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Roosevelt's Treason at Pearl Harbor
February 23, 2011

Roosevelt's Treason at Pearl Harbor (Feb. 23, 2011)

Subject: Information about American Presidents
From: Catrine
Date: Tue, February 22, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


I remember you at some time providing information about Roosevelt, perhaps there were some other US presidents. Could you please direct me to this information. Love your work.

God bless you


Hello Catrine,

I can't recall specifically where I might have posted that. I have mentioned various presidents who have betrayed America in one way or another.

Franklin Roosevelt knew of the Pearl Harbor at least attack 6 weeks before it happened. I had first hand telephone conversations with retired Navy officer Duane Whitlock before he passed away in which he told me that he was part of the Navy decoding team that deciphered the Japanese code in the late 1930s. He was part of the group that intercepted the Japanese transmissions that indicated their battle group was going to attack Pearl Harbor and he was present when this information was relayed to upper Navy brass. This was at least six weeks before the attack.

Roosevelt intentionally sent the Navy fleet into Pearl Harbor instead of leaving the fleet at San Diego so they would be a target for the Japanese attack.

Winston Churchill was pressuring Roosevelt to get into the war to aid Britain against the Nazis. Americans didn't want to go to war again in Europe since they realized what a mistake World War I was, so Roosevelt used Pearl Harbor as the excuse to declare war on Japan and Germany. The whole thing was a set up to declare war.

If that isn't treason, I don't know what is.

Best, Ken

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