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Rense v. Makow

March 12, 2012

Rense v. Makow (March 12, 2012)

Subject: Rense v. Makow
From: J. Stearns
Date: Mon, March 12, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hi, Ken:

A few years back I mentioned that I'm not a fan of Jeff Rense. I find his site primarily saturated with unjustified fearmongering and a glaring dearth of solutions, with the exception of posting my brother's note exposing the 2009 manufactured H1N1 media fraud and forced vaccination threat (although I credit you for that). Further, I retain an unfavorable bias considering the Rense team circulated a moronic anti-soccer opinion from The Weekly Standard during the 2006 World Cup. Mr. Rense would appear to have alienated the legitimate truth-seekers of the internet, starting quite some time back with Joe Vialls, although admittedly I didn't agree with everything from him. Henry Makow is brilliant in his analyses; I was particularly impressed with his perceptions and research on the Gulf Disaster and the San Bruno pipeline explosion.

Thanks again for your insightful comparisons. I hope you and the committed patriots of this world continue strong.

J. Stearns


Hi Jim,

Unfortunately, that's the way I see it too. Too many fear provoking articles and ZERO solutions offered. It's always the next shocking story, one after another, in the NWO takeover of America. It's always downhill. "It's all over America, just give up now. You haven't got a chance". That's the message you come away when you read his site daily. To Jeff, that's "news," just like the Lame stream always gives us one Bad News story after another.

The other big problem is too many of his interviews are with people working for the NWO agenda, like Henry Niman with his Swine Flu BS. We had to put up with that guy for 2.5 years on Rense until it was obvious to even the janitor that there never was a Swine flu epidemic. Others are involved with CIA/military counter intelligence spinning operations. Michio Kaku is a full time Establishment disinformation "science" expert, just like his equally phony predecessor, Dr Carl Sagan.

Yoshio Shimatsu, Arnie Gundersen, and the whole Japan Radiation Psyops Promotion team are carrying water for the Illuminati anti-nuclear energy fear mongering campaign (in order to both A) continue to cripple the Japan economy--by trying to keep Japan nuclear plants shut down--and B) open the door for natural gas fired energy plants to replace the nuclear plants and make mega billions more for the the oil and gas barons), I've never seen so much BS being shoveled at rense.com as the Japan Radiation psyops. You'd think we'd all be glowing by now.

I tried sending Jeff the Eric Holder compilation article that I just put up. I thought I would give it a try, but he ignored me, so I don't think I'll bother in the future.

Jeff made a huge miscalculation by going ballistic on Henry Makow, just as it was a mistake to drop Joe Vialls. The stature and intellectual breath of Henry gave jeff's web site a character and glow wholly lacking with the likes of Paul Drocton and similar synchophants. Jeff deserves kudos for the many excellent interviews he's done over the years with worthy guests like Dr John Coleman and people of his caliber, but Jeff loses credibility when he sucks up to the likes of Gen Albert Stubblebine or Niman who are clearly in bed with the NWO agenda planners.

David Icke should have stayed out of it, but I guess he felt he had to suck up to Jeff for doing so many interviews over the years. He diminishes his halo as well by coming down on Henry. I recall that David got into an internet shouting match with Royal Adams a few years ago, each calling the other a Satanist. Yeah, that one looked real classy too, but C' est la vie.

Henry's writings will carry him and his web site for years to come and Henry will continue to gain in intelligent and discerning readers with each passing month (and he doesn't need Jeff Rense or David Icke to do that). It's their loss, and not Henry's (although you could never convince them of that).

Just watch where Henry's web site hit rate is one year from now, compared to where it is today, and you'll see what I mean.

Best Regards, Ken

PS. I might mention that Keith Howe was WAY out front on the San Bruno explosion. The liklihood that it was an act of sabotage (a missile perhaps) to knock out that lady was was filing suit against the PG & E is very high. The gas pipeline "explosion" is a cover story in my opinion.

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