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Reader Response to Skeptic
September 17, 2004

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From: Sean
Sent: Friday, September 17, 2004 3:56 AM

Hi Ken

I read with disbelief the responses of "Skeptic", somewhere in August I think. The problem with skeptics, is indeed that they want "us", to proof the conspiracy. Whilst so much documented proof exists.Take the case of Prescott Bush supporting Hitler. But what if this Illuminati thing is just a hoax, what if all these theorist are just seeking fame for themselves? If none of what Icke or people like yourselves claim, is true, does that change the fact that people should learn to be RESPONSIBLE?

Does that change the fact that people should regain their self respect?


Besides the Illuminati and other topics, I can guarantee you, this planet would be a better place if people just LIVED their own lives.If people-without being influenced, just started to question. Without trying to impose my own views, I always use the example of scarcity versus abundance when sharing info.
"Overpopulation", it can be proven that the planet is not overpopulated.Six billion people can "squeeze" into a state of California, and still have 1000 sq feet to themselves, leaving the rest of the planet empty. This planet can feed 15 billion people. But the Illuminati (yes they do exist, skeptics) feeds us this lie of food shortages and 'overpopulation'.And we fall for it.

Keep up the good work,brother some restless spirits are prepared to listen.

Sean Goss
South Africa



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