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Questioning U.S. Sovereignty
May 2, 2006

Date : May 2, 2006
From : lauren claborn <>
Subject: Immigration questions

Dear Ken-

I have been a loyal reader of your website for several years, but haven't felt the need to write until now. The debate about illegal immigration has left me with a few questions. I have no doubt that immigration is being used as a smokecreen for initiating a war against Iran. It also makes sense that Bush supports immigration on border crackdowns because it cuts into his family's drug running sales, among a number of other reasons. But the part that
doesn't make sense to me is how the U.S. can claim we have a right to our land when it was originally stolen from the native Americans.

When it comes down to a history of land use, it would seem that if anything, Mexicans have more of a right to North America than whites do. Maybe you can shed some light on the subject. I am aware of the Illuminati's plans for a global government, and how immigration could contribute to the loss of a nation's character. But it seems to me that already happened when Columbus invaded. I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Sincerely, Lauren Claborn


Hi Lauren,

We are dealing with current politics and current history.

North America was "invaded" by France and Spain as much as England. We all know the American indian was screwed by the white man. What does that have to do with illegal Mexicans in the US?

Indigenous Mexicans (Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans) were decimated by Spaniards primarily. Current Mexican people are a mix of mestizos and Europeans, but they are not the original people of Mexico.

The US governemnt purchased a sizeable portion of the US from France with the Lousianna Purchase. Other parts were purchased from Russia. We had a war with Mexico and Mexico lost. That's how we acquired our current borders. So what does that have to do with illegal Mexicans in the US?

If you live in the southwest of this country, the day will come when you no longer will be able to live safely in your home because you will be a victim of Mexican mauraders and you will surely reasses your mushy views on illegal Mexicans-but it will be too late by then.

That's my thoughts on it.

Regards, Ken.

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