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Raising Baby in America: What to Do?
May 15, 2009

Raising Baby in America: What to Do? (May 15, 2009)

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From: Matt B
Sent: May 15, 2009
To: Editor
Subject: RE: Hello Ken - I am interested in two

Thank you for your reply. I have a quick question. I have a beautiful 4 1/2 month old baby boy, what would you recommend for him?

Thanks for your time,



Hi Matt,

I would never allow a child to be vaccinated with anything, no matter how much I was threatened, coerced, or intimidated. All vaccines are harmful, but the "vaccines" of today, pose a greater danger than at any time in our history.

I would not put myself in a position where the state could intimidate me or put pressure on me. I personally would not have a child born in a hospital here in the US because I would know that he's going to be vaccinated and microchipped, with or without my knowledge. I would not get a birth certificate from a hospital because my child's name is going to be registered with the state and my child would then be considered PROPERTY OF THE STATE. I would affiliate with a recognized church or parish and have a notarized notice of the birth recorded with that church--ONLY -and use that as proof of his date and time of birth with attending mid wives signing the notarized statement, etc. .

For a baby doctor, I would find a reputable Chinese Traditional Medicine doctor, or Naturopath, or homeopath, or Ayurvedic doctor, for example, instead of the usual allopathic drug salesmen who pose as pediatrician and baby doctor.

I would never put a kid in public school in this country. I would home school him to be completely safe, but would only consider a private school which did not insist on vaccinations, did not accept any government funding (which always has a lot of NWO enslavement strings attached), and did not report my kid's name and address to the government. In other words, a private school that actually is PRIVATE. I would only associate with parents and teachers who were as aware of the NWO takeover agenda as I was, and as staunchly opposed to it as I. Otherwise, it's home schooling

I would get all of Dr Hulda Clark's books and study them like my family lives depended on it and do my OWN health care treatment at home using NATURAL substances and Nature-based therapies and treatments. When you go to an allopathic (or a hospital) and you refuse vaccinations for your child, they may report you to Child Protective Services and that could become your worst nightmare, as those agencies are staffed by people who are completely in bed with the NWO and are instruments of total destruction.

Until we remove the NWO traitors in government and their legions of minions in education, health care, police, etc., who are all unwittingly working in concert to install the NWO police state, you must do everything within your ability to protect your child from being devoured by these cannibals.

You need to find other young parents who are as worried about the NWO as you are and band together to plot strategy and co-ops, such as home schooling for example. Trying to fight the System alone is not fun. There is power and security in organized groups. If you can form a l;arge enough group, you can pay for your own team of legal representatives which goes a long way to keep the wolves at bay.

If you want to have a healthy child in body and spirit reach the age of 18, you must protect him (or her) from the many tentacles of the NWO octopus that are now is embedded in every strata of American life. They will maul and destroy your child's mind and body if you give them the chance.

Don't give them the chance.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


Matt B baby HaydenFrom: Matt B
To: Editor
Subject: RE: Hello Ken - I am interested in two
Date: May 16, 2009

Attachments: matts phone 045.jpg

Thanks for your reply. I am on point with your views.

He was born in a hospital, UCLA Ronald Reagan, to be exact, however, he never left my sight, not for a second. And, I did refuse any and all vaccinations. They tried and I told them you better call security because 'over my dead body he will not be vaccinated.'

On the point of forming groups with liked minded people, I will try and locate. As far as private schools who resist the NWO, are there any in LA? Attached is a photo of the little one I must protect, his name is Hayden.

Once again, your time and input are greatly appreciated.



Hi Matt,

Great, glad to see you're determined. I don't know of any schools along the lines I suggested in the LA area, but some readers might have more info and let me know. You might have to start something yourself , but you will quickly see how many people feel exactly as you do. It could become a Growth Industry over night. There are always solutions for those who look for them.

Keep me posted.

Best Regards, Ken


From: Keith Howe
To: Editor
Subject: Major Media Articles Reveal Serious Vaccine Risks
Date: May 15, 2009

Message to America,

Consider that your governmanet has in place plans to force vacccinate all Americans, or it's off to Quarantine (prison camp) you go. Don't like that idea, speak up NOW, because the dangerous flu vaccines for next Fake-Flu season's "False Epidemic" are being manufactured as you read this article!

Also google search the "Model State Emergency Health Powers Act", MSHEPA, to see plans for forced vaccination and quarantine.


A 90 second Primer on "Swine Flu" from Alan Park


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