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Some Comments on " black magic, spells, witch crafts, zombies, and stuff like that"
October 18, 2007

Some Comments on " black magic, spells, witch crafts, zombies, and stuff like that" (Oct. 18, 2007)

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From: Jose Luis Alarcon
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007
Subject: congratulations

Congratulations Ken! you are doing a wonderful job. I am just starting to know about orgone and all that stuff. I will appreciate you let me know which orgone product (and where to get them), could help me to repel black magic, spells, witch crafts, zombies, and stuff like that.

I live in Texas and believe it or not, educated people, government employees, businessmen, and so on, are doing those artifices to gain power, position, and economical gain. I am not afraid of those kind of "works", but I will enjoy to give them a hard time.

Best Regards,
Jose L. Alarcon


Hello Jose,

Thanks for your comments.

.I offer many types of orgone generators, up to the 5 gallon chembuster, along with 14 different sizes of Succor Punches (SP) and both regular size Powerwands and Mega Powerwands (that has a crystal up to 8 pounds in weight and 5-8 inches in diameter).

Plenty to choose from. There are other vendors on the internet as well.

The orgone generators and the SP can help repel demonic entities. Many people have reported this to me. You can also use Micheal Relfe's very carefully thought out prayers, which also work surprisingly well:

You will find many articles on my Mind Control page that talk about the expansion and infiltration of satanism into every strata of America society, so what you're telling me is not a surprise. .

Between the sort of programs they promote on TV, heavy metal rock, rap, coarse language over the radio, promotion of pornography, homosexuality, and perverse behavior, and of course those never ending TV 'reality shows' where fierce competition and stab-your-brother-in-the-back are the only "rules" that seem to count, we are being led into a world of debasement. This chipping away at human virtue and the promotion of vice is intentional and orchestrated. So naturally, more people are going to be influenced towards occult practices which often leads straight into satanism, sometimes after a few years of playing around the fringes with Wicca, or Druid-ism, or "Magick".

Those who join the Dark Side can, and do, gain powers on many levels, including magical powers.

There's a guy seen on Japanese TV who goes by the name of "Cyril Street" or just "Cyril". He's American and originally from LA. I've seen him on Japanese TV for at least 3 years. He's fast becoming known throughout Asia and will soon be a big deal here in the US and even Europe, I'm quite sure. I plan to write some articles about him.

He is without question the most spectacular and astounding magician I've ever witnessed. It will blow your mind when you see what he can do. He has a likable personality and he's becoming incredibly popular in Japan, having recently been given a big award by the Japanese. He will often remind the audience that what he's doing is "illusion". Well, some of his acts are illusions, and he will let the audience in on a few of his simpler tricks in order to have you think he is JUST doing illusions, but many of his really spectacular demonstrations are NOT illusions, in my opinion, but rather are demonstrations of genuine magic-but Black Magick.

I'm convinced he's a black magician and a very good one at that. Unseen demonic entities (or a powerful single entity) is working with him and that allows the self-proclaimed "illusionist" to suspend the laws of physics and REALLY impress his audience. From time to time, he gives his occult background away by employing satanic symbols or words as he performs the 'illusion'. Even his name, Cyril, has an occult origin.

Of course, those who go this route, pay the Faustian price: you sell your soul for earthly gain. It's relatively easy to fall into satanism, but TRY AND GET OUT OF IT. Not so easy. They will often sacrifice those who have a change of heart or go "soft" or otherwise become sick of the whole blood, gore, and death merry-go-round that they can never seem to get off.

Shielding against demonic forces or curses, etc. is not that difficult if your soul signature is relatively "clean". In fact, with some rare exceptions (karmic plays), most people who have not behaved in truly evil ways cannot be touched by demonic forces; only those who have created holes in their aura by walking on the wild side too often, can make themselves more vulnerable to demonic influence and penetration.

We need more warriors on the Light Side, so you're willingness to engage is most appreciated. .

Kind Regards, Ken.

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