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Respond to Moses' Letters: The Reality of Mind Control Victimization in America
May 26, 2005

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Subject: Respond to Mose's Letters: The Reality of Mind Control Victimization in America

Peace & Light My Brother Ken,

I just finished reading "Letters from Moses: The Reality of Mind Control Victimization in America (Mar.1, 2005). He is not alone in experiencing intense effects of mind control. He is one in the billions, but he is afoot. He knows that his mind and spirit is under a viscous attack. Thus, if you decide to share this letter with Moses, I hope that it assists him on the spiritual path that he has chosen to embark upon.

In conventional language, I am a fifty-one year old woman of African descent born in Harlem NY and grew-up in Queens NY. I'd like to briefly share my spiritual journey in hopes that maybe it will help him or anyone while we walks this spiritual path together. Throughout my life, I was abused physically, sexually, mentally and emotionally by family members, friends of the family and strangers. In essence, I was a sex-slave. The people, including family members, looked the other way while the abuse was going on. It was as though the people around me tried to convince me that the abuse was a part of everyday normal living. (The emperor is wearing clothing mentality.) At a very young age I began to rebel against the family which in turn was rebelling against the enforcer's system. And for doing so, I was labeled a problem child. I had been snatched against my will and forced into a vortex of darkness filled with suffering, pain and confusion.

However, the Spirit within me knew different. It knew that I was not a problem child. The Spirit knew that the world was imbalanced on an extremely profound level. The Spirit also put it into my heart and my mind to search for the answers as to why there is so much abuse and imbalance existing in the world. It has taken me most of my life to begin to find the answers. Since then I have spent most of my adult life trying to expose the heinous crimes that are being perpetrated on society. Of course, I have been labeled everything from bipolar disorder, manic depressive, borderline personality, obsessive compulsive disorder, dissociative identity disorder and finally, post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition to the labels, the enforcers tried using medication to "shut me down," so that I would remain one of the walking dead. It has been nine years since I have taken any psychotropic medications. The Spirit informed me that it was not only my mind that was imbalance, it was my spirit. The Spirit convinced me that medication would not cure the enforcer's viscous attack on the Spirit or mind. It further warned me that medication is used to accommodate the physical aspect of self into supporting the enforcer's fabulous arrangement planned for humanity. Thus, instead of medication, I followed the Spirit which revealed through "Light" people, such as yourself, Maclaine, Icke, Skolnick, Green, Marciniak and the host of many others, the planned agenda which is the reason for the imbalance in the world. The Light (information) in which all of you are disseminating became one of my healing tools and acts as a shield against the enforcer's attacks.

Undoubtedly, I felt I had experienced life on one of the lowest vibrations possibly imagined. However, once the information from the Light People entered into my conscious it was my wake-up call. I began to inner-stand that Truth was truly lacking in my life. As a young child, I remember asking myself questions such as "why is my life filled with so much abuse, pain and suffering? Why does it seem that people are unloving and don't care? Why are people allowing these heinous crimes to continue to be perpetrated against children?" I asked those question and others ones like it long and hard. Finally my spirited guided me to the Light People for the answers. I then began to "inner-stand" that my mind had been altered by the abuses, religion, education, media, duality, race, gender in the form of social conditioning. Later on, I learn that the so-called Bipolar Disorder in which I had been diagnosed with earlier, was nothing more than Spiritual Light seeping into darkness. There is an intense bipolar struggle occurring within all of humanity! As it has been stated for thousands of years, "Darkness is the absence of light, the absence of love and spiritual clarity."

Since I have arrived at this point in my life, I am spiritually stronger and assisting in bringing love and spiritual clarity to others. That does not mean that the physical me is exempt from the chaos, it means that my spiritual vibration is rising to the occasion. I spend as much time as possible enjoying nature. I drink plenty of water and have changed my eating habits. I don't walk the six miles I used too, but I go for strolls. I cry whenever I feel the need too. I allow myself to be still and listen from within. I continue to be patient with myself. I try to reflect as much love as possible to my fellow spiritual beings. I make a conscious effort to avoid televisions, radios, microwaves and other technological methods the enforcer uses to keep me distracted and disconnected from the spirit within. My time on the computer is also limited. I check in periodically in order to monitor the Light People's updates on world events. It was no coincidence that I was spiritually attracted to Mose's letters and was moved by it enough to respond.

For a while, I've been encountering young people from various cultural backgrounds who ask me if am I a Christian. I tell them that, in this life time, I am striving towards spiritual consciousness which will bring peace on earth. This then allows me to share with them that religion as we have been taught it is not necessarily of spiritual nature. I explain that spirituality has become a conscious and subconscious knowingness for me. When I go on to share with them information from the "Light People" they are amazed and want to know where can they find the information. Naturally, I point to the websites and books of all the Light People mentioned above. I tell them there is a plethora of information awaiting them. Sometimes, if we are outdoors and the air show is present, I point out how the sylphs dissolve the chemtrails and they are absolutely intrigued. I see laughter replace the dullness in their youthful faces. Like little children learning to walk alone for the first time. I remind them that it is their responsibility to go within and research who they really are. And in doing so, they are re-specting themselves. Most of these young people are very receptive to what I share with them. The conversations get so intense that an electrical feeling moves through me as I bare witness to the rebirth of spirit act as a kindle within their eyes. It's so beautiful, akin to observing the birth of a new born child. Many of these young people have been diagnosed with mental disorders and have been put on psychotropic medications. They often tell me that they know the meds are not helping them. I don't suggest they stop the meds, I reiterated that they must go within and learn who they really are and their purpose.

Thus, when I read Moses' article and studied his picture, I couldn't help but feel within myself, here is another almost broken spirit reaching out for help. I saw with clarity a young spirit filled with love and compassion in search of peace. I am now reaching out to him and all of us that have found ourselves in a similar situation. I am sure Moses would like to communicate with individuals of like minds, and that is why he reached out to Educated-Yourself, because "Water seeks its own level." The young spirit is calling for someone(s) to speak to his spirit and not only his mind. It is his spirit, as well as his mind, that has been under a vicious attack by the enforcers. When a spirit, such as Moses, is spoken to directly with love and spiritual clarity the brother will become similar to a sylph dissolving a CT. He will discover from within himself the spiritual/mental strength and fortitude to dissolve the mind control matter that is occupying his spiritual space. I say that because I too have had to rely on the strenght of my spirit to guide me through a long and tumultuous struggle to regain my "right mind" which is where all spiritual knowledge exists.

We are ALL ONE. We are a part of a Universal Family. We always have been, and we always will be. Being as such, it is our responsibility to reach out and express compassion when we know that another spiritual being is under attack. We have the spiritual and mental prowess to change what is resulting into dire conditions on this planet. WE MUST CHANGE IT!






Kindly thank Moses also, because his letters sparked me to the point of writing this letter. I have said a prayer for Moses, and I will continue to pray that his spirit also rises to the occasion.

Peace, Love & Light
Amanda Jones "ndidi"

P.S. I apologize if I seem long winded; it needed to be expressed.


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