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Recognizing Sylphs
November 11, 2006

Recognizing Sylphs (Nov. 11, 2006)

Subject: SYLPHS
From: Dennis
Date: Sat, November 11, 2006 3:47 pm
To:   Editor


Please excuse me for sending you your own link back to you. I want to let you know that I observed these exact "SYLPHS" fly directly over my home in Pensacola, Florida a couple of days after the 16th of October 2006. I am amazed that they would maintain a distinctive form for so many miles and days.



Hi Dennis,

Wonderful. It's gratifying to have other people recognize the phenomenon.

Someday, someone's going to put together a "catalog" of Sylph shapes.

While they assume many different shapes, I often see "repeats" myself.

Regards, Ken

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