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Reader Reports Reading "pretty bad things" About Dr. Hulda Clark (and thought I should know)

June 3, 2012

Reader Reports Reading "pretty bad things" About Dr. Hulda Clark (and thought I should know) June 3, 2012

Subject: Dr. Hulda Clark
From: Stony
Date: Sun, June 3, 2012
To: Ken ADachi

Hi Ken,

First I would like to say that I really enjoy your site and have learned a lot. I have done a Google search on Dr. Hulda Clark and have read some pretty bad things about this woman. Just thought maybe you should research her as well.

Thanks, Stony Ferguson


Hello Stony,

Send me the bad things you read and I'll take a look

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Dr. Hulda Clark
From: Stony
Date: Sun, June 3, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I found this site:


and this:


Hope this helps.

Best regards, Stony Ferguson


Subject: Re: Dr. Hulda Clark
From: Stony
Date: Sun, June 3, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I also found this site. It contains a copy of her death certificate which states that the cause of death was cancer.


Thanks for your time. Stony Ferguson


Hello Stony,

A) Yeah, I read it. What a horrible person to ridicule and vilify such a wonderful humanitarian and brilliant researcher as Dr. Hulda Clark. He throws everything at her but the kitchen sink. He even castigates her for using the title of "Dr" because she's not a medical doctor. But she never claimed she was. She publishes her credentials on all of her books. She got a PhD in 1958. The title that goes along with a PhD is "Dr.". So what's the crime?

This guy is on such a search & destroy mission; it's incredible. Hulda Clark was a saint as far as I'm concerned. She gave selflessly all of her life to help humanity. She has helped countless thousands of people overcome disease conditions and live a more fruitful and healthy life through the knowledge she made available in her books. Her books are filled with fabulous and valuable information that allow you to take care of your body yourself, at home, and bypass the guys with the prescription pads and white coats. For her great concern to aid humanity, she was persecuted and hounded mercilessly by government jackals, not unlike the cretin who wrote this slam piece.

Look, it's not important if she died from myeloma. That's a simpleton's conclusion. I've got news for you: you're going to die of something. She made it to 80, and that's not bad. How long do you think you're going to live? If you're a wonderful cancer researcher and you've helped untold scores of people enjoy a longer and healthier life, and you die of cancer~ so what? Trust me, many excellent and renowned heart surgeons have died of heart attacks. So what?

The death certificate said the primary cause of death was anemia and hypercalcimia. She was 80 years old and in a wheelchair and retired. Hypercalcimia makes you weak and you can't think clearly. She likely didn't even know she had myeloma. Does that mean that all of her work, the important information contained in her books that she worked so hard to bring to humanity, is worthless? Does that mean that all the people in the world who have benefited from her amazing research are not grateful to her for the gift of knowledge that she bequeathed to them?

You put more value in the hateful opinions of this putrid jackal than the lifetime research accomplishments of Hulda Clark?

B) I've written about this web site and the guy who runs it on many occasions. His name is Stephen Barrett and he's a De-licensed psychiatrist who runs an anti-alternative medicine propaganda web site called "Quack Watch".

The guy is a shill for the pharmaceutical industry. The other site is also an anti-alternative medicine, pro-pharma shill operation, like Barrett's.

Here are a few links for you to read about Barrett and his web site, QuackWatch:

The Legacy of Stephen Barrett's Slander Against Dr Hulda Clark (June 16, 2008)

'Doctor' Stephen Barrett and 'Quackwatch' (April 15, 2005)

The Continuing Legacy of Lies Generated at Quackwatch by Stephen Barrett (April 5, 2010)

Delicensed Stephen Barrett, Quackwatch.com Founder,Loses in Court-Again (Oct. 20, 2005)

Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch Exposed in Court Cases

Barrett the Obfuscator - Barrett the Extortionist

"Quack Buster" Dr. Stephen Barrett Busted!
http://www.americanchiropractic.net/chiropractic/Quack Buster busted - Dr S Barrett.pdf

Delicensed Stephen Barrett, Quackwatch.com Founder, Loses in Court - Again

Judge Calls Barrett to Task

Quackbusters "Horse-Whipped" by Missouri Supreme Court

Defeat of Quackbuster Steven Barrett

Quackbuster Report Card: D(-) and Sinking Fast

Homeopaths Now "Own" the Quackbusters

Who are these so-called "Quackbusters?"

What's Eating Stephen Barrett?

Quackpot Barrett Crushed in Federal Court

Stephen Barrett "Not an Expert" Declares Judge!

Failed M.D. Stephen Barrett

California Appeals Court Bludgeons Quackwatch

Quackbusters Crushed by California Supreme Court

Courts Seize Quackbuster Bank Account, Property

Court Orders Quackbuster Barrett to Post $433,000 Bond

Dr. Day's Response to Lies and Innuendos from Stephen Barrett


Question from Web Site Visitor:

I have read some severe criticism from one individual in particular (Psychiatrist Stephen Barrett) on a web site on the internet. I realize this man is full of lies and is a loser. It is well established in my mind now that his words are nothing that can be trusted. Thank you for the direction, and your response to him on your website at www.drday.com in the section entitled “Dr. Day Responds to Her Critics.

This still leaves the question and I hope it doesn’t offend you, but I do need to know why the results of your last debulking procedure are not made public when you are so open about everything else. Also, the question remains as to the lymph being involved. Can you please provide any insight on this? You have just been so open with what you lovingly provided for us to learn from, and I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart. I found out 4 months ago that I have the same cancer as you had and the lymph is affected.

Dr. Day's Response:

You will notice that I do not show any of the pictures of my tumor on my initial DVD, “You Can’t Improve on God.” This was the first video/DVD I made when I got well because so many people were asking me exactly how I got well. I was really responding to their requests. I did not include any of my tumor pictures because, frankly, they are horrible to look at and people often recoil when they see them. No woman wants people to look at her in that condition.

I think every woman can understand my feeling of revulsion even when I looked at them. What woman wants embarrassing private pictures like that of her body made public? That is the reason they are not on my first DVD/video.

Initially they were not on my website either.

Then WHY did I even take those pictures in the first place?

Even though I was so terribly sick and had this huge cancerous tumor on my chest and initially did not know how to get well, I knew that God PROMISES to “heal ALL our diseases” (Psalm 103:3) IF we follow HIS ways, and not “man’s” (the doctors’) ways. (Deut 7:11-15) I trusted that God would remain true to His promise and eventually lead me to the truth of how to get well HIS way.

I have close relatives who are in the “health” field – medicine, dentistry, nursing – some of whom were already telling other family members that my refusal of chemotherapy, radiation and mastectomy and my embracing of Natural Methods would lead to my death. This talk in the family, behind my back, did not make it any easier for me to bear up under the struggle I was going through to get well.

For some reason I was strongly impressed to take these pictures, trusting that God eventually would lead me to the right way to get well, and then I would have the evidence of how desperately sick I had been, if for no other purpose than to show these family members the size of my tumor and my state of emaciation and weight loss from the cancer and the depths from which I had recovered.

Some, including Stephen Barrett have asked WHY I took those pictures. But if I hadn’t taken those pictures, Stephen Barrett would be the first to say, “I don’t even believe she had a tumor. If her tumor was as big as she claims, why didn’t she take some pictures to prove it?” Some people are happy ONLY when they are being antagonistic!

The Art Bell Show

Over the previous years, before I developed Cancer, I had been a guest on the Art Bell show several times and someone in my office sent him a letter explaining my severe illness from Cancer and my recovery. Included with the letter were the pictures of me with the tumor. The letter was really intended for his eyes only, but he was so stunned by the pictures that he not only had me on his program to talk about my recovery, but he also posted my tumor pictures on HIS website.

He certainly had a right to do that as he was not asked not to do it. (In fact, it actually became a blessing.) But the “posting of the pictures” was not anticipated by any of us and it stunned everyone in the office. It stunned me the most of all because I had never planned to make those pictures public. But here they were for the whole world to see! There was no “taking them back.” My tumor pictures had been “outed.”

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

It is true that “A picture is worth a thousand words” and people were impacted by these pictures in a way that had never occurred when they just heard my story in words. The pictures shockingly conveyed the desperateness of my situation that could never be portrayed as forcefully by just telling my story. People wanted to see the pictures!

So I then posted the pictures on my own website and included them in all my subsequent DVDs/videos, CDs, books, and in my brochures.

Loma Linda University LIES about Dr. Day

And that was that! – I thought. Until a letter from Loma Linda University Medical Center was circulated throughout the country stating that I was a liar and that I had never really had cancer at all – and THIS was from the very University Medical Center that had DIAGNOSED my cancer. Yet THEY were the ones who initially called ME to tell ME that I had cancer. (See my response to their letter.)

And now they were calling ME a liar!

Fortunately, three years after I had gotten well, that same impression came into my head (the one that prompted me to take the pictures of my tumor in the first place) that someone at some future time might just claim I had never had cancer and my Pathology slides might conveniently “disappear” from the Pathology Department of Loma Linda University Medical Center. So years before this libelous letter was circulated I had traveled to Loma Linda University and spoken to the head of the Department of Pathology, and after identifying myself, I asked for – and received - several copies of my original pathology slides from which my breast cancer diagnosis was made.

So now, with the circulation of this libelous letter, I had the “goods” on Loma Linda University, and posted those pathology slides on my website - PLUS the hard copy of my Pathology Report revealing my diagnosis of Breast Cancer made by Loma Linda University – the very people who were now saying I had never had cancer.

I also hired an attorney and demanded a letter of retraction from Loma Linda University - which I received – and in which they admitted that THEY had lied!

I’ve Never Tried to “Hide” Anything!

Please note: When I made my first video/DVD, “You Can’t Improve on God,” I did not include my tumor pictures – NOT because I was trying to hide something, but because they were private and I had never intended to make them public.

Please note: When I first posted my website, the tumor pictures were not on my website – NOT because I was trying to hide something, but because no woman wants pictures of her like that to be seen by others. Only after SOMEONE ELSE made them public did I post them on my website.

Please note: For years after I was well I did NOT have my Pathology slides or the hard copy of my Pathology Diagnosis from Loma Linda University on my website because they were my own private medical records and they were no one’s business but my own. I was NOT trying to hide anything. BUT when Loma Linda University Medical Center circulated a lying, libelous letter against me, then I was forced to prove publicly that Loma Linda University was lying and that I was telling the truth.

I also showed that not only did Loma Linda University diagnose my breast cancer, but that diagnosis was confirmed as well by the pathologists at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, California.

The Law Says That Medical Records Are PRIVATE!

So there you have it. I had never intended for the pictures of my tumor to be seen by the public. They were private and I had fully intended to keep them that way – until someone else made them public.

My medical records are also private, but when Loma Linda University, the hospital that actually DIAGNOSED my cancer, circulated a letter accusing me of lying, that was when I posted their Pathology Biopsy Report on my case proving that THEY were the ones who were lying about me.

Enter the Gadfly

So – that would have been it! Except for a pitiful gadfly named Stephen Barrett, who for years claimed to be a psychiatrist until a judge received information that Barrett apparently had either failed his psychiatry boards or had never taken them. According to published reports, the judge strongly rebuked Barrett for his false claims of being a psychiatrist and refused to allow Barrett to be an “Expert Witness.”

Barrett seems to have nothing better to do with his life than to harass alternative practitioners by filing nuisance lawsuits against them, actions that bring enormous pleasure to his heroes in the DRUG companies but cause untold misery and financial hardship to the practitioners who are just trying to help people get well – without Drugs! Apparently Barrett has filed approximately FORTY of these lawsuits and lost them all. But he and the Pharmaceutical companies rejoice because their goal is to drive these brave alternative practitioners into bankruptcy.

It was only many years after I got well that I even heard of Stephen Barrett. Someone informed me that he was making a lot of false accusations against me. I was surprised that he had any interest in my story (Why did he care who I was?), until I understood his agenda – to DESTROY Natural Healing!

At first Barrett claimed that I really never had cancer and that I was just a poor, stupid, depressed woman, who was having delusions and imagining that I was ill.

But when that story didn’t “fly” because of all the evidence to the contrary, he then said, “Well, maybe she did have cancer at first, but when the tumor recurred – that was just an abscess and not a recurrence of the cancer.”

(I can assure you that when my cancerous tumor returned IN THE EXACT PLACE where it had been originally biopsied, if I had refused to believe that this recurrence was cancer, any psychiatrist in the country, including Stephen Barrett – if he actually has ever been a psychiatrist - would have accused me of being “in denial” and “out of touch with reality.”)

But when Barrett’s “abscess story” was not believable, he then came up with another scenario, suggesting that apparently my tumor recurrence, indeed, was cancer, but that the limited “debulking” surgery that had been done for pain relief only, must have gotten ALL of the cancer, and therefore THAT is why I am well.

Stephen Barrett is searching for ANY way possible to conclude that I did NOT get well by God’s Natural Health Plan, because for him, any conclusions that include God and His Natural Ways of Healing, are ARBITARILY Unacceptable. He will NOT believe - - because he CHOOSES not to believe!

This poor man has changed his story SO many times about what he THINKS happened to me that it’s hard to keep track.

He has repeatedly accused me of withholding “important” information and claims that he has seen the first page of my Loma Linda Pathology Report, a document that he implies I am “hiding” for some unknown reason.

Stephen Barrett ADMITS He BROKE the Law!

Well, if Stephen Barrett HAS seen my Loma Linda University Pathology Report, he has BROKEN THE LAW and law-breakers are CRIMINALS. I have never given HIM or anyone else permission to see my medical records so if he, indeed, HAS seen my medical records, that is a serious violation of the LAW!

In addition, if indeed, Stephen Barrett HAS seen the first page of my Loma Linda Pathology Report, then he knows it has absolutely NO relevance to my diagnosis of Cancer. The first part of EVERY Pathology Report is the “Gross” description of the mass of tissue initially removed. The “Gross” description refers to the description as seen by the naked eye of the Pathologist (as opposed to the “Microscopic” description – as seen through the microscopic).

The “Gross” description refers to the characteristics of the biopsy, such as the size of the piece of tissue removed, its various specific dimensions as measured by a ruler, the color of the tissue, the consistency of the tissue, and the other aspects of the tissue biopsy that can be seen with the naked eye of the Pathologist.

Cancer CANNOT be diagnosed on the basis of the “Gross” description of the mass of tissue removed. The diagnosis is ALWAYS based on the Microscopic findings. So the first page of the Pathology report containing the “Gross” description would be totally irrelevant to the situation and would only be filled with medical terms that would be obscure to the layperson, and would have no bearing whatsoever on my diagnosis of Cancer.

That is why I chose not to include it – because it is irrelevant, needlessly obscure, unnecessary information and not at all pertinent to the situation.

And if Stephen Barrett actually HAS BROKEN THE LAW by illegally gaining access to my pathology report, he knows exactly that – that the information on the first page of my pathology report is irrelevant and not pertinent to my diagnosis.

But, as always, Barrett wants to cast aspersions on everyone else’s reputation, a characteristic of those who themselves have something to hide.

And who does Stephen Barrett think he is anyway? Who appointed him as the “watch-dog” for all of mankind? He has no authority to do anything, including demanding medical records – or anything else - from ANYONE!

DeWitt Williams is Totally Out of Line!

Then along comes DeWitt Williams of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists demanding, with NO authority whatsoever, that I turn over ALL of my medical records – apparently from the day I was born – examinations for grade school, high school, college, my pregnancies, etc. so he and his henchmen can vicariously pour through them looking for something – ANYTHING – with which they can try to discredit me.

No one in his or her right mind would divulge such private examinations. Those records are NO ONE’S business. Doesn’t ANYONE have a right to ANY privacy regarding ANYTHING anymore?

Plenty of Documentation for those who have eyes to see

There is more than enough information on my website to prove that I had severe cancer – and to show that I am totally well. But there would NEVER be enough information on my website to convince Stephen Barrett that I had cancer, no matter what I posted, because he has chosen NOT to believe that a person CAN get well by Natural Methods. There is nothing I can do about that. It is his right to believe ERROR and reject truth. But HE will be the one to suffer the consequences. He will descend into further intellectual and moral darkness.

The documentation that I had Cancer speaks for itself. If someone chooses not to believe it, that is his or her right. Besides, I learned long ago that “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” If the posted information is insufficient for any specific person to believe, then there is not enough information on the face of the earth to convince that person. I’m sure there are even some people who believe that grass is not green!

I have no obligation to respond to either DeWitt William’s or Stephen Barrett’s (or anyone else’s) “fishing” expeditions. They BOTH have an agenda and that is to destroy Alternative Medicine and Alternative Health Practitioners. In addition, neither one of these men have the spiritual understanding even to discern the TRUTH of God’s Natural Health Message, because, as the Bible says,

“The natural (unspiritual) man receives NOT (cannot understand) the things of the spirit of God; for they are foolishness to him. Neither can he know them, because spiritual things are spiritually understood. 1Corinthians 2:14.

Loma Linda University Medical Center LIED about my diagnosis, claiming I never had cancer. I responded sharply to their LIES and demanded a letter of retraction – which I received!

Loma Linda University Medical Center is a legitimate institution – the hospital and Pathology department that made my diagnosis. When that institution LIED, I posted the documentation from THEIR institution, PROVING that they lied.

But I have no obligation to respond to any and every huckster who happens to come along (such as Stephen Barrett and DeWitt Williams or anyone else) – the man on the street who shoots darts indiscriminately at everyone in sight – making this demand and that demand – to try to support his own evil agenda to destroy Alternative Medicine and Natural Healing.

Stephen Barrett and DeWitt Williams are just “guys.” They have no legitimacy. If I did respond to gadflies like them, I would not get anything else done. The demands would be never-ending. I wouldn’t have any time to research and write more information to help people get well, nor have time to answer the questions of sick people.

Stephen Barrett: Let’s see ALL YOUR Personal, Private, Financial Records!

Stephen Barrett CLAIMS that he is not supported by the Pharmaceutical companies, a claim that NO ONE who knows anything about him actually believes. He apparently has not worked at a REAL job for many years and has NO obvious source of income. Bringing law suits against all these Alternative Health Practitioners (FORTY? of them) takes MONEY – LOTS of money - and Stephen Barrett doesn’t have that kind of cash. So who is paying for all of this behind the scenes?

If I demanded that Stephen Barrett deliver to ME – or at least post on his website - ALL his personal, private, financial records so I and others could pour through them, page by page, looking for his relationship with the Pharmaceutical companies, do you suppose he would do that?

You and I BOTH know the answer. He would say that is NONE of my business – or YOUR business.

But what if he DID post some records - but not enough to satisfy my insatiable demand for more - - - and more - - - and more, just so I could delve through every financial record in his past to try to prove that he is, indeed, getting funding from the Drug companies?

What do you suppose HIS response would be?

He would say that I have NO authority over him and he has NO obligation to give me ANYTHING.

Well, THAT is MY response to Stephen Barrett, DeWitt Williams and any other person who happens along who refuses to study the materials I provide to understand that the MEDICAL LITERATURE is full of documentation that supports the way I got well. That documentation is in my NINE DVDs on health, my 13 CDs on health, and in my Workbook, Getting Started on Getting Well, which includes SEVENTEEN pages of abstracts of articles from the finest medical journals in the world – ALL supporting the way I got well – and the way EVERYONE can get well.

In addition, the other books I recommend prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the ONLY way to PREVENT and REVERSE Cancer and other serious diseases is to STOP doing the things that CAUSE these diseases and START doing the things that will REBUILD the immune system.

The TRUTH is all here. The facts are undeniable.

There are Testimonials on two of my DVDs from people just like me who have gotten well from Cancer or other serious diseases by Natural Methods, but they are really redundant and unnecessary. The facts on my DVDs, CDs, and in these books (below) speak for themselves!

Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, by physician F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.,

Sunlight, by physician Zane Kime, M.D.,

Nutrasweet: Is it Safe? by physician H. J. Roberts, M.D.,

Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, by physician Russell Blaylock, M.D.

Poison With a Capital C: A case against coffee and other brown drinks, by physician Agatha Thrash, M.D.

A Diet for All Reasons, (a DVD), by physician Michael Klaper, M.D.

Mooove Over Milk by Vicki Griffin, Ph.D.

Vaccinations: Are they safe and effective, by Neil Miller

The Cancer Industry by Ralph Moss

Racketeering in Medicine by physician James R. Carter, M.D.

If this mountain of documented information doesn’t convince you that following God’s Natural Ten Step Health Plan is the ONLY way to get well, then it is clear that you have no ability to discern truth.

Rather than indiscriminately throwing darts, I challenge YOU – the one who is reading this – and Stephen Barrett – and DeWitt Williams – and any other “doubting Thomas” who comes along - to get off your backside - stop quibbling – and buckle down and start educating yourself!

When you have watched all my DVDs, listened to all my CDs, and read my Workbook, and when you have read all the books I have just listed above (as I have – and many, many, more), and all the books, DVDs, and CDs listed in the “Curriculum for Getting Well” in my Workbook, “Getting Started on Getting Well” – then we’ll talk.

If you’re not willing to put in some hard core “learning” time on your own in order to truly understand WHY God’s Health Plan works - then I can’t help you.

As for Stephen Barrett, he ought to get a job – a real job – a hard job that causes him to sweat real sweat - a productive job – a job that will HELP humanity, rather than spending his whole life sitting around SNIPING at those who are only trying to help people be well.

Dr. Lorraine Day


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