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Letters to The Editor

Army Recruiter Confrims Draft Coming in March 2005
July 9, 2004

Subject: Draft
From: Loyd
Date: Fri, July 9, 2004 1:26 pm

Hi Ken,

Haven't talked to you in some time. Hope all is going well for you and yours. I'm getting older and more suspicious of our illustrious Leaders. I think I'm getting wiser, also but that remains to be seen.

The Draft seems to be on its way. I had the opportunity to talk to an Army Recruiter yesterday, Thursday, and mentioned the Draft to Him. He said yep. Count on it around March of ' 05. Apparently, it is in the planning stage. I
wonder how many young ones will wind up in Canada. When I was young, I use to think, "My Country, Right or Wrong." As I have gotten older and have ingested all the underhanded nonsense that has occurred over the decades, I've had to stand back re-evaluate that statement and what it really eludes to.I don't think any of us can ever say that again. My Country, our People, and our Freedom Documents, I have allegiance to, but the treasonous and treacherous Government, not this time. We all know that some of our Congress People are good Americans and on our side. But they are surely in the minority. Thank God they are their, but they may be too few too late.

Kindest Regard, Loyd




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