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Are Weaponized Rabies, Cannibalism, and Chemtrails Connected?
July 1, 2012

Are Weaponized Rabies, Cannibalism, and Chemtrails Connected? (July 2, 2012)

Subject: Rabies/canabalism
From: Ed
Date: Sun, July 1, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

I generally take theories like this with a grain of salt; listenting to the Kevin Smith show last week he had as his guest Dr. Rebecca Carley who maintains that the Government has weaponised Rabies, perhaps aerosolisng it.. The recent spate of canabalism ( and there have been more than the incident in Florida) she believes may very well be caused by this strain of rabies..I do put these things in prospective however, given the fact that the H1N1 fiasco didn't attain the desired result,namely population reduction, the utilization of a hybridized rabies/bird flu strain, especially if it can be aerosolised, can infect large popultaions causing a rabies induced madness, canabalism.. Sounds crazy I know, I believe there might be something to this. This may very well be our NWO brothers crazy attempt to significantly reduce our population to the 500,000,000 level that they seek.

There is a lot more to this, I am hoping either you or ZS have heard about this.. I am not intending on being an alarmist however, as you have always said, knowledge is power...

Regards Ed

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