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Letters to The Editor

May 19, 2007

Subject: Question
From: Annie
Date: Sat, May 19, 2007
To: Editor

I've been reading your website the last couple of days, and I've read similar information elsewhere over the past three years or so, and I definitely
believe the information. I go through periods where I get wrapped up in life and distracted and I don't think about all that I've learned. Then I read things like this again and then I get really worried.

I was just wondering if you have hope that things will change. I guess I need some encouragement not to be a nervous wreck.




Hello Annie,

You need to be aware of what's happening in the world, otherwise you will be manipulated and abused by those who wish to enslave you, however, you don't want to allow yourself to become overwrought with worry and anxiety about the future. The NWO WILL COLLAPSE eventually, so don't think that's it all doom and gloom. For right now, the NWO APPEARS to have the upper hand and APPEARS to be in ascendancy, HOWEVER, your senses, alone, cannot be wholly trusted! Appearances can be deceiving.

The DESIRE of a sufficient number of good people on this earth for peace and Good Will, will FORCE the NWO to collapse. It's Universal law and it can't be avoided. DESIRE is the impetus that drives CREATION. The world we live in is a composite of our THOUGHTS and the substance of our thoughts are driven by DESIRE. If enough of us DESIRE peace, we will GET peace.

Now you see the purpose of this web site-it's EDUCATION, information, knowledge. If you don't REALIZE that you're being manipulated and abused, then you will not have any conscious DESIRE to resist that manipulation. But once the light turns on and the door opens, you say to yourself: "Holy Cow, I'm being lied to and deceived 24/7 by Illuminated traitors within the government and corporate mainstream media."

You now realize that:

1.There is no "War on Terror"! It's a FABRICATION designed to rob you of your Constitutional liberties and make you subservient to a Big Brother, fascist police state where you OBEY without question and pay 40% of everything you earn to the government so they can continue to fatten up their Illuminated corporate pals (Haliburton and Bectel might hold some meaning for you in this regard).

2. The TRAITORS in the Executive and Legislative branches of the U.S. government have enabled (and continue to enable) CHINA to supplant America in EVERY ARENA of national strength, thus setting the stage for China, a totalitarian dictatorship, to overtake the United States as the leading nation of the world. This is not accidental. This strategy is being implemented by DESIGN. While the plan was cast in the 1950's, the effective implementation went into high gear under Traitor Clinton and continues unabated under Alfred E. Newman, the current occupant of the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D. C..

I could list 7 or 8 other categories to support my thesis, but you get the idea with these two alone.


The more people who become aware of what I have briefly outlined above, the SOONER the NWO will collapse of its own untenable weight.

You can help hasten that day by doing your part to SPREAD THE WORD and help to bring OTHER PEOPLE up to speed; in much the same way that you became awakened yourself.

Highest Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Question
From: Annie
Date: Sat, May 19, 2007
To: Editor


Do you think it will get much worse before it gets better?

Also, do you ever fear that you will be "punished" for expressing your beliefs?



Hi Annie,

Yes, the NWO agenda will go forward and yes it will get worse, but how bad it gets depends on whether we fight it or not. If we just roll over, then prepare for a Gulag society that will make Stalinism -at its worse-look like a picnic.

At this point, we still have the Constitution and we still have the courts. We still have elections, even though the past two presidential elections were stolen. We still have the CAPACITY -at this point- to effect some leverage over the government via elected officials, but we need to focus on pushing the traitors out of office. The majority of congress and the entire Executive branch are traitors and need to be removed from office. The only two individuals running for president that are loyal to the Constitution and the American people are Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. All other runners are Illuminati puppets to the core and are part of the subversive Illuminati-controlled machinery undermining this country.

If we continue to piddle along, the next phase of the takeover script will kick in and they will declare martial law on some trumped up pretext. When that happens, the Constitution is Gone, the courts are Gone, and elections are Gone. Your liberty and your "rights" are also Gone. There will be armed resistance from those Americans intelligent enough to have held hold on to their guns and it's going to get messy. How messy? Just think "Iraq" and that ought to give you a clue.

How do we avoid the Mad Max scenario? We focus on pushing the traitors out of office NOW and not wait until we can't DO ANYTHING else to stop them, other than shoot back.

The fear-based societies seen with Nazism and Stalinism were already experienced by many people still living today. If you asked any of them if they would be afraid of punishment by speaking out to stop those dark eras from ever coming into existence, they would say no, because the outcome is much worse. It's far easier to put out the fire when it's limited to the wastebasket versus waiting until it engulfs the entire office.

From the American Revolution forward, scores of ordinary Americans had lost their lives on battlefields under the belief that they were helping to preserve the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and to preserve the American way of life-which means a life free of government oppression, control, and coercion.

The post World War II America of my youth was as good as it gets. We had just won the war on both fronts and we were admired around the world as defenders of freedom. Food was plentiful and anyone could get a job who wanted one. There was no crime to speak of and no drug problem to destroy young lives. People saw "It's a Wonderful Life" at Christmas time and felt good about themselves and good about America. It was a wonderful time to grow up in this country. You never heard of anyone having divorced parents. It didn't exist.

There was no reason to fear the police because they behaved like decent lawmen instead of the fascist goons we see today abusing defenseless people left and right.

I grew up in a rough town not far from New York, but I remember well hearing the most incredible and beautiful vocal harmony coming from groups of young black guys singing Doo Wop on practically every corner of our little neighborhood on summer nights. No fear of being attacked or mugged. None of that. It was such a thrill to just stop and hang around and listen to them sing. They enjoyed having an audience and color didn't matter. It was an open sharing in the joy of being human that Italians or Spanish might enjoy doing in their plazas, or piazzas, or public squares-at least at that time.

That's the America that I want for the youth of today and for generations to come.

We must purge our country of the treasonous fifth columnists that have infiltrated our government and restore this once great republic to the beacon of liberty that it should represent.

No, I'm not afraid. The outcome is much worse.

Sincerely, Ken


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