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Professional Photographer Questions Obama Reptilian 'Baggage' Photos
June 7, 2009

Professional Photographer Questions Obama's Reptilian 'Baggage' Photos (June 7, 2009)

re: Barack & Michelle Reveal Reptilian "Baggage" at London Airport (April 15, 2009)

Subject: Reptilian Obama photos - FAO Ken Adachi
From: Phil G
Date: Sun, June 7, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken

I think your site is great - except the 'reptilian' photos of Obama.

I'd like to tell you a little about myself, I'm a 9/11 truther and Anti NWO activist - also an internationally exhibited and international award winning photographer / consulting photographer. The anomalies you identify in your photos are all normal / typical digital artifacts and this tends to undermine the site credibility - because I know the rest of your information is excellent and very well researched.

Just my two pence worth - we need to be very careful what we publish because the slightest flaw is likely to make some people conclude that ALL the info is poor, which I KNOW is not the case with the rest of your info.

Kindest regards - and keep up the good work.

Phil G.


Hi Phil,

Thanks for your note. I can see that you're a British reader and you're hoping to prevent me from falling off the deep end, so your note is in the interest of saving me from making a fool of myself. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness in that regard, however, there is more going on here than you might suspect.

If you're familiar with fellow Englishman Rupert Sheldrake's book on morphogenic fields, you know that everything we see manifested into third dimension physicality is based on a "template" that exists in a slightly higher frequency band that exists just beyond our ability to see. These templates are a higher dimensional pattern upon which the physical form is based. In fact, all things physical are illusory in one sense: we are all VIBRATING energy manifestation forms, as odd as that may sound.

The wooden desk only appears to be solid, but it's actually made up of atoms that are vibrating at a tremendous speed and held together by a force field that originated from the morphogenic field established by the tree from whence (I rarely get to use British English, so forgive the indulgence) the wood came that went into the production of the desk. To take it a step further: all physical forms are ultimately derived from a higher vibration THOUGHT form, including you, me, the desk, and everything else that exists in the universe. What we witness as third dimensional physicality is actually the end product of a STEPPING-DOWN process that began as thought form at a much higher vibrational plane and "descended" (as it were) into a lower vibrational plane that we now call the third dimension.

Barry Soetoro and Michelle Robinson Obama are not exactly "normal" human beings. They are both "people" whose DNA contains a predominance of reptilian-derived genes. They are both human-alien hybrids of an alien race that we identify as reptilians.

There are different alien races that have been cross-breeding with humans since at least the 1950s. The gray hybrids (which number in the MILLIONS) for example, look rather hideous by our standards and are therefore kept aboard large mother ships in anticipation of a later date when they may be able to populate earth, after you, I, and about 90% of the current earth's population are eliminated by our Illuminated friends.

As a group mentality, the reptilians are of a low spiritual development. They prefer to wallow in the lower emotions of lust, greed, dominance, deviance, revenge, war, etc. That's why they ENCOURAGE these emotional developments (traits) among humans whom they can influence via TV, schools, movies, cell phone towers, etc. If you read Franz Erdl's 4 part series on The Alien Influence on Humanity, you will discover that the negative aliens, predominated by the Dracos and reptilians, are exerting an ENORMOUS influence upon human beings, but we just don't REALIZE it.

Now, turning to the photos. I'm perfectly aware that certain photos, which are called low resolution by photographers, will more readily manifest etheric forms than photos which are called high resolution. I have been aware of the difference between low resolution photos and high resolution photos from the beginning, so it's not news to me. What you don't appreciate is that etheric forms are vibrating at a slightly higher frequency band than our normal third dimensional world and that's why we don't normally see them. However, the boundary between the third and the fourth dimension is not an ABRUPT one. The transition from one frequency band into the next higher one is GRADUAL and continuous, therefore there are BORDER regions between the two frequency planes that can - under certain conditions - be witnessed by our eyes OR the digital camera's eye, or both.

It's not quite accurate to identify the photo which I used of Barack and Michelle getting off the plane at London's Heathrow airport on April 1 as "low resolution" . There's plenty of pixel data in that photo. What is unusual, is that: (1) the photo was taken at night under artificial lighting; when (2). they were both tired following a long flight,; and (3) there was a see-through shield (bullet-proof glass or Lexan) in front of the photographer who took the photo. That REFLECTIVE surface of the shield caused the artificial lighting to BOUNCE back and forth between the airplane and the inside surface of the shield and that created an enhanced opportunity to capture the etheric forms -on camera- which I cropped out and enlarged in my article. .

Now we get to the heart of the matter: the "rules" of fourth dimension physics do NOT follow the rules of third dimension physics. More aptly called "ether physics", the rules are usually 180 degrees OPPOSITE of what we normally expect in a third dimensional world. I've written a number of articles in the past that discuss fourth dimensional phenomena, such as the Joe Cell, in which the conventional rules of physics are turned completely upside down. I then get angry e-mail from self-described "authorities" or physics teachers who wish to inform me of just how "uninformed" I am of the most basic "laws" of physics, such as Newton's' Second "Law" of thermodynamics, blah, blah, blah. I responded to a few of those critics with replies that their engorged egos could best appreciate.

In the photo of Barack & Michelle getting off the plane, the digital camera captured MORE etheric data than is normally the case for the reasons I've stated above. When a cameraman is standing in front of Michelle or Barack, under full lighting conditions, and takes a picture, he captures what is called a 'high resolution' photo in which we see the PREDOMINANCE of third dimensional data which literally SWAMPS OUT the fourth dimensional data --which is still THERE--but it can't be seen readily.

Low resolution photos contain a lower saturation of third dimensional data, and therefore allow more fourth dimensional elements to be captured in the image. What you are DISMISSING as "digital artifacts" in the photos to which I have referred are certainly NOT noise or digital artifacts, which are --by definition--chaotic and random. Visually, "noise" is seen as 'snow' on a TV which is turned on, but not tuned into an active TV channel. 'Noise' is heard as STATIC on an AM radio that is tuned between stations.

The photos that I have cropped out and presented in that essay are HIGHLY ORGANIZED images of etheric entities which cannot RANDOMLY ORGANIZE themselves into a highly defined and organized image out of NOISE. That's simply impossible. "Noise" looks like a Jason Pollack painting. What I've cropped out are etheric entities which are manifesting from their morphogenic fields.

Look at these three photos and ask yourself if "digital artifacts" can organize itself into these images?

    Michelle Obama leg entity enlarged London airport, April 1 2009          Fuselage entity London apirport April 1 2009   Fuselage entity #2 London Airport, April 1 2009

















It's time to re-evaluate what you have ASSUMED to be meaningless "artifacts". I believe that the earth has arrived at a place in its evolution in which the overall resonant frequency of the planet is rising and as a result, the borderlands between the third and fourth dimension (where astral entities normally reside) is shrinking and we are seeing numerous instances of "bleed-throughs" where entites of a higher vibrational plane (not necessarily of a higher spiritual plane) can now be caught with a digital camera or seen by the naked eye in cloudforms which we have identified as Sylphs.

Regards, Ken

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