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Questions regarding Chemtrails [from a skeptic]
Feberuary 7, 2011

Questions regarding Chemtrails [from a skeptic] (Feb. 7, 2011)

Subject: Questions regarding Chemtrails [from a skeptic]
Date: Thu, February 3, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi, Ken.

I was reading your article regarding chemtrails, and the more I read it, the more it seemed to take on the air of a 9/11 conspiracy theory article. (You know, the nay-sayers who say that burning jet fuel can't melt steel and thus
couldn't have made the towers collapse, even though steel loses over half it's strength well before melting point, e.g. how blacksmiths forged tools with coal fires, and the weight of several dozen stories of skyscraper on top of weakened steel would certainly be enough to initiate collapse, though as an enlightened being, I'm sure I needn't waste my time explaining that to you) Now maybe I'm a dim-witted numbskull idiot, or something similar as you seem to enjoy calling all your other doubters, but I couldn't help but find myself with a few questions left unanswered by the article. Maybe you can enlighten me!

So, here are my questions as follows:

* Clouds are made of water droplets and ice crystals. Contrails are made of water droplets and ice crystals. How is it impossible for contrails to form clouds?

* How is killing a large part of the population profitable for big pharma?

* How is making big pharma rich good for the NWO? Seems to me like big pharma being rich and powerful would just make them competition to the wealth and might of the NWO.

* Your site and several you link to talk about how the world is going to be taken over by the NWO. The Illuminati. Knights Templar. Skull & Bones. Are these organizations aware of each others' existence? Are they competing for world domination, or will they take turns ruling over... the planet that will be mostly barren after they get done killing everyone? Who will moderate these groups in the event of a dispute over whose Mayan calender cycle it is to reign?

* You say in the article that government disinformation peddlers tell us that they're not spraying anything. But your article also mentions how they say that the spray is benign and harmless. Another section shows how their propaganda tells us that they're spraying us, but there's a good and safe reason. So my question about that is, which is it? One of them? All of them? Which reason do you suppose is their favorite? Is there a more organized list of inherently contradictory statements that I can view on one of their websites?

* How can tens of thousands of mechanics, engineers, pilots, janitors, and related crew members be coerced into shutting up about a plot that will kill said crew and everyone they love?

* This one is in response to reading the enlightened conversations you have with your doubters: do you often cite 12-year-olds as having more credibility and expertise on advanced tech than engineers (source: ), or is that only when an engineer comes in to offer you a hard layman's-terms scientific explanation for why this whole plot is ridiculous?

* No, really, are you trollin'? I think you're trollin'
(Troll (v): an action or statement specifically designed to invoke excited and often hostile reactions from the audience.) If you're trollin', then bravo, sir.

If you're not trollin', then I hope to be enlightened pretty soon. I myself have been apparently been breathing in contrails since 1997... is that why I got Swine Flu that one time? I'd be pissed if that was a result of H1N1 being in the jet exhaust.

Best regards

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