the molecular level. Can you aim me in the correct direction and do you know of the DVD"s about what they found under the pyramids with ground penetrating radar?

Thanks again for the info on the Pyramid farming.

Steve P.


Hi Stephen,

There are a lot of books that hint at great secrets under the great pyramid. Robert Bauval, Anthony West, James Hurtak, they all offer titillating hints of secret stuff below Giza and the Sphinx.

I haven't seen the DVDs so have no idea, but I assume it's all about titillation. The books on Pyramid Power will tell you important things about using this design to harness cosmic energy. Whatever was found under Giza is not going to be revealed to the public anyway, so why spend the time and money chasing down hopeful hints. Illuminati elitists are the only ones who will get to see things like that.

The books of Walter Russell will teach you more about hidden science than DVDs on Giza. I had downloaded a bunch of building plans posted to the internet about 7 years ago of machines that operated on magnetic current flow. Of course, they were all free energy devices. The plans supposedly came from a channeled source. ZS Livingstone told me that William Baumgartner was interested in the same set of plans.

There's much more to magnetism and magnetic current flow than conventional science recognizes. Edward Leedskalnin who built the Coral Castle in Florida had stumbled onto the secret of canceling gravity using magnetic current flow. John W. Keely ( discovered hidden power in sound and musical intervals and was also able to cancel gravity with a simple wire device that used 3 different types of metal in a particular combination. Viktor Schauberger was able to cancel gravity using Implosion of water or air.

Go over to Robert Nelson's wonderful web site called to find lots of material on hidden science.


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