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Money - The 12th and Final Religion by R. Duane Willing

[Editor's Note: I owe R Duane Willing a big apology. He sent me his 12th and Final Religion books many years ago and it was my intention to write about his book and promote them as I found his thesis both fascinating and wholly believable. I put the books aside with the intention of writing a lengthy review, but I lost track of it, to my great regret. In the interim, Duane has written another book called The American Caliphate. Both books are available for purchase at this link:

I strongly recommend the 12th and Final Religion book as it judiciously explains the corrupting influence of the usurious mind set created by the lust for money. ..Ken]
September 6, 2011

Money - The 12th and Final Religion by R. Duane Willing (Sep. 6, 2011)

From: "Steve Campbell" <>
Date: Tue, September 6, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Steve, FYI, Thanks RDW

Thursday, September 01, 2011


The legend of capitalism and markets says work prevents poverty. The myth says that life supporting money income is derived from jobs. No job no income is the mantra. This saga says that jobs creates capital and money. They say it is good for investment, too. General universal economic well being is prices rising in eternal economic growth, YIKES! My quill pen fibulates at the grotesque impossibility of these statements. More people have been working yet investment is down and poverty increases and unemployment is everywhere. Double YIKES!! What is wrong with this picture?

The Montreal Market Medium shouts his opinion "All money is created by loans. Jobs follow," he blurts. The popular mantra of jobs, jobs, jobs, is really a psychological diversion to conceal that permanent unemployment is the unavoidable outcome of free market globalism. The mantra of corporatism is failing its grip on the public mind. Work is now tentative and wages are always lower in any new job. It is called a new normal, the medium growls.

This policy invention called new normal is just living in poverty while working. The psychology of new normal conceals what can be called the religion of money. It is from the Bible Temple Milcom, for Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange "swindle" finance. This religion, that masquerades as western Christian-Zionist capitalism, begins with the Bible mention of The Vow. The Vow is Second Temple in Jerusalem code name for money loan. It says so in the book, *MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION* , bellows the Medium.

Willard, just arrived, corrects the Medium to say "TV Protestant Christain-Zionist capitalism." It is unkind and incomplete to link all Christianity with the TV Protestant-Zionist credo of Israel and its NEOCON wars, declares Willard of Kazabazua. He is close with Emma, known here as Loco Lola. Willard, a man of thousands of Masses and decades of Rosary beyond count, a lifetime observer for Nazi war criminals, is sensitive about having his tradition impugned by reckless associations, he says.

The Medium continues. Unless wages and working terms are negotiated and protected by a bargaining unit, incomes are arbitrary amounts. They are always tending to be more for the insider free trader and be continually less for others, "especially those working for wages," reports the Montreal Market Medium, self recognized authority on money, finance and investments. He says the idea of free trade is based upon a deliberate lie. It is a deliberate fallacy of composition. It is the mind of that first Great merchant mentality of the Abram who comes from the other side of the flood. This Abramic advertising culture creates the fallacy that guides the public mind. It teaches consumers to believe what might be true for one is universally good for all. The Great merchants say lower retail price is an individual consumer benefit regardless of production facilities closing and wage declines and unemployment in the greater community.

The medium is silent on the contradiction between the mantra of lower consumer prices while expecting to have an ever increasing GNP. He is outspoken on the need that a people and nation can only survive with trade and manufacture conducted in guarded self interest. Without guarded bi-lateral trade the citizens become mere merchandise to exist as commodity for great merchants profits, he advises

The deliberate lie of free trader great merchants comes from the epiphany of Abram meeting Melchezedek to become Abraham reported in the Bible. This advent of God Moloch into human thought causes one to subordinate life choices and career quality to product price. It turns the person into a commodity to be manipulated by money price. "It's demonic. Satan lives in central banks," he says. I think that living in his car, answering his motorola car phone with a phony Pakistani accent and moving frequently to avoid the repo man is affecting the medium's outlook on our free market capitalism. He would probably feel better if Lehman Brothers would pay him his short sale profits from the 2008 crash.

The truth is that free trade globalism has no concern about living wage, working conditions, secure family and career or about how money is created. All that matters is that people believe a key element of nonsense. They must continue to believe according to the God Moloch that money unlike anything else on the planet can grow merely with the passing of earth time. Unlike anything else on the planet, Money has no need for air, earth, water or sunlight in order to grow. Capitalism further conceals this nonsense belief behind a popular folly called stock markets. It's in the book.

The nonsense is further concealed by deception. They say the nation that authorizes creation of money in the first place must pay interest to use its own money. "Could free market capitalism be a form of mass insanity or is it just arrogance of the few preying on the gullible many?" The Montreal Market Medium ponders. He is thinking aloud about Biblical subjects such as the Great Merchant Abram becoming Abraham after meeting Melchzedek. Read the book, he says.

I sense something to be wrong. It must an intellectual accident based upon misunderstanding. I hope that such impossible Congressional gibberish as paying of the national debt is merely a prank by the few to bamboozle the many. All Congress knows the national debt is in fact the money supply. Less debt equals less money at a time when forty percent of the population has immediate need for more money. YIKES again!! The recorded existence of national debt is merely evidence of past money created. Interest paid on that public debt is in fact a tithe to Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange swindle finance, offers Willard. Now in his tenth decade of Rosary for the day.

If such a fallacious construct as national debt with interest rate and global capitalism is deliberate lie, a great crime is being committed against all and everything, comes to my mind. I am saved from further thought by a gentle scent of Chanel #5. She is not far distant. The Prof CMore Books pretends not to notice and stays tight with his desk, focused with his pages. Loco Lola pauses at the door to whisper about a new arrival. The word describing our new visitor sounded like it began with an "A" and ended with "hole".

The prof C.More Books immediately clears his desk. His books are back on the shelf, he assumes executive poise. Feet are on a corner of the desk. His fingers templed mid chest over his freshly buttoned vest. The arrival of master secret agent LeJohn Billy-Bob Boot, PhD, top US civil servant could indicate danger. The prof readies himself to feign a warm welcome.

High stakes could be at risk in dealing with the only American seconded to BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government). Dr. Boot directs security on the reconstruction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. A multi tasker, Dr.Boot is also vying to be in charge of the secret "Pres Buckwheat" project for the Gaza-ification of the US population. Great stainless steel trains are already on sidings across the US to ship people to camps and designated districts as the orders are given. The BIZWOG experience in "policing" Northern Ireland and Israeli control of Gaza has perfected the protocols for managing the unemployed.

Americans refuse to believe their government is a form of caliphate under direct occupation control by their so-called allies Israel and the UK. Loco Lola has often called the US the worlds first perfected electronic concentration camp. Worried that Jack Boot might see it, the prof moves quickly to hide the book, of *THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE IZWOG: The Final World Order. * <>

The BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) master plan is for the Third Temple to rule the world with a new money. This new currency is to based upon a ratio/index related to the filth of carbon emissions. This is more practical than most can imagine. LeeJohn Billy Bob Boot, he likes to be called Jack, was instrumental in demonstrating how petroleum based money can be replaced by computer generated carbon emission credits derived from real and imaginary carbon emissions. These can be traded like securities on stock exchanges as the usual supply of securities becomes less and less marketable to the public and pension funds, Jack has said.

Jack Boot is an all around 'merikan' boy. A genius, born to wealth and private school followed by the premier Universities in the US, Jack is a devoted civil servant with maximum pension eligibility. Orders are paramount. Exterminate by burning alive 99 infants and adults at Waco, the head shot of a nursing mother at Ruby Ridge, putting Iraq "fuzzy wuzzies" in the animal act in front of their children, got Jack a personal "high five" from Dick Cheney, he says. The prof would never rise to question Jack Boot about his exploits. Jack Boot is a US national security warrior. He is untroubled by civil service to Israel and loyalty to BIZWOG. No one dares call Jack a psychopath. Some unfamiliar with the breed might consider Jack insane.

While waiting for Jack, the prof cautions us on how to understand the Jack Boots of the world. The Jack Boot cohort uses national security as cover. The purpose of all secret agents is to protect the interest of the great merchants. The overall defining characteristic is described in the Bible book of Revelation where the economic man first exists as a commercial entity. Utterly devoid of moral and spiritual stance, the merchants mentality is captured in the imagery of the whore of Babylon.

The daily practice of the great merchant is guided by money price, profits, merchandise turn-over and market share revenue. Driven by the psychic fire of usury, the moral human can become the amoral Biblical beast signified by the number 666, says the prof. Gifted people, trained in Universities infected by usury of the God Moloch, rise to command great corporations. The schools of commerce should include teratology, the study of monstrosities. This study should be buttressed by theronistics, the creation and maintenace of monsters, he adds, equally unkind to both great merchants and secret agents. The prof says to read the book, *THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order.* <> Thanks to Thomas Paine "guarded self interest" and LLoyd M Grahm for"theronistics".


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