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The Coming Draft and the Rockefeller Stooge Who's Fronting It
November 1, 2007

The Coming Draft and the Rockefeller Stooge Who's Fronting It (Nov. 1, 2007)

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Hi Ken,

You have been tracking the draft and so many other subjects now for some time, yes? I am just now beginning to study a potential draft for US citizens. Can you please refer me to the Executive Order that speaks of Selective Service and the age limits? Or, guide me to an article that sites the sources for that knowledge?

Thank you so much for sharing what you know and also for writing in the personal. Life experience is with so much knowledge and I do appreciate your life experience and your service. I read that you are not happy with the current administration or the military. You have real life experience in the military and I read your history with that seriously. “Meat grinder”, ay? It was bad, yeah? I have not ever been in the military, but I do have my observations and as a US citizen, well, here we are with 2 wars raging and it looks to me as if we are headed for a war with Iran. Much pain and suffering goes with war. Physical pain is not the only suffering that exists with military service. Even those individuals who did not go to war, have suffered tremendous emotional pain from the “line up here” forced submission of human will. I don’t think that many of those who signed up for service understood how deep the “submission of the will” is in the military. ]

I almost became an officer in the Air Force. I was in my interview to sign the papers and the officer, with the tape recorder on said, “have you ever smoked marijuana”? I said, “yes”. He looked so bummed out with that answer. He got up and turned the tape recorder off. He said, “yeah, most everyone, even if they have, answers “no” with that”. I could not though. I don’t lie. That was that for me. Off to the business world. Plenty of bullies in the business world, let me tell you…

I can see by your website that you are an educational site and I do so very much appreciate that your site is not with ads. I can’t stand ads. I train my eyes to avert the ads.

Well, I won’t write too much here because I am guessing that you get quite a few letters and are really busy. Just wanted to say, “so sorry for the service that was with the crap”. Thanks for your reporting.

I am 43 years old. I have a good history with business and computer science. I am also a writer… (dah…) I’m doing research now about the draft. I have a younger brother. Genius. Much younger. I will look for a reply from you with the Executive Order reference.

Thanks again, Ken.



Hi Anastasia,

When I was in the service, the military was still the US military. Today it's the NWO's military. The Pentagon is top heavy with NWO minions and traitors to the people and the Constitution. Of course, I'm talking about upper level military, not the grunts. The US military isn't the US military any longer. It's the Mexican, South American, Philippine, Central American mercenary force masquerading as the US military with some genuine US citizens mixed in among the cannon fodder. .

The military has been infiltrated with satanists who have worked their way into every possible position of influence within the military It's not an organization I could recommend joining.

The draft is not based on an Executive order.

Rockefeller stooge, Trilateralist, and congressional sell-out Charles B. Rangel (D-15 cong. district NY) sponsored the new American Youth to Middle Age Military Meat Grinder draft legislation. Rangel, like all of his sold-out NWO stooge colleagues in congress talks out of BOTH sides of his mouth at the same time. Here's the Rockefeller shill who SPONSORS the new draft legislation, and yet he goes on Fox News to tell the camera that only people "who can't have a decent career" go into the Army to serve in Iraq. In other words, it's only chumps. losers, and A-holes who are dumb enough to go into the military.

Here's the junk from the skunk:

If you want to help, focus your efforts on outing Rangel as a Rockefeller NWO stooge who should be run out of town on a rail.The black voters of his 15th district need to KNOW what a two timing, treasonous SNAKE they have for a representative and recall or impeach his Illuminati-serving butt right out of office.

Regards, Ken


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