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Freeing Yourself from The Matrix in Canada

[Editor's Note: There are similar movements in the United States to get out from under the "straw man" system (your name in all capital letters) that we've all been sucked into believing is "required by law" The United States of America is a CORPORATION, just like most cities, counties, and states in this union and they operate under corporate rules set down in the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) , even when it comes to taxation and criminal matters. Unless you take steps to remove yourself from the "straw man" system and move into the "private sector", you are considered to be CHATTEL which is OWNED by the state. That's right. You and your family, and your automobile, are all OWNED by the state That's why a new car dealer will send your DEED of ownership (from the manufacturer) of your brand new automobile (called a "vehicle" by the state) into the state's secretary office and the state in turn sends you a "certificate of title". With that, the state gives you their PERMISSION to use THIER car, which you paid for, of course. Same thing goes for a marriage licence. Since you are ASKING the state's PERMISSION to get married, you are CERTIFYING that you are OWNED by the state, and therefore they push you around like you are THEIR PROPERTY--which you ARE

Since you are owned by the corporate state, you are required to obtain the state's PERMISSION to drive THEIR 'vehicle' on public highways and byways in America, by obtaining a DRIVER'S LICENCE from the state and must adhere to strict state RULES (Motor Vehicle codes) to maintain that "privilege" to drive. Of course, the state doesn't want you to know that you have a Constitutional RIGHT to travel on the roads of your own country -in an AUTOMOBILE- without the need to first obtain permission from any state and to OWN your automobile by DEMANDING that the state return the deed to you-- but first you need to free yourself from the straw man control system and declare your SOVERIGNTY on the "private" side of the law. Watch the video linked below to get started on the road to freedom. . ..Ken].
August 19, 2008

Freeing Yourself from The Matrix in Canada (Aug. 19, 2008)

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Hello Ken,

I just came across this information about a remarkable man called Robert, Arthur: Menard. He lives in B.C., Canada, and has started a movement that is literally freeing people from the Matrix as we speak.

Many people in B.C are noe comletely and lawfully free of paying taxes, or being subjected to ANY government statute. They are completely outside the system and are not subject to ANY of it's statute laws.

This is not theoretical or hypothetical, they have claimed their right to freedom and sovereignty and the government has acknowledged their status as Freemen in writing!

The website is:

The first documentary available on that site or at googlevideo is called "Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception"

I imagine you're very busy, but please take the time to view this video and find out about what's happening in B.C. I think your readers would love to hear about this, and need to know.


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