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Report from London
Chemtrails, Microwave Towers & Strange Weather
August 23, 2004

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From: Mark
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2004 7:20 AM
Subject: Chemtrails

Hi Ed.

I am writing to let you know that for the last two Sundays chemtrails have been very obvious over the skies of north west London, UK. Unfortnately no one had a camera, so I'm unable to send photos. (soon I hope). It seems to be on a Sunday that this area of NW London is busier than normal and maybe thats why ?

One of the planes was at high altitude, but not high enough that we couldn't see 4 trails from the plane; the trails left were intermitent; so they were being sprayed on, then off, then on. How could a contrail be broken into segments ? It had to be a chemtrail....? There were 5 other lines in the skies, house mates have now been shown them, but up until then people think your crazy.

After the spraying, there was a fine misty type of cloud that came very low, you could almost feel something strange, it was too low and didnt look natural for London skies.

Since recently moving to this part of London, I have also noticed how my memory is very bad; almost scatty. Can't remember where I put something 5 minutes ago... that sort of behaviour.

The weather in London has also been terrible, more than normal. Heavy rains, flash floods and once the city was brought to a stand still. A small village in Cornwall, SW England was nearly washed into the sea, a river burst its banks after a downpour and took 35 cars, houses and anything else out too sea. Luckliy there were no casualties.

Something is definitely not right and its just a matter of when.

Plus, the mobile phone masts are going up everywhere. In one area; when a women complained, she was told that her local tax would be higher if the mast wasn't erected to cover police costs ? weird.

Ok, hope this is of help, will try send pictures soon as.



From: Editor []
Sent: 23 August 2004 18:04
To: Mark
Subject: Re: Chemtrails

Hi Mark,

This is Great! Keep it coming.

Have you read the information about orgone generators and how they will bring in Sylphs?

I'm quite sure that London, being the heart of the beast, would take a large number of orgone gnerators to offset the DOR energy envelope, but it can be done. LA was a tough nut to crack in that regard, but it was accomplised.

Your remarks about memory loss, etc are right on target. The work of psychotronics and chemtrails acting in tandem.

They can control the weather in any direction they wish. The recent hurricane in Florida may have been a HAARP creation. It's hard to know today what is real weather phenomena and what is created for agenda purposes.

If you can talk to the woman who was threatened with higher taxes, please take notes and send them to me or get me a phone number and I'll call her.

Write soon.

Regards, Ken

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From: Mark
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2004 5:57 AM
Subject: RE: Chemtrails

Hi Ken

Thanks for your reply.

What do you think of the Locust invasion going round South America, Australia and Africa?

It could affect 1 in 10. I beleive HAARP has played a major part in providing the perfect breeding ground for them as per the NWO agenda. It's also in the Bible (written by the NWO) how swarms of locust strip the land before handover... ?




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