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"So red one or blu one?"

[Editor's Note: The e-mail address and the misspellings here seem a little too contrived and tortured considering the topics mentioned, to be viewed as sincere, but one wonders: Why do people like this write? What's the point? ..Ken]
August 7, 2011

"So red one or blu one?" (Aug. 7, 2011)

Subject: I will be honor if u respond my email!
Date: Sun, August 7, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Congratulation 4 the site! Im young to this but i find some good information articles and some just absurd! Like the story of the 2 south americ
brothers who describe the aliens! Hey, i belive in aliens im sure we r not alone etc... But the story loockt more like...a story! Good 4 a kind of star wars movie! However i belive that have some truth 2! A nother thing is the nwo. I believe in that and im sure that is nothing we can doo about it, is like the matrix! I explane myself: we know how things going on, the disinformation the plans 4 one world government, fake 9/11, soceity brain wash over years and many other things! But we just cant stop this! They r the most powerful peaple of the earth and we r just
semple persons! Big fish eat the small fish! So the thing we can doo is to axcept this FAKE reality they have build over many years 4 us and just try to be part of the mass and continue normaly. Thats the best thing we can doo 4 now! And one last thing: i sow global markets foll down realy bad right now! It remind me the zeitgeist movie wher tells about the intention of the nwo to slowly destroy usa and the once it happen other countries will have the same fate open the street to world government! And some strange facts like the killing of 30 us solder, 22 navy seals
who toock part in the 'killing" of bin laden and starts of pacific protests in izrael that i hope dont be violent becouse izrael is major force in medle east and will be destructive 4 the fragile world economy! Also what is happen to sirya and libia is the best exemple of how nwo work! They left the peaple do the dirty work and is sad that they cant understand that! Also tunisia and egypt r latest exemples of they work and is alsow sad that if somebody try to change things they just toock it out of the beautifule fake game callt life! Like in the matrix! Thats why i like
that movie! So red one or blu one?


Subject: From Juri to Mr Ken Adachi
Date: Wed, August 10, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello! I will like to know ur thinking mr Ken about the email that i send u 4 days ago, same id but i dont write name at the time, i hope u have reed it at least but in case u dont i send it one more time just let me know in my id with yes or not.

Best regards. Juri


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