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Letters to The Editor

Comments & Questions on the New World Order Agenda and Chemtrails
November 6, 2006

Subject: comments and questions on N.W.O.
Date: Mon, November 6, 2006 7:17 pm
To:   Editor

Dear Ken,

I just want to pose a few questions and comments about the N.W.O. We all know that the N.W.O. conspirators use technology to achieve their goal of a world-wide hegemony; and thus would use it to maintain the N.W.O. I'm assuming that the foundation of technology is based on the free spirit of the inventors, designers, engineers, and researchers, and on the backbone of factories, parts suppliers, logistics, commerce, etc. It would seem logical to conclude that if most of the population were wiped out (if this is one of their goals), then the foundation of their technologies used to enslave the rest of us would erode away, maybe even back to the stone ages. Have they thought of this? Maybe the bigger question would be: would they care?

Which makes me wonder what the dark overlords real goal is. Being in complete control of this planet of spiritually broken, numb brained humans is really thinking big and outside of the box; and I' m sure that everything would be cozy and hunky-dory after that. I'm being sarcastic here because there has got to be a bigger and farther-reaching goal than this; not that it really matters since they will never reach it. 

I also really don' t understand why the conspirators would bother with concentration camps that have sprung up all over this country. Why not just exterminate all of the "trouble makers"; instead, unless they need a population of prisoners, but for what? Slave labor seems unlikely for most of these camps. Are the prisoners kept alive until such a time when they are needed as torture entertainment or perhaps as food for the reptilian aliens? Any one of us who visits all of the "wrong" web sites could be a candidate for these camps; and when they come for your guns they will come for you too.

Anyone morally corrupt enough to do this to you is capable of anything. What would stop them from raping your wife or daughter once you have given up your means of defense? All of us have a moral obligation  preferred than what they have in store for us. It would be nice if things turned around; and I bet that they will; but what ever happens in the end the illuminati is still on a dead end road, because I think that the Earth will not tolerate a world wide reigning hell on her soil and will "cleanse" herself with cataclysms, wiping out the evil, thus enfolding a new dawn for herself and the surviving humans. No need to think of this as doom and gloom since we are all immortal beings anyway.

I would also like to comment on the chemtrails. A few years ago my wife and I were asking questions via muscle testing about what they wanted to achieve with chemtrails. We discovered something chilling that I never heard or read anywhere in regards to chemtrails: gene "therapy".

They wanted to infect us with a pathogen that would degrade our genes so we would become less spiritual and more narcissistic. We also learned through the testing that benevolent forces stopped that part of the chemtrail program; thank goodness. I was recently alarmed to read about Montalk's conclusions about chemtrails. He also talked about gene "therapy", but was geared towards the prevention of our evolution. I
don't know why benevolent forces wouldn't prevent this like they did the other kind of gene "therapy", unless our muscle testing results simply weren't accurate.

I have discovered that if I prayed for a chemtrail plane to stop spewing with earnest faith and sincerity the chemtrailing simply stops. It has happened way too many times to be just a coincidence. In fact, I had become a little cocky about it and the praying didn't work anymore; so you absolutely must be sincere with lots of faith and gratitude. Anyway that's all I wanted to say.


Aaron Cline

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