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Remote Viewing and Stewart Swerdlow
December 23, 2004

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From: Susan G
Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2004 10:36 AM
Subject: Remote Viewing

Hi Ken:

I have never written to you before, but I find that I need to warn you about remote viewing. Stewart Swerdlow, whom I know you have heard of and read about and may not be in agreement with all the time; warns against remote viewing. He states that you can be easily targeted and then triggered and then you will become "THEM".

I will be able to tell in your writing and I will no longer be a reader. I love your work and admire what you are doing and I am truly worried about this. If you have questions about remote viewing maybe you could write Stewart and ask him? Believe me, I have seem this done before. A gifted channeler whom I know, made the mistake of going to Mt. Shasta and when she came back she was blabbering their bull **** and she refused to see that they had taken possession of her. They can get a hold of your frequency and then you are no longer in control of your own thoughts.

Sincerely, Susan


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From: Editor
To: Susan G
Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2004 5:36 AM
Subject: Re: Remote Viewing

Hi Susan,

Thanks for your note.

You have to consider Stewart's advice with a grain of salt. He's not exactly what he seems to be. He puts out interesting info, but it's not always accurate and he often touts information that essentially parallels the Illuminati's story line. Remote viewing being one of those cases. There was a movie not so long ago (forgot the name) that left viewers with the impression that remote viewing was a dangerous activity. That was an Illuminati psyops to scare people away from looking into it. I could suggest the same motivation behind Stewart' s warning.

Stewart, I think, BELIEVES he is free of mind control, but he is not in my opinion. Very few people who have been programmed as extensively as he was/is, can free themselves totally from their controllers.

You also give too much credit to the Illuminati and the dark side. They just can't take over souls wily nilly. Before becoming one of "Them", you have to agree to join them on some level through conduct, thought, desire, or action.

You can't be 'triggered' unless your were first programmed with mind control. Mind control triggers are seen and heard everyday from TV shows, movies, commercials, popular songs, video games, e mails, etc., just about everywhere. They only affect people who have been put through mind control programming, not every single person who is exposed to them.

Yes, they can target you for psychotronics and leave you believing that you can't do anything to stop it, but Don Croft has exposed the lie of that fallacy. We can not only stop it cold, but we can turn it around and go after them in the astral plane and make them wish they were never born. They are not invincible and they can be defeated. Read more of the Don Croft articles and you will realize why I'm saying this.

Regards, Ken



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