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September 12, 2012

Rapture? (Sep. 12, 2012)

Subject: Rapture?
From: Tim.
Date: Wed, September 12, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

I was curious in reading your "End times" discussion to know what exactly is your stand on the Rapture. I am a christian not going to church due to the babylonian system that has crept in. I read and pray with my wife and holding true to the coming of our Savior. I was wondering what your view on the rapture? Do you believe we will be taken up when he comes or that we will die in the tribulation? I did not quite understand your take on this from your message in the aforementioned section.




Hello Tim,

It's hard to change ones paradigm. What we think is true and accurate is a product of the information we have processed and have been influenced by. I have acquired different information than you, so I have arrived at different conclusions.

In my opinion, there will be no End times, no Rapture, or tribulations etc. It's a contrivance foisted upon gullible people by Zionist elites of the British Round Table. The idea was formed in the latter half of the 19th century. Prior to that time, there was no commonly accepted idea among Christians, whether Protestants or Catholics, of an "End Times" scenario. That was promoted by a British preacher named Darby, first in England and then it came to the United States. It's part of a brain washing scheme that has been in play for about 130 years called British Israel.

You won't be dying anytime soon because there will be no tribulations; no end of the world; no apocalypse, etc.. Jesus will not return in a physical body and rule from a throne in Jerusalem, because that idea is part of the British Israel deception. However, we are entering a time of expanded consciousness and enlightenment which I believe will carry our planet and solar system into a higher dimension of reality. I believe that the return of Christ is meant as a rebirth of the Christ consciousness within our hearts, not a physical return of Jesus.

After we get rid of the NWO Zionist psychopaths and criminals, the world is going to be a much safer and peaceful place to live in. The kingdom of God is within your heart; it's not outside of you. This is what Christ was talking about.

Regards, Ken

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