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Transformative Encounter with Reptilian and Gray Aliens Seeking Healing & Renewal

From Jeanette Wakefield
December 2, 2011

Transformative Encounter with Reptilian and Gray Aliens Seeking Healing & Renewal (Dec. 10. 2011)

[Note from Ken Adachi: I made up the pen name "Jeanette Wakefield" to represent the author of this letter. The name has no relationship to ethnicity or the nationality of this person. This amazing letter is further corroboration of information that has come to me in the past several months that an unprecendented "house cleaning" has been taking place in the astral dimension whereby legions of formerly well-entrenched demonic entities are now 'jumping ship' and moving away from the Dark agenda, since so many of their former bosses, E.g. the well known demon diety, Baphomet, for example, are no longer with us, either in this dimension, or any other dimension. This loss of "Generals and troops", as it were, from the Dark Side has had the effect of allowing those, weary from the long enslavement to Darkness, to break out and once again seek rejuvenation, healing, and re-birth from within the Light. This "changing of the guard" within the demon realm, will have an equally disruptive effect on the Iluminated sellouts and traitors in all countries around the world as we witness their NWO takeover and enslavement plans crumbling and falling apart before our eyes. A New Day is coming and the NWO sellouts had better wake up to the fact that their days are numbered.]

December 2, 2011

Dear Ken,

I was not sure how to send this to you due to the nature of the information. I know you say that snail mail is better, but I'm not sure. I think they might as easily intercept that if they wanted to (and then you would never get the letter at all). I have taken a few precautions, but ultimately, I also have to have some courage, so here is my letter.

I have wanted to write to you for a very long time as I have been following your website for several years now and it has really helped me make a bit more sense of some of the things that have happened to me and around me during my life.

So far, I had been afraid to put myself "out there," but the letter you received titled "Historical Event: Transformation & Redemption Among Reptilian-Demons" inspired me to write to you because I have some things to share which might help make some sense of a question or two brought up in the letter from Franz Erdl. For instance, Franz said something to the effect of not knowing exactly why the reptilians came to them for help (I am looking at the article as I write this). I know I read that somewhere in it, but cannot find the exact line right now. In fact, as I am going through the letter, there are actually several points or questions that I would really like to relate, elaborate on, or explain, but I feel that at this time it is only safe to comment on a few things, although this will be a long letter by itself.

Mainly, I would like to talk about the reason I think some other psychics are being contacted in this way.

Here's a bit of non-specific background on me: First, long story short, I have come to understand over the course of my lifetime that I have certain abilities, although I believe all humans have these gifts (or the potential for them). For some reason, certain conditions in my life have led me to discover mine when young and I finally began to deal with and use them for good as an adult.

(I feel at this time, I need to keep a certain level of secrecy, though, for my own good and the good of others. For this reason, there are certain things I won't be specific or detailed about right now and I ask you to please keep my name anonymous.)

With regard to Franz's letter, here is my story that relates as best I remember it:

One afternoon in Spring 2008, I was meditating ( I use that term loosely as I don't really meditate the way others seem to; that is, no breath control and I don't exactly try to "empty" my mind or anything. My method is a bit unstudied). After a while, I found myself traveling into space and could see the Earth and Sun and solar system. I looked past these and into the universe. I kept traveling, but at one point it was as if I made a kind of 'jump' to another area of space that was much farther off. It felt like a kind of corner and the word "pocket" comes into my head, as I'm writing this. It felt extremely remote and dark but I could see this round hatch-like door ahead of me as I was drifting nearer to it. I saw that the hatch was cracked open a bit and there were demon-like entities trying to climb out of it into space (or the universe).

I don't know how, but I somehow had the presence of mind to simply close it very quickly and seal it (it's like it was a latch-type lock but more like an actual seal). I heard screaming from within it and felt the demons were very angry, but also were shocked and didn't know who I was or how it was that I could do such a thing. I think I may have blind-sided them . It was definitely not what they had expected. I'm not sure why, how, or by whom this door was opened, but it came to me that I would close one of the entry-way portals into our dimension that the dark ones were using.

I felt really good about this and not really scared, probably due to naivety!

The next thing I know, there's this enormous reptile-looking guy sitting in the chair across the room from me. I saw him with my Third eye since I've been told that I do not have "flesh-eye" at this point in my development (will have to explain this another time).

The strange thing was that I was not really scared of him although he felt very intimidating (I felt his power presence and it was very strong. He felt like a commanding or regal presence). He was not aggressive nor was he "ugly" in the sense that so many have described the reptilians. He just basically looked like a big, bipedal lizard. He was light green and wearing purple and gold (they looked like robes). I got some psychic feelings from him that he did not know who I was, but had "seen" what I had done. He asked me one question: "Can we co-exist as species?"

I felt what was inside him and what was behind this question. I picked up doubt, deep anger, and resentment of an ancient kind; I also felt pride, sorrow, exhaustion, and hope, all mixed together.

My heart immediately felt empathy, even though my mind was thinking caution (the message "don't make a contract" came to mind). But in spite of my mind, my heart's immediate response was, "YES, we can co-exist! It can happen" (I think I said this out loud).

I felt that he was surprised and he just seemed to sit there quietly. Then it came into my mind to tell him that the only way this could happen was if the reptilians were willing to work on their hearts because the changes in frequency that are coming will diminish those without at least an intention toward heart chakra balance. I didn't speak this out loud, but told him with my mind. He must've understood what I was talking about because I got the sense that he wanted me to help him in some way to heal (the feeling of basic survival seemed to be of great concern to him).

But after a while, he left without explaining anything more. At that time, I took it as if it was just another one of those "strange" things in my life that I compartmentalize and go on with my day.

However, not long afterward (maybe that week or the next week), I survived what I reluctantly believe was an attempt on my life, or at very least to harm me and/or send the message to warn me to "back off" (I won't go into details about this right now for reasons stated in the first paragraph).

My mind always wants to rationalize these things and put them aside or compartmentalize them (long story short, I was raised to give these things little or no attention or to find a "logical" explanation for them); that it was all just my "imagination" or that I was just "high strung". But there are just some things that are undeniable and this was very much one of those. I have kept the physical evidence of this encounter ever since, so when I find my mind slipping into the denial mode, I can always look at it and there's no denying (even though it's a scary prospect).

Since then, there have been no other direct attempts to harm me from the 3-D end, but I do believe I have been targeted for the heart weapon (doesn't seem to work though, and I've since learned a few tricks to repel that anyway). I know that I've been followed many times and I've learned to "make" them very often (sometimes they even give in to that a bit, which is funny). So, with that in mind, sometimes I question my desire to remain "anonymous" since I know I'm being watched, but there is still a voice that comes and says "keep it secret, keep it safe." I know that may sound like a lame line from Lord of the Rings , but that is what they, my helpers, say to me. I think if they are trying to comfort me or get a point across, it seems they will use familiar things and for me, it is that line from that movie (silly but true). I do wish I could tell all details and maybe (hopefully) sometime I will.

Anyway, for over two years after this, there was no contact with the reptilian (for reasons probably having to do with my own 3-D life level of stress. I have far less time for meditation and pursuing, researching, and cultivating my abilities. It's sad, but so far it has come down to me having to choose either the 3-D notion of "success" or live what I believe is my truth and my true purpose while being a 3-D "failure." Maybe that will change some day).

I will say that towards the end of that two years of 3-D chaos I was able to learn some very valuable things and met a few people who helped validate my experiences. I also had an amazing dream experience (I get all sorts of dreams: psychic, spiritual, alien, and what I call "alternate universe" dreams). Anyway, this dream involved aliens, but they were very benevolent and it helped me realize the reasons for a vision I had when I was very little that has always stayed with me (I will hopefully get a chance to tell the details about this, but as it is quite a long thing in and of itself -and is quite different from the reptilian experience, I'll save it for another time).

Eventually, I was able to resume where I left off because my 3-D life calmed down. The reptilian soon came into my mind again a few more times to ask for my help with his heart.

I may have initiated this contact again by simply putting my mind on it (simply remembering him and the previous experience). He never threatened me nor did I really feel pestered by him, but I did feel a sense of urgency about him.

I said a prayer to God and Holy Spirit and said it was in my heart to help with this healing and that if it be Their Will, it be my will. I felt huge empathy in my heart and I felt it would be OK. I did make it clear to myself and him (the reptilian) that I would help out of my own free will, through the heart, and no contract (although he never asked or pressured me for a contract of any kind).

For some reason, I just knew what to do about this (I don't really know where this all comes from, but it feels like I've always kind of 'known'). I also knew he wasn't ready for a whole-heart healing. It would come too fast and be too painful.

From what I understand, those whose heart chakras have atrophied, need a gentle re-awakening and it must not come all at once. They must deal with some of their karma first. They must deal with feelings of sorrow and pain that come with the sensitivity of having an intact heart chakra and heart organ again. They must also deal with the accountability of the heart, which is empathy (from which can come intense guilt and remorse) and an understanding of their deeds against others (as well as the simple flooding of emotional sensations that come with an intact heart).

It seems that this is the really hard part and the more karma the entity has accumulated, the more painful it is. This makes perfect sense when I think about it on any level (again, I don't know how I knew this, I just did). So, I started with partially healing his heart.

I think just giving it warmth at first. My memory of it is that it was like a golden energy and I could see it forming back and growing, but I could also see he was in severe pain and I could see strands of light coming from and into the heart area.

I knew he was being flooded with emotional energy and it was a huge shock, but I also got the sense that he understood that this was what it would take. I got the idea that he was doing this for what was left of his people (like there was/is a faction of the reptilians that had not gone completely dark and it was this remnant that was so important to him).

I don't know how it works exactly, but I got the sense that he felt that if I could help him to heal, that he could then help others of his kind (by taking a small singular event and expanding it. Not sure, but maybe it's similar to what I learned is called "contagious magic").

I knew I had to leave him this way (with the healing incomplete and half-done) in order for him to fully regain an understanding and appreciation of the depths of the heart (the pain of the heart). It was hard to leave him this way, but I knew it was what had to be.

So I left him in that condition for a while - at least a month, maybe more (I still have a tendency to compartmentalize this stuff so I can also have a somewhat "normal" life). It also came into my mind that the completion of the healing was going to be a BIG ONE (task) and that there are beneficial times and places for these things, so it had to be timed just right to be the most effective.

It was last Spring (beginning of April) that I went into a forest area and hiked to an edge where the forest meets a pasture area with a river running through it. I sat at the very edge looking out into the open pasture (hundreds of acres) and over toward the forested line of the river. It was a bit chilly and windy, but a beautiful day. I knew I had to take some time to manifest heart energy, so I sat and meditated and let the beauty and love frequency of Earth, Nature and Holy Spirit lift me up higher and higher.

I saw an enormous red-tailed hawk come and perch on the pasture fence post about 80 feet away and sit there for quite a while before taking off. I know hawks are very powerful and good spirit messengers, so it was a good sign for me. It felt so peaceful and alive, like the air was full of electricity. It was getting to be late afternoon and I finally felt ready.

I felt the reptilian's presence near me and I was able to see into (inside) him. I started to put heart healing energy into him and actually used my arms and hands to trace where things in his chest/heart area needed to be healed. The entire healing went by quite quickly (it seems like I experience time a bit differently in these states of mind). Through the healing, I could see into him and his past and his ancestors' past. I could see the anger and rage and darkness that had been, but what also came, was seeing his kind as they originally were: beautiful beings who love the Earth, especially the wetland or marshy areas (this fits with things I had read since my first encounter).

This was all that I could recall about them on that day, but I have since thought about it more. I know that there have been many things written about the reptilians and I have read a few of them (which helped me put my own raw psychic perceptions into some sense). I will say that one of the things that always rang true to me was that they are not really "aliens," but have been on earth for a very long time (although perhaps aliens can be here a long time, because what constitutes a "long time" anyway?)

What comes to me as their original intention is the word "Keepers", as in guardians of some of the sacred aspects of Earth (whether on-planet or off-planet) I believe that was their original intent. I get the feeling (and vision) of them being sort of stripped of this intention and used and abused for so long, that they began to believe the horror and bought into it. They began to abuse others and each other And in so doing, forgot who they were and turned away from their true nature. I'm not sure what the origin of this is (I know others have put forth theories), but what I feel when I put my mind on it is that it was black magic (the symbol of fingers pulling strings comes into my head and a sensation in the pit of my stomach when I see or encounter people who do black magic). I know many believe that the reptilians caused humans to go to dark magic, but this does not ring as a whole-truth to me.

What is obvious is that they were tempted to pursue power and ego ~ and especially to be seduced by the notions of superiority, both physical and mental; "to build" the strength of their kind above all others.

They lost the sense that they are a part of things; a part of the Earth energy web. Instead, they began to believe they were outside the web and superior to it. But then again, the same can be said of so many humans as well.

As I mentioned, the entire healing seemed to go by quickly; yet it was very intense and stretched out longer in another way (into another sort of "time"). I felt this overwhelming feeling of gratitude coming from him and pure joy. I saw him (Third eye) in sort of true reptile form; not like a snake, but more like a lizard ~ and he was splashing and diving in the mud in the nearby river area. It was like he was in our dimension " nearby at the river" and yet also in another dimension (etheric perhaps?) When I think back, this makes sense because he didn't seem bothered by the fact that he was splashing around when it was April and still chilly (but then again maybe our concept of April and "climate" are relative to this dimension anyway) Of course, all the splashing around could be symbolic as a message of his joy.

He told me that from that time forward. he was to be identified as a "Saurian", because that was the word that comes closest to describing the original and true identity of his kind. He told me that his job was to take a little bit of the healing I gave him individually, and pass it on to others of his kind who wanted it (as I said, a 'contagious' sort of magic; one that could be expanded and spread to others).

He said they would always be grateful and would be there for me when and if I needed them (which thankfully they have been already!)

They gave me something very sacred and protective (which I cannot talk about yet, but which has since been the target of violence). I was so humbled and touched that I was crying, but so happy too. However, the feelings of peace and happiness were short-lived because for the first time in all of my spirit work, I actually heard (and soon saw) a large unmarked, black helicopter approaching quickly (flying directly into the area where I was, approaching from east going west).

I could not believe I was actually experiencing a black helicopter! I started to panic and a voice came into my head (not sure if it was the Saurian's voice or one of my other guardian helpers) but they said, "Just be perfectly still, don?t move, and they won't see you."

I have since took that to mean that they could not get a fix on my exact location, although I'm not sure why. I got the sense that day (as well as on previous days) that the Saurian was also in hiding from the dark ones (e.g. demons, dark humans, and other dark reptilians), and that this was all very secret. I could feel his fear.

As soon as the helicopter was out of sight, I immediately made by way back through the forest and got back to my vehicle as fast as I could. I was scared, but also so happy and thankful to be able to help with this. I have since "seen" him again and I feel he has helped many of his kind. But as I alluded, there have been repercussions

I believe there was an attempt to desecrate the sacred symbol of my healing relationship with the Saurians by killing a living representative. That was very sad to me, but I know it comes from their (the dark ones, human or otherwise) weakness and it will never succeed. If the healing and sacred bond is in God and the Holy Spirit's Will to remain, it will remain and no amount of killing by the dark ones will diminish it.

I have been followed much more aggressively since this event, but I now have an idea about how they locate or track me (maybe I can explain at another time).

I also helped with a similar healing for some of Grays. I was at my computer one night (similar to what Franz wrote about in his letter) not too long after the Saurian healing. It was still late April I think, and my mind and heart were in an altruistic LOVE mode (listening to beautiful healing music helps). Anyway, I "saw" this little Gray who was kind of hovering just above and in front of me. It came into my mind that he/she (couldn't really determine the gender) and some of their group, had found out about my helping the Saurians and wanted some healing themselves.

They needed even more healing than the Saurians; not just the heart, but also the very basics of their body (even if it is etheric body, it's still a type of 'body') But they were so thin. The best word to come to mind to describe how I saw them is "papery" and flimsy, as if there was not much left of them.

I got the feeling that they also needed raw gut energy healing - like 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakra areas as well as heart chakra (not to mention the higher chakras, which I haven't helped anyone with yet).

It seemed like the Grays had been sucked of nearly everything. I got this huge feeling of sorrow and empathy like a "hole." It was so sad. Of course I wanted to help them.

I had to visualize organs and tissues (it was all on an etheric level, but it still required organs and tissue). It was as if they actually needed their "blood" back (of course, it's different from our blood and not on a 3-D level).

I gave it my best shot.

What is so interesting is that, just as Franz had said in his letter, the aliens all lined up behind the one who contacted me. It was as if they were being healed by the "echo" going through the first one as their way of passing on the healing.

They all lined up behind the first one so that it looked to me like if you look into a mirror with a mirror and there are infinite mirror images echoing. As I did the healing, I began to see some color come back into them . It looked like some pinkish color within the gray and their skin had an iridescent and silvery quality (that's the way I see it anyway).

This healing was much quicker than the Saurian, but it was equally powerful and made me cry. I again felt so happy to be able to be a part of this. I felt so much gratitude from them. They gave me what I can only describe as a kind of little star (the word "sparkle" came to mind). I was not sure at first what it was or what it was for, but it was all they had to give and I was grateful.

I have since come to understand what it is for (but I cannot say any more at this time). Not once did I feel afraid of any of these beings, who actually wanted to change probably because these are factions that are no longer under the sway of the dark energies (although I'm not sure how they freed themselves enough to go through all this).

Not long after this occurred (late April or early May), I got a chance to look at your website and read the article/letter (posted in April) about how there were reptiles and demons that had turned and walked away from the dark humans /dark nobility. I read the article and had so many elated feelings. It was such a feeling of validation too because I immediately thought that it might have something to do with what I did. Although I know it's not actually me doing it.

It comes from a much higher and wiser source than me, but that is not to say that I'm only a passive "medium" either. I would describe it as a relationship and a team effort that is effected through me (maybe I simply ground it into third dimension), but it is always with my own consciousness and freewill intact. I'm glad that others have been contacted in this way to help with healing.

I feel that there are so many dark ones who no longer want to align themselves that way. There is so much that can be done if we use heart energy. One important insight that came into my mind when I thought about helping the reptilians was that helping the dark ones who want to be helped is the only way we can overcome the darkness and the agenda in motion against Creation.

Maybe because they now know it is possible for them, there are many more who are coming forward for healing. The Saurians and the Grays ("Gray" is not their true name, but it has not come into my mind yet), in their original form, are beautiful, just as Humans are, and have so much potential.

These comments do not come without caution though, as there are still so many aligned with the dark (or are clouded and controlled). However, the ones who are truly ready for healing will have a different feel to them.

I believe that this is something that cannot be faked. If we use all our abilities, we can discern who's who and they know it. I can also tell you, I did some energy/spirit work around mid October 2011, which may at least relate a bit with some of the other things Franz wrote about in the article/letter. I hope I get to write about it sometime.

Let me also say that you have been a big help to me with the letters you've written that have been posted. I also found Franz's website ( ) and am amazed to find topics that he writes about that I have experienced or know about.

I have also always felt strongly connected with the articles by ZS Livingston. I have been working with what I now understand are elementals for a long time. I am so grateful and relieved to receive such knowledgeable insights from someone with more formal training with these things, as mine has been all instinct and intuitive, without benefit of helpers and guides on this plane. It has taken me a long time to match the cognitive or intellectual aspects of understanding with what I have always just "known" and "felt." I hope to be able to write more about my experiences with the elementals.

Ken, thank you so very much for having the courage to put your website out there as it has been so helpful not only in the collective sense of informing your fellow mankind, but also personally to me in finding some sense of fellowship and helped me put together and make sense of some of the things I have experienced. As I said, so far, most of my teachers have been in the etheric, but it has been such a relief to read the insights and experiences of other energy and spirit lightworkers, and psychics.

I hope to keep writing to you about other experiences past, present and future.

Thank you so very much,


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