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A Puzzle Wrapped in an Egnima from Delamer Duverus
July 14, 2004

Subject: Need info
From: "Daniel Miner" <>
Date: Wed, July 14, 2004 10:56 am
To: "Ken" <>

Greetings, Ken

Do you know the relationship between these things:
1. John Von Neumann's Game Theory
2. Chickens (probably genetic research)
3. Fluoride
4. The Stepford Wives

Duverus has posed a riddle to us today, and we are trying to figure it out.

Thanks for any incites, I mean, insights.

Delamer Duverus

Subject: Re: Need info
Date: Wed, July 14, 2004 11:18 am
To: "Daniel Miner" <>

Hi Jeeny,

I'm not sure, but it's a fascinating puzzle to ponder.

Von Neuman of Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk fame was the first to develop computers. Game theory not familiar with except possible random probablilites gleaned from early computer theory work. Possibly refers to influencing outcome of random game with thoughts/intentions of the viewer or player??

Fluoide used to damper area of brain where consciousness expansion and awakening takes place. Keeps people dumb and passive.

Stepford wives, enslavement mentality, no ethics, no higher spiritual understanding.

Just random thoughts. Maybe it will give you an idea.

Let me know what you finally get on this.

Regards, Ken

Subject: The Game Theory
From: "Daniel Miner" <>
Date: Thu, July 15, 2004 11:26 am
To: "Ken" <>

Greetings, Ken

We have an idea. We think that John Von Neumann's Game Theory is the father of the CIA Training Manual. You've probably seen it, but it is on It has to do with electronics and how they use the electronic model, and mathematics to figure out what humanity is going to do next. We wrote about shock tests in "The Healing." That must be how they figure out the equations.

We also think it has to do with the egg, not the chicken, as it might be a deliverer of some virus or something that once eaten can affect our DNA, like it could be something with fluoride that might affect us like Prozac or "soma", and would make us, even as mothers, too docile to do anything even if our children were being taken away from us. Still haven't figured out how and why women join the [military] service, and leave their babies to go fight in a war. The "hand that rocks the cradle" has certainly "forgotten" everything. Maybe this is where the Stepford Wives come in. We have only seen the one long time ago, where these men actually made clones of their wives, so that they would always be complacent.

What do you think? Too wild?


Subject: Re: The Game Theory
Date: Thu, July 15, 2004 3:07 pm
To: "Daniel Miner" <>
Priority: Normal
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Hi Jenny,

No, nothing is too wild when it comes to the diabolical machinations of the Dark Ones.

I'll publish your letters. Maybe some readers will have other insights.

Keep me posted on this one. It's fascinating.

Kind Regards, Ken

Subject: The riddle
From: "Daniel Miner" <>
Date: Tue, July 20, 2004 5:54 am
To: "Ken" <>

Good morning, Ken!

We found this sight on the Internet and it may have to do with the chickens/eggs.

If they can inject 50,000 chicken eggs in a day with stem cells to produce genetically perfect birds, or hour, can't remember now, they could inject those eggs with anything, or any genetics they wanted. They are working now on "Pharm eggs" to produce different proteins for thereapeutic use. Maybe this will be how they give us all "soma", to docile us down some more.

Delamer Duverus says the Stepford Wives are already here. Didn't know what He meant until yesterday. He had us go look in the yellow pages for the Cosmetic Surgeons. Our beauty is inside us, what is in our hearts, but the "beauty" culture is about something entirely different. We posed the riddle to our friend, and he simply said, it's all about control, that's the thread. Duverus says it's a little more sinister than that. Keep looking.



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