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Rediscovering Hope
April 22, 2006

Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006
From: grant simpson <> Australia
Subject: Attn : Ken Adachi - from The New Zealand Team

Hi there Ken,

I found your site while researching about free masons as I was approached by one at a trade fair here in New Zealand and I wondered what to make of them and how they might be connected with other illuminati members Anyway, I found your site very informative and the beauty is that your articles also provide hope that we CAN ACTUALLY do something to change the diseased world and head toward a prosperous future. Enlightened people MUST hear or read about what can be done as opposed to so many conspiracy theorists that just forecast Doom - so well done on staying positive !

There is a man in New Zealand that really is a great leader for a greater future using positive energy and love. Having met him and discussed my plans of bringing renewable energy to the world, I know that he is the man for the job of convincing these Brotherhood elitists that there's a better way . I am also confident that you too will feel the same way upon meeting him .

His name is David de Cleene and he operates a successfully enterprise named "The Positive Energy Company" (PEC). It gives guidance to individuals that require enlightening and encourages people to all have their own business and prosper on their own terms using love and teamwork . David formerly worked for large corporations and local governments on big projects , so he is very experienced with what dangerous culture exists .

He wrote a book Called "The Oracle" and it's fantastically inspiring for all! It describes a divine intelligence that your articles also mention, once people realize that we should revere and never fear GOD, then everything changes !

The web site is

There is , through out the world , a group of people that have huge talents and resources , these particular groups of people are all calling out to be part of a new Society as they are aware of what really goes on in the world .
I am in touch with many of these special leaders and i believe you are ONE with who i am referring to .

Feel free to contact me , but I suggest that you would best be advised to contact David de Cleene directly to discuss the great plans .

Keep up the great positive/hopeful insights , your efforts are noticed and will soon yield great rewards for all involved .

Special Regards
Grant C.Simpson

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