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Staying Out of Big Brother's Net When in the Medical or Dental Office

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
Oct. 8, 2007

Staying Out of Big Brother's Net When in the Medical or Dental Office (Oct. 8, 2007)

Subject: paying for medical records
From: Heidi
Date: Mon, October 8, 2007
To: Ken Adachi, Editor

Dear Ken,

I just read an article of yours (I don't know which one; I've been doing ALOT of reading). It was an aricle about medical/dental records and how you pretty much have to hand over your LIFE to get treatment or they will deny you. and how you think that people should be able to take medical records home w/ them... I 100% agree with you.

Recently, I had to have some records amended because the nurses or whoever, mixed up my medical info w/ someone else's, and I wanted copies of my records and had to PAY THEM MONEY TO SEE MY OWN MEDICAL RECORD!!!!

It's just ridiculous! Anyway, I just wanted to share a little example with you about how we have no rights anymore and what is ours, we have to pay for!!! What is wrong with the world today?



Hello Heidi,

There's nothing wrong with ordinary people of the world if that's what you mean by the "world". However, there's everything wrong with those in position of authority or those in professional services who allow themselves to be used as cogs in a huge, Big Brother 'wheel of compliance' which serves the enslavement agenda of the New World Order. These are the people you must avoid giving away your power to.

You don't NEED to go to medical doctors. You can learn to take care of all of your health concerns at home. Even the most serious disease conditions can be resolved at home - with the appropriate knowledge - and without the ministrations of allopathic physicians - who only know how to cover up symptoms, anyway.

If you need to see a dentist, tell him up front that you are NOT providing any form of traceable ID such as a social security number, a birth date, a street address or a home telephone number. You may even choose to give him a another name than the one on your birth certificate. You give him a PO Box and a voice mail number, and that's it. You tell the dentist that you will pay in cash - in full- on the day of treatment. You don't agree to a comprehensive SCHEDULE of dental work that he adds up into one giant bill that you are now forced to pay out over time and therefore must yield to his concerns over your credit worthiness.

You have him fix ONE tooth at a time if that's all you can afford for that particular visit. You agree to pay in full with cash for the work completed at that visit, and you walk out of his office owing him NOTHING. Therefore, he has no excuse for insisting on obtaining your private information or your credit profile, etc. If he says he won't do that, you tell him "Sayonara" and find a dentist who will cooperate with you. It's not that hard. You can do most of the screening over the phone and find out who will work with you.

If you pay with insurance, then you no longer possess any privacy because you've already handed it over to the insurance company when you filled out their forms. By the way, all medical, hospital, and dental records that are entered into the computer at the doctor's office (or from insurance claims) are transmitted to several federal government computers on the same day; this happens automatically. Some dentists, doctors or receptionist may GENUINELY not be aware of this, but most of them know it. However, few of them will ADMIT to you that they know your records are going into government computers.

Assuming that you still possess your power:

You need to talk with the dentist BEFORE you have any work done. You solicit his agreement before he gets your money. You ask him if he will give you your ORIGINAL dental X-rays and records if you request them at some point down the road (and get it in writing if you are worried). If he says that he can only make a COPY of your X-rays available to you for a fee, then you tell him that that's not good enough. You want the originals and at no additional cost since you've ALREADY paid for them. If he's not agreeable to give you your own dental X-rays, then tell him you'll have to find someone else to take your money.

The key is to find a dentist who needs the work. Dentists with big fancy offices and 3 or 4 staff people running around probably won't cooperate, but a single dentist with one receptionist in a small office probably will.

If you find such a dentist, then send me his name and location. I'll will add his name to a private list that I am building and will make available to people who want a dentist concerned about maintaining our constitutional rights of privacy.

Try to find a doctor or a dentist who will agree to let YOU keep your own medical and dental records. You get the doctor to agree to NOT enter any information about you into his computer system. On the day of your appointment, you walk into his office with your manila envelope containing your records and he looks them over, he adds his latest written notes, and then hands the folder back to you. You walk out of his office with your records in hand and you keep them safely in YOUR home filing cabinet; not the filing cabinet in the doctor's office where any government goon can enter at will and take or peruse any info he wishes to glean about you (today, they usually don't need to go to the doctor's office, because they get the info directly from the computer, but the Traitor's Act gave them the "authority" under the color of law, to look at anything they want-and in secret).

In order to STOP tyranny, you need to RESIST it at every occasion that it's being thrust upon you. You do NOT COOPERATE with those who have sold out to Big Brother because it was the easier path for them to follow. Unfortuantely, their "easier path" means flushing your constitutional rights to privacy down the toilet in order to comply with Big Brother's dictates. You either get them to yield to YOUR WILL or you DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS.

If ENOUGH people become committed to this approach, you will see the walls of Big Brotherhood begin to crumple all around you. If you want to regain the sort of freedom that once existed in American, then you have to COMMIT to the principal of non-violent resistance to tyranny.

Do NOT COOPERATE with tyranny or those who attempt to impose it upon you.

Resist at every turn and every opportunity.

Sincerely, Ken


Strategies for Regaining Independence, Freedom, and Privacy in America (June 22, 2004)

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