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Looking for Rife (Frequency Therapy) Generators
Jan. 6, 2011

Looking for Rife (Frequency Therapy) Generators (Jan. 6, 2011

Subject: Recommendation for current Rife Technology
From: Jody
Date: Wed, January 5, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken

Your's is one of the best websites I found for educating people on alternative treatments for disease....thanks for all the hard work. Can you refer me to one of your articles or a specific source for a quality Rife frequency machine that can be used to follow the Rife protocol? In one of your articles you indicated that there are good ones and bad ones on the market and that price is not always an indicator...hoping you have done some research and can recommend a product worth using. Thanks in advance.

Jody A
Orlando, Florida


Hi Jody,

Thanks for your comments.

I need to find the time to review frequency generators and find which models currently available offer the best deal in terms of attributes and price. There's a lot of misdirection surrounding terms like "Rife machines" or "Rife generators", or "Rife therapy." There are very few people who have ACCURATELY reproduced the EXACT frequency therapy protocols employed by Royal Raymond Rife in the 1930s.

Rife used high voltage to ionize a glass globe filled with a mixture of ionizing gases including argon and then modulated that ionized gas with frequencies that produced STANDING WAVES which radiated a unique electro-magnetic FIELD that went out to 8 or 10 feet from his Beam Ray tube. The patient sat in that field for about 3 minutes. After just one, two or three of these short therapy sessions, the patient would recover completely from stage four cancer. Rife's famous clinical trial of 16 terminal cancer patients at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla, California in 1936 stands as a testimony to the effectiveness of the Rife protocol as administered by Royal Rife. All 16 patients were cured of cancer and lived a normal life span, cancer free.

There are some people who have attempted to emulate Rife's protocols and reproduce the effects of the Beam Ray tube, however, a much larger number of vendors on the internet use the terms "Rife generator' or "Rife therapy" for devices that are simply frequency generators or function generators and have nothing to do with Rife's protocols or his original equipment. I now prefer to use the term frequency therapy or zapping to describe the use of frequency generators which employ electrodes in contact with the skin. This is the most common modality employed for frequency therapy and it's the least expensive. At some future point, I will discuss frequency generators that can utilize either contact electrodes or can radiate a small electro-magnetic field by ionized gas in sealed glass tubes.

While on the subject, I should also mention that you can modulate a MAGNETIC field using large coils driven by amplifiers that the patient either places around his body or stands in or close to in order to pick up the magnetic pulses. It's a form of frequency therapy, but you are delivering the energy via a modulated magnetic field instead of the electro-magnetic scalar fields produced by the ionized Beam Ray tube.

For now, you can look on E-Bay for used FUNCTION generators. There are so many used units available that the price is often quite low. Function generators should be able to produce up to 2 megahertz (2 mHz) at least. More expensive models go up to 10 or 15 or 20 megahertz. They are normally used for electronic repair work or research and development lab work.

A 2 megahertz model is a good starter machine and it won't cost that much. Almost all function generators today can produce sine waves, square waves, and triangle wave forms. Most of them have both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE DC offset, something you absolutely need to have for Hulda Clark style zapping. A function generator that can produce a frequency resolution out to so many decimal places is more advantageous, but not essential.

I will be able to say more once I get a chance to look at the specifications of different models being offered on E-Bay as new and used equipment.

I plan to write an article explaining how to use your computer to generate a zapping frequency and then amplify the signal using audio amplifiers available from Radio Shack. I'll also be posting more info in the near future on zapping and frequency generators.

Regards, Ken

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