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Ron Paul (& Notes on Working from the Bottom Up)
May 9, 2011

Ron Paul (& Notes on Working from the Bottom Up) (May 9, 2010)

Subject: Ron Paul
From: Bill
Date: Mon, May 9, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


Several years ago I supported Ron Paul - I even donated to his campaign. The last time one of his camapign people called me, I told her I was really hesitant to donate anymore money until Ron Paul explained the Illuminati handshake video on YouTube. She did not respond, so I asked if she knew what I was talking about (yes) and how she felt about it as a campaign worker (she didn't know how to feel about it). So I just now searched "Ron Paul illuminati handshake" on YouTube - it's still there - and I hope that you will go view it and then post your opinion. That video scared me.

Afterwards, I saw a Ron Paul interview on TV and he mentioned that he (as president) would abolish the Departments of Education, Commerce, Treasury, etc. I initially thought this would be a bold and necessary move.....but then I realized - if the NWO were successful with their plans - all these departments would be eliminated and replaced by the United Nations. In fact, I believe many laws are already on the books to make this transition smooth and rapid. I'm dying to know feelings on this - but I'm sure many of your readers are too.



Hi Bill,

The fact that you told the campaign worker about your concerns and asked her what she thought is how we all need to behave. We need to think and act independently. We need to use our brains and call a spade and spade and not hesitate because we are worried about being ridiculed or ostracized for saying something that seems outside of the box.

It's a mistake and waste of time to pin your hopes on any single national candidate. If Ron Paul was video taped showing the satanic hand sign or using a masonic handshake, he's probably doing it more for purposes of self preservation. If Ron Paul was elected President and then behaved like Washington or Lincoln, he would be quickly assassinated. The government is now so corrupt and so completely under the domination of the Illuminated psychopaths in the intelligence services and the military, that anyone who tried to dismantle their power with sweeping changes, like Kennedy attempted with the CIA, is going to be eliminated toute suite.

As things stand now, whoever runs for President is going to be chosen by the Illuminati. They have the money and they own the publicity machinery that puts people into office. They can also rig the election with electronic voting as seen in recent years.

To save the country from dissolution, the only intelligent strategy is to get control of local municipal government first and fill those seats with anti-NWO patriots. We need to support people of integrity who will run on an anti-NWO platform. Then you pass local law that re-instates local sovereignty in all arenas that have been stripped away by the NWO sellouts in congress and state legislatures (as was recently done in Sedgwick, Maine with their food ordinance)

After you establish a nationwide alliance of local elected officials who are dedicated to stopping the NWO takeover of this country, you then concentrate of pushing the NWO cooperatives out of state government and replacing them with pro-constitution patriots.

If we can fill the majority of state seats with GENUINE patriots, then we could simultaneously go after congressional seats and gradually push the NWO traitors out. If that happy day were ever to arrive, then we would have a better chance of getting a President who wasn't a complete sellout shill and puppet for the Illuminati. JFK came from one on the 13 major Illuminati families in America, yet he was interested in serving the constitution and the people of this country, so it's not impossible to get a good man, even if that person comes from an Illuminated family.

Naturally, I would love it if we could get a large number of anti-NWO candidates running for the House and US Senate in the next election, while simultaneously fill up state and municipal seats with anti-NWO patriots, but that's not reality. The ONLY realistic possibility to overcome the overwhelming influence and domination of the NWO sellouts on the national and state level is to work from the bottom up. We must find candidates of intelligence who are not corrupted by money, power, sex, or perks.

Ordinary Americans also have the opportunity to stop the NWO advancement by NOT joining the military, or FEMA, or DHS, or CIA, FBI, etc. and to NOT COOPERATE with any 'requirements' that are contrary to the US Constitution and the core values of the American people.

You say "no" to 'mandatory vaccinations' in order to send your kids to school. You say "no" to any statute that hints at forced vaccinations, forced quarantines, forced evacuations, etc. You say "no" to 'mandatory' gun registration, gun control, gun banning, gun confiscation, etc., etc. You get the idea. You have to be willing to engage the Beast in order to tame it. You can't expect to sit back and expect someone else to save you from tyranny and fascism. You have to get in the game, but do it INTELLIGENTLY and with careful planning so as to minimize the pain and maximize the gain.

I've recently started to post a few article by Tony Cartalucci who offers good suggestions on self sufficiency and independence from the control mechanisms installed by the Illuminated ones.

Regards, Ken

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